What is a Groove Music Pass and how do you get one?

Here we're taking a look at what exactly it is, what you get for it and how you go about getting one.

What is a Groove Music Pass?

In its simplest description, the Groove Music Pass is your subscription to Microsoft's streaming service. You pay $9.99 a month (prices vary depending on region) to get access to the Groove catalog of music. So long as you keep paying for it you can keep playing the music without buying each song or album.

It's platform agnostic, too. During the cross-over period the Groove Music Pass and the Xbox Music Pass will be the same thing but with different names. At the time of writing the service is still referred to as Xbox Music on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1, Xbox and the web.

Where can you use it?

Since Groove is cross-platform, once you've subscribed you can use your music pass pretty much everywhere. There are the Groove music apps for Windows 10 and the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, as well as the Xbox Music apps on Windows Phone 8.1, iOS and Android. There is also an Xbox Music web app which means you can use the service on Mac, Linux and Chrome OS as well. Not forgetting of course you can also use the service on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

Eventually the Groove branded apps will replace the Xbox Music branded apps. The first to make the change is Windows 10 from July 29, its official launch date.

The biggest restriction on using a Groove Music Pass is geography. At last count there were 23 supported countries.

How do I get a Groove Music Pass then?

Xbox Music Pass

The easiest way to do it is online. At the time of writing this post you still need to go to the Xbox Music site to sign up, with a 30-day free trial included. This will change when Groove has replaced Xbox Music properly. If you're feeling a little more flush you can save yourself a bit on the price of a full year by signing up for 12-months up front. Hit the link below to get started

In some regions you can also acquire physical vouchers, or you can buy codes online. If you pre-pay this way, redeeming is really simple. Open up the Groove music app on Windows 10 (or the Xbox Music app on other platforms) and look for the "Redeem a code" option in settings. If you're paying monthly and you don't want to auto-renew, make sure to visit your account settings and disable this option.

If you're in the U.S., Microsoft sometimes runs "Work and Play" bundles from its store that includes a years subscription along with some other Xbox and productivity related deals. One to keep an eye out for as it often involved hefty discounts.

But what if I already have an Xbox Music Pass?

Xbox Music

You're all set. The changes are in the branding as Microsoft feels that having Xbox in the name is confusing to some. But if you're already a subscriber nothing will change for you. Just load up the new apps as and when they appear and continue to enjoy your tunes!

For a little while at least there's going to be some confusion over the mixed branding of Groove and Xbox Music across the different platforms. The most important thing to remember is that for now only the name is changing, nothing about the service is.

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  • What is a Groove Music Pass? A pass letting you access the only streaming service which will be known by a different name every 10 months. And if you're lucky, they'll even reset the design and make it considerably worse with every update. Sincerely,
    An Xbox Music Pass user
  • Twice in 10 years... once every 10 months... yeah I can see the confusion.
  • ...and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
  • Please cry more.
  • Yes, insult the loyal customer..... He has every right to complain.
  • Don't the other people have a right to complain about his complaining? I have no issue with any of the above. I only ask people stay accurate with their complaints :)
  • Speaking as someone who has been using the service for the past 4 years, pardon me for the exaggeration. But there is a lot of frustration bottled up because of my experience with the service. I consider myself fully qualified to "cry about it" since I have spent north of $400 on the service. Feel free to disagree.
  • How can you spend $400 in a service that gets you frustrated ?
  • He had hopes it would get better... Blind fanboys once again trying to justify everything... SMDH.
  • The only real frustration I've had is with the Xbox Music app on Windows Phone 8.1 ever since they removed it as being part of the OS. The music pass has been pretty good with little complaints. If you want to see some real frustration, go check this guy on using Apple Music here on The Loop.
  • Speaking as someone who has also used the service for quite sometime... all the way back to Zune days... I would not be paying so long for a service that I didn't like.
  • I am a long term Zune user (still use one today) and I have the pass specifically to be used on the device.  I also got a Windows Phone (a dell venue pro and now a lumia 925) to continue to use the pass on my mobile device. So while I do enjoy the service, I still find the major issues and many features lacking - especially after Microsoft replaced the Zune with the Xbox Music App. 
  • Truthfully, it has never been the same since they killed Zune.  Both the device, and the app simply worked flawlessly, and were both ahead of their times. By comparison, Xbox Music has largely been a disaster. First it was a major step backwards, as next-gen features were cut from the service.  Then the apps that powered the service have been hit or miss far too often.  And unlike Zune, Xbox Music cannot handle large libraries, or large playlists very well. My music library is over 30 years in the making, spanning almost 10 decades worth of music, dating from the latest, greatest, going all the way back to the 1920s, in at least a dozen languages, from all four corners of the globe (the more I traveled in my life, the more music I learned to love along the way).  My playlists usually measure in the thousands of tracks at a time.  Zune handled all of those with grace and poise. With Zune, I could put my entire library on shuffle, and go months without hearing the same song played more than once. The downgrade to Xbox Music, handled this just like every other worthless music service on the planet (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.) . . . just barely. Every service out there (and now Xbox Music as well), will look at a library or playlist, create a list of only about 100, or so randomly picked tracks, and play those over and over again - pretending they are playing the entire library/playlist you handed it to play.  And then there are the Xbox Music apps. Only after separting the Windows Phone app from the OS, with WP8.1, did the Xbox Music app on that platform stablize to the point that it was finally useful.  But the desktop app still hardly ever works correctly.  I've ran it on my laptop, my desktop, my Surface RT, and now my Surface 3, and the desktop app is complete shit - it does not work when it does not feel like working.  The only saving grace has been the web app. But even with that, ou lose some of the capabilites that running the app locally, exhibit. And more recently, there is the problem of the service deleting content.  Created the perfect playlist last year, which I spent the better part of a year putting together, played it from my Xbox One one day last August, went to add four/five new tracks to the playlist, and the cloud that runs Xbox Music, deleted EVERY track from that playlist, except for the four/five new tracks I had just added.  A years work creating the perfect playlist, down the drain. To say that the Xbox Music project has been a disaster since they dumped Zune, is an understatement from where I am sitting. Sadly, none of the other music services out there, can do what Zune did either - and I have tried just about all of them looking for a viable alternative to Xbox Music.  Probably the only reason I have stuck with Xbox Music this long, is the hopes that one day Microsoft will finally wise up, realize that Zune really was a much better product than anything else on the market, and decide to bring it back - if not the device, then at least the service/apps that powered the device. They can name it anything they want to name it, so long as it is Zune running the show in the background.
  • You paid for a service you don't like for 4 years. Why again?
  • I have also. Stock up during sales man. I ditched the Zune pass a month ago for the 3 Pi day year passes I bought. $90 total. Winning. No more crying about it(though you are entitled).
  • What frustrates you? I've used it for two years and I gladly signed up for another two years recently (the Pi day promotion). Works great for me.
  • I've been a user back from the Zune days.  In fact I'm still grandfathered into the old plan of 3 pc's, 3 mobile devices and 10 free credits each month.  I do agree with some of the complaints from the UI side of things but as long as I am able to download songs to my devices for offline use, I really don't care what they call it.
  • I'm on this same plan. No complaints about 120 "free" songs per year. I've built up a nice music collection from that alone. Hell, at $0.99 per song (typical MP3 download price), Xbox Music is basically free if you take advantage of these downloads.
  • Not anymore, I was also grandfathered, but as of Nov 15, they took this all away. You are now converted to the new groove subscription which does not give you the 10 songs.   https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3096659#bookmark-what-happens-to-...  
  • I can totally understand your pain. I am in the same boat. Not for 4 years. But, I have spent on Zune music, Xbox Music and now Groove music for 2 years. First I bought it in 2010 as a Zune pass. Was super excited about it. Works so well on my WP7. I can keep 10 songs every month. I was happy. For personal reasons could not renew for after that. With Win8, I used to free streaming and thought of giving it another try as Xbox music this time. Like all good things disappearing related to this service, free streaming was gone. But, thats fine for me. I had music pass. At least I could stream with DLNA. I have xbox. I can use "Play on xbox" feature. Guess what. Poof!! these features are gone too! And meanwhile, competition is not all about music download and artist-based radio. NO. Look at Spotify today! They have invested so much in their service. Years ahead of Xbox music! What was biggest feature for Xbox music this year? Renaming it to Groove music. Wow! Basic philosophy behind Spotify is social listening. So, lets not count it against Xbox Music. Fine! Spotify Connect (Wireless streaming/control), Discover (mood/occasion based curated playlists), Playlist sharing. And above all they care more about Windows Phone users than Xbox music! All top-notch Spotify features are in WP8 app. And what is Groove music's most anticipated feature for 2015? Gapless playback! I remember standing with similar frustration when I was using Windows Mobile in 2008-2009. I guarantee you that 2 years from now Microsoft is going to regret not paying much attention to music service at right time when competitors are rushing pass us. One thing which pains me the most? Microsoft had a 5 year head start compared to all of its competitors. And still our Music service is still where it was in 2010 (except those 2 re-brandings), and the competitions is already years ahead. I know I am going to get a lot of down votes for my rant. But, thats where I stand and I can't wait around for my favorite service to get hold of itself for 5 years !! Some of you might tell me to go away from Xbox music. Yes. that's the plan. My prepaid code expires in Dec. Spotify pass for 2016. Sorry!
  • False, the xbox music apps on 8.1 are nearly flawless now. The groove app on W10 still needs improvement but it's considerably better than it was when it was music preview.
  • I respectfully disagree, they are far from flawless on my phone (Lumia 1520) and the my PC running Windows 8.1. I often have trouble getting songs to download and saved playlists to show up. Now I understand that this varies from customer to customer but I consider this a step back from what I had gotten originally. Not to mention the app is nowhere near as smooth as it was prior to the de-coupling from the OS. The only place I find it working flawlessly is on my Xbox One.
  • I am going to disagree.  Well not fully.  But, the most recent update to the new Groove on the Windows Phone 10 is damn smooth.  I have used in on my 920 and my lowly 635 and it is smooth like butter on both.  Sure you are still using the 8.1 desktop or phone but, the future looks at least better from where I am right now.  Believe me before the most recent Groove update I was always screaming at that app (I was literally have been caught screaming at it in line at a coffee shop and I watched as people took a few steps back, each with a quasi fear/panic look ont their faces at me the crazy man  ​).   As for features you are right there are some features missing from the Windows 10 Groove and previous Microsoft music apps.  Like I said with how much work they are doing now and how Microsoft is listening I have much higher degree of optimism that many of the features (most requested) will be make their way into the apps in the near future.
  • Are they, really❔ When was the last time they got an update??.. I wouldn't know, I'm on the TP.
  • Woah there... The Xbox Music app on WP is pure garbage.
  • My favorite: when you are signed into the entire phone's worth of services, yet XBox Music  (now Groove Music) insists for you to sign in over and over. And there is no way to sign in. That's always fun.
  • I'm signed in but it still wants me to buy. It is beta though...
  • You're expecting a fully polished app from an OS that's not even released yet?  You signed up for this when you agreed to be a beta tester.  Now if this were to occur to the app on Win Phone 8.1, you'll have something to complain about.
  • Nonsense! The app got immensely better with Groove. Layout, speed, design, consistency. Everything improved. Just you wait after everything is all set and done.
  • We have been waiting for 4 fucking years. Stop the blind fanboisim, there music app has sucked balls ever since abandoning Zune.
  • It's not fanboism; it's plain fact. The Xbox Music experience was laughable, but Groove is shaping up to be a great successor to it. It's obvious that some features are probably missing since it's a preview, but it has come a long way already.
  • This preview crap doesn't fly when they are merely updating an already established program. They aren't reinventing the wheel here, so if any features have actually been removed between Xbox Music and Groove then they've done a shit job. Plain and simple.
  • You're not a software developer are you?  You can not start from scratch and expect all features to be there from the beginning.  If a car manufacturer decided to update a particular model, would you be fine with them re-using all of the parts from the previous year?  What's the point in the redesign/update?
  • This is why I cancelled my pass and now use Spotify. Had enough bs...
  • Yeah I'm waiting for the hamburger and pivot to be merged. Other than that I like Groove. Oh, and I am getting some weird license issue currently. It wants me to buy songs even though I have the pass... Tech Preview bug I guess.
  • This is the main reason I am holding off on Win Phone 10 install.
  • You're absolutely right.
  • Well at least you're being positive about something that hasn't even beeen released yet. Don't lose your optimism it's truly inspiring. 
  • Such an off beat comment ;)
  • I still have and use my Zune pass and my Zune HD 64 GB player and I'm still getting the 10 free song credits a month, I do the annual subscription its cheaper that way. And i think Groove music is much more stable now and works awesome.
  • Plus 10 is what I get to. I still use Zune and I tried the OneDrive thing but it's too hectic. I wish it was more seamless but it's not...I have been trying for the last 3 years to move to Xbox music with no luck... Duplicates, not reading my music correctly, unable to link my music to correct videos via OneDrive.. Blah blah blah
  • I bought 3 passes on Pi day. Cheaper that way actually (oops just reread and you mean you pay for the full year in advance). I finally gave up the Zune pass a month ago. I def used the 10 songs before giving it up though.
  • Lol try Zune pass user.
  • Is it better then Spotify? Which I use now, premium version :)
  • Wondering this too. I currently have Spotify Premium and love it, only issue is it isn't on my Xbox One. What are the benefits of Xbox Music/Groove over Spotify?
  • My biggest gripe right now is that only the web player lets you share links with people so they can view your custom playlists, and with the removal of ad-supported streaming: A Music Pass is required if your friends actually want to /listen/ to any of the music in the playlist. Rather absurd. Spotify wins the sharing and social aspect when compared to Xbox Music/Groove. But otherwise, they're pretty much on equal footing. Honestly, it mostly just depends on how much social connectivity matters to you.
  • Not really. If you're on premium with Spotify, I'd say you're getting the better deal. Xbox Music is still neat in the regard that it can integrate directly with OneDrive and does a decent job of managing the library (not sure for how long) and works well when you want to download individual songs but Spotify wins when it comes to the size of the library (try playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Xbox Music), the radio mixes offered and the Songza-style curated "mood playlists" Additionally, Spotify also has a much better looking app. I also find it runs better on my Lumia 1520.
  • I did the Xbox Music Pass trial and Google Play Music trial.  I chose Spotify.  Haven't tried Beats or the new Apple Music even though I have an Iphone.  I don't think I plan to try Apple either, as I am thinking about getting an Android Phone.  I like what Microsoft is doing with Windows phone, but too many of my favorite apps (not that I use many) are missing. Best feature about spotify is the playlists.  I am not crazy about the win 32 app, but it does the job.  Spotify also appears to have than adequate apps no matter if you are using Android, Windows Phone, or IOS.
  • You can test for free for one month.
  • There's no way. Spotify is slick and updated their apps on a regular basis. Get on the ball Microsoft!
  • Even Spotify free is better than Groove music pass at this moment. Just mentoned a few features that are missing from Groove music in my previous comment above.
  • Will I lose my music I already downloaded? After my pass expires
  • You don't download it, you stream it. Any tracks you buy you'd always be able to keep, but that's separate from the pass.
  • But with the current Xbox music you can download it. That's what I do
  • TomyRAnderson, Actually, Xbox Music/Groove music does let you download an unlimited amount of songs to up to four devices for offline playback. These tracks are DRM protected, unlike the unprotected MP3 tracks you get if you actually by individual tracks/albums. Every time you open the app: It will try and authenticate with the server to see of you still have the rights to your offline music. If you can connect and your still have the rights: You're good to go. If it can't connect with the server to validate, it'll still let you play your offline tracks. However, I believe they can only be played for up to a week or so before server validation becomes required. Not sure of the exact timeframe, just know it won't let you stay offline forever. If you connect and you no longer have download/streaming rights (I.E: Pass expired, artist removed track from Music Pass library, song can now only be streamed and not downloaded, etc.), the app will automatically revoke the rights to the affected song(s) and album(s). Then the playback rights can only be restored by renewing your subscription, and/or the artist making their music available again. While this sounds complicated, in reality, things shake up like this so rarely, that as long as you connect every couple of days (Which is encouraged anyways, so you can keep downloading music to make the most of your subscription), the experience is pretty seamless, and the DRM is mostly unnoticed.
  • I thought it was a month before authentication is needed?  Definitely longer than a week as I've not signed in on my device in almost 2 weeks.
  • With the XBox Music Pass, you certainly can download to your device to be able to listen to the music offline. As long ad you keep up with the subscription, you will be able to keep the downloaded content on your devices.
  • If your current Xbox music pass expire any music you have downloaded for offline play will no longer work since it is secured through DRM. If you bought the files as MP3s they are yours to keep. I have the music pass and keep renewing it year after year so that I keep all my music available.
  • I want them to start addressing our local media and stop ignoring that issue. 99% of your users will be dealing with some sort of their own music and videos.
  • I've tried it on win 10 phone preview and it is better than Xbox music, however it still has issue with changing my album art and separating some songs from albums to create its own why i dont know
  • I think this is less of an Xbox issue and more of a meta tag/information issue. The same song bought from different places can have a different way of storing the information resulting in discrepancies when imported from one place to the other. This is one area I'm actually pretty satisfied with. All my imported media is recognized and shows up on the player properly. I'd advise using something like Monkey Media to edit out the information to make it work properly. It's a pain in the butt but that's the best way.
  • This! Seriously. I want to get an Xbox Music Pass but it is not available in my country.
  • Dat Zune colored background on the last photo
  • I can't figure out how to download stuff now. It just takes me to the app store.
  • Music hasn't changed. You can manage your Groove collection in the app including downloading for offline use. Purchases go to the new store.
  • I can't get GM to recognize my account on the phone.. It only has options to purchase music, not download unlimited with my account... What am I doing wrong... I'm on the latest GM update, and the latest TP.
  • I'm in the same exact boat as you. It's not recognizing my pass and only gives me the option to buy. :-(
  • There is something jacked up with all of the "test/preview" crap they're doing. The latest Insider OS for WP10 comes with Groove, which will integrate with everthing you've added to Xbox Music (your own MP3s as well as anything added with your pass). You can additionally find the Xbox Music app in the store, now conveniently entitled "Music Preview". Pretty much both the exact same thing. The problem with both of them is that at this point is neither will let you add new music with your pass. Groove requires you to pay for everything, and the "Music Preview" won't even allow you to search the store for anything ("Search & download coming soon, come back later" or some crap) to add OR buy. The only way aroud both broken apps at this point is to sign into Xbox music on a Windows 8.1 device or your XBox One and add it there. Once you do this then sign into your WP Groove or "Music Preview" app, they will (eventually) add those same songs to your phone collection. They will only add them as streamable; you have to select the album/songs in the app and click the ...More button and tell it to download them locally (despite the fact everything is now automatically downloaded to OneDrive through all of the apps). The reason I say "(eventually) add" above is that the app sometimes has to be killed and restarted a few times, or opened and stared at for some unspecified amount of time before it checks and realizes you've added new stuff. If you let the phone suspend to the lock screen during this, the library add will time out/stop at which point you usually have to close the app and retry. I've also noticed several big name artists pulling their licensing during all of this; albums I had downloaded from Interpol, Paul Banks' solo stuff, Sting, Sammy Hagar to name a few are now greyed out and no longer able to even be streamed (you can only sample them ala Amazon store), and if you had downloaded them they are now just dead 1's and 0's taking up space on your device that can no longer be accessed.
  • There is something jacked up with all of the "test/preview" crap they're doing. The latest Insider OS for WP10 comes with Groove, which will integrate with everthing you've added to Xbox Music (your own MP3s as well as anything added with your pass). You can additionally find the Xbox Music app in the store, now conveniently entitled "Music Preview". Pretty much both the exact same thing. The problem with both of them is that at this point is neither will let you add new music with your pass.Groove requires you to pay for everything, and the "Music Preview" won't even allow you to search the store for anything ("Search & download coming soon, come back later" or some crap) to add OR buy. The only way aroud both broken apps at this point is to sign into Xbox music on a Windows 8.1 device or your XBox One and add it there. Once you do this then sign into your WP Groove or "Music Preview" app, they will (eventually) add those same songs to your phone collection. They will only add them as streamable; you have to select the album/songs in the app and click the ...More button and tell it to download them locally (despite the fact everything is now automatically downloaded to OneDrive through all of the apps). The reason I say "(eventually) add" above is that the app sometimes has to be killed and restarted a few times, or opened and stared at for some unspecified amount of time before it checks and realizes you've added new stuff. If you let the phone suspend to the lock screen during this, the library add will time out/stop at which point you usually have to close the app and retry. I've also noticed several big name artists pulling their licensing during all of this; albums I had downloaded from Interpol, Paul Banks' solo stuff, Sting, Sammy Hagar, Neil Young to name a few are now greyed out and no longer able to even be streamed (you can only sample them ala Amazon store), and if you had downloaded them they are now just dead 1's and 0's taking up space on your device that can no longer be accessed.
  • Too bad none of my music/playlists downloaded or streaming are showing up on Groove with W10 mobile. Also, I can't download songs - it makes me buy them.
  • Exactly what I was gonna say. There is currently no way to download any music while running Tech preview.. It tries to charge my card if I need any new song. Maybe you guys should've tried to clarify that in this article.
  • Same here there's no way to download songs using the Music Pass, it just takes me to the store as well where it tries to charge my card when I click the album or song. Author should have known this if he actually did try and use a phone.
  • Not sure why you have that problem. I am on the Tech Preview on Surface any my tracks are available offline. This is when I am logged in with my music pass of course. I don't remember if what you mentioned occurred on the Phone tech preview since I've had to rollback so often due tossing some key features currently (phone not the music app).
  • Music pass is broken on the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview builds. My music pass content is showing up in my collection, but will not play. Plus the explore function is not available yet. It's not fixed in the latest build yet either... I'm surprised it's not mentioned on any of the Windows Central articles.
  • Same here, and it's a deal-breaker for me. Researched on it and found it confirmed by MS that it's indeed an issue and they are trying to fix it - http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_s...
  • Exactly. This point should have been addressed in the article. At the moment, you can only add new music to your collection (via the Pass and at $0 additional cost) by utilizing the web service or launching the old app.
  • Good.. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
  • They should give free music streaming with announces like Spotify or MixRadio.
  • They did for a while on the PC or web version. It's a hard deal to swallow because even with the ads (like Spotify) it's hard to pay for the song licensing. Hence the 30 day trial...though I do think that could be more accessible.
  • No Sonos support. :(
  • Yeah, this is the only reason I pay for other services besides xbox/grove. Hopefully if they are pushing it off the Xbox name they may decide that a larger audience would be acquired with other Hardware and they may work with sonos at some point. Fingers crossed!
  • That's been my biggest gripe with Xbox/Groove Music. Adding Sonos support has been a Uservoice suggestion for over 2 years with no response from Microsoft. I mainly listen to music at home through my Sonos system and I make do with a Bluetooth receiver connected to one of my Sonos speakers. Would prefer Sonos integration, but for now this works. I also subscribe to other music services that are on Sonos. I wish Microsoft would get with the program and add Sonos integration. Even Apple Music will be on Sonos by the end of the year.
  • Microsoft can't force Sonos to add support for Xbox Music, just like they can't force Google to offer their services on the Windows Store.
  • While on W10 tech preview it only recognizes my playlists made previous to updating or those made on the pc app. Odd. Hopefully fixed soon. What am I missing?
  • So, let's talk about my grandfathered Zune pass, since I've been in this game since the day Zune was released. Can I no linger use my 10 free downloads. Not finding a way on groove 10 mobile preview.
  • It's just not working very well on Windows 10 right now. It has issues recognizing your pass rights to download or get those free 10 songs. I'm not sure if this feature is going away but I know that future updates will fix how the pass behaves within Windows 10. I have the same issues as you.
  • Yeah, Xbox music pass isn't working in Groove right now either.
  • I know on the PC that was never an option. You have always been able to download them thru Zune Marketplace. A lot of people also accidentally switched, so if you're paying 10 bucks a month or 99 a year you no longer qualify or can get it back.
  • I'm out. Sorry Microsoft. Was an avid Zune user and switched to Xbox music, but I can't handle a new music platform every OS. Xbox music still sucks and is missing features Zune already had. Why?? I switched to Spotify and I will never look back and recommend out to everyone I know! Sincerely,
    An MS fan
  • Lol... That's exactly what a lit are saying... Although, the new GMM app is really good.. It still needs some work, and takes getting used to, but it's pretty cool.
  • I love music and need something solid. The transition from Zune has been an almost two year work in progress. How hard can it be for one of the biggest software makers to get a music store / app eco system app up and running? If apple could do it ten years ago why is MS struggling for this no-brainer in 2015??
  • Is it supported in Australia?
  • Yes it is
  • I will only buy it if the pass has a family opition
  • I created a main account for the family.
  • What is Groove Music? Xbox music. Article done.
  • Spotify is so much better i cannot think how xbox music/groove still exists. Family plan, less bugs and works perfectly if you have your computer set to one region and your phone to another, even support is better. I would NEVER recommend xbox music to anyone!
  • I feel like I'm the only person who see's streaming music as a waste of money. I'd much rather buy the songs that I want, keep them locally on my phone/computer, and play them whenever I want. How is streaming a better method? Since when is it ever better to rent anything? ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Not a waste of people with limited storage... But, then again,, you could just take the money and get a better device with more storage.
  • I find myself exploring more with music pass. I can try out a new album and see if I like it. Didn't cost me anything but a download. Helps me find songs I might use to dj a dance or learn with my band, etc. I hardly ever use my iTunes $$ now.
  • It's not rent, you get unlimited music, and you can save it to your device so it isn't streaming at all time.
  • I too prefer owning/buying my music. With SD cards being the in thing nowadays, I cant see the purpose of streaming. Especially if am in a low signal area.
  • U can download on several devices and stream anywhere, $10 a month covers the price of buying 1 album a month, instead I have 40 mil songs and grows every week
  • In the testing I've done on Android, I have two observations: 1) Microsoft has long placed subscription music in the Music\Subscription folder structure.  Groove doesn't appear to recognize the subscription music in that folder structure and so does not include subscription music in your library.  On my Lumia 1520, the Windows 8 WP app syncs subscription music to the device.  I don't think this works on Android, and I am assuming iPhone as well. 2) You have to download songs one at a time to your local device.  There is no setting to make all local or select all and make available local. These are not good things.
  • Overall i like the design and simplicity of groove apps
  • Music Pass isn't working just yet on Windows 10 for Mobile (on phones).
    Here's the http://answers.microsoft.com thread where MS had confirmed that bit:
    Elise [MSFT] replied on July 22, 2015See post history 
    We are aware of this problem, and working to implement the full feature when we release.
    Groove PC version has a section called 'Explore' which lets you do things other than buy. Unfortunately, Groove on Win10 Phone doesn't yet have a functional 'Explore' section. The only way to use your Music Pass on Win10 phone is to add content to your collection on another device (Windows 10 PC, music.Xbox.com, WinPhone 8.1) and listen to it with Groove on Win10 Phone.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.
  • Then I'm set!
  • I hope it was free with some ads, so many Windows 10 user will not just uninstall it at first (one month free trial is not good idea, because it requires payment method and when the trial is finished it will be purchased automatically)
  • Why not just bring Zune back as the name? Simpler than this groove nonsense if you ask me.
  • Why not Microsoft Music? :/
  • I got the Xbox music pass early in the year when it was 12 months for like $40 or something. I enjoy the service. My only gripe is all the apps and even the website want me to 'get music pass' -- I hate ads for stuff I've already got.
  • How about getting with the times and give us a family pass... Already have my family configured for windows10 child account. Instead you will waste time rebranding and offering no changes. How about radio that plays more than 20 songs... Download radio without making it a playlist (ala mix radio).... browsing top music on Android is totally missing.
  • "only the name is changing, nothing about the service is." Like this was a good thing...
  • I think the one think I'm looking forward to is the integration to all other phones. Supposedly you can sync your groove music to whatever phone you're using. We'll see how it turns out in the next few weeks.
  • Does the pass also include commercial free streaming similar to pandora, and can you stream and/or download pretty much any song on demand? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Rhapsody is a much better service and runs in windows phone too. Has many more features than the striped down groove player.
  • I don't think rhapsody has a feature where all songs in my playlists become music videos when I log into my Xbox one.
  • This is one feature i wish they would add to Groove Music on PC.
  • How do I get my Xbox Music pass to work on Windows 10?
  • Just sign in to groove music using your Microsoft account if it doesn't sign you in automatically...
  • I love my xbox music pass. Hopefully they will ad a family subscription option..
  • If Microsoft wants Groove Music to be a success they really need implement the below feature to make it somewhat comparable to other services on the market. Curated play list by genera, decade, artist, mood and so on. Similar to Pandora and Spotify Family pricing - $9.99 per month for one user $14.99 per month for 2 users or $19.95 per month for a family of 4 Like/Dislike – Like a song to hear similar songs in future playlist (Like the old Zune) Social services – add friends, share playlist, compare play count etc (Like the old Zune) could easily be implemented using Facebook credentials and friends Free ad supported streaming (even if only available on Windows Devices and limited to a small number of hrs per month) Other app functionality which would be nice to have but not essential for myself is as below. Gapless play pack (apparently in the works) Ability to edit metadata on Windows 10 mobile (even if it is by matching it to an existing album in the Groove catalog like on the desktop app). Built in Equaliser or at least quick access to the device equaliser Live tile support – already available on the desktop app Sync across devices. – Stop playing a song on your desktop and pick up right where you left off on another device such as mobile or xbox, video streaming service can so this so should be possible. Lock screen support for Windows 10 mobile. Sonos/casting support
  • Livetile for calendar and outlook on windows 10 mobile :D
  • You guys are seriously trying to sell us on this crap? We already know what it is. To summarize the article: It's the same thing as Xbox Music--worse than Zune Pass, and with inferior PC software that ruins your local library tags, to boot.
  • I really don't see any issues with the service, but yeah the software has blown for years now.
  • Same price as the competition, but without as-full of a library and with inferior software. Also, I just generaly dislike streaming.
  • Does any one know why music pass is not playing anything? I am not able to steam a single song today
  • Had one since it was Zune Pass, still works on my Zune HD, even if Groove Music doesn't.
  • They should have capitalized off of Xbox/zune/groove when they had the opportunity
  • In India is it possible
  • Is the subscription available in India when it launches?
  • But you might have to apply for a music pass to have Groove search for music on your NAS. That's what I've had to do. Not a problem bit a bit strange. I only got it to work because I wanted to see if I could get a 30 day trial.
  • I still can not download music on groove with my music pass on my mobile. Only purchase option if there. Wtf?
  • When it comes to music streaming Microsoft is only messing around, not serious a bit, having groove in only 23 countries and you expect it to be a hit no way am sticking to iTunes
  • All steaming services have shit audio quality in my opinion
  • Been crying out for a SONOS integration. The day that happens, I am getting a music pass. Not before.
  • It's BS!! I have an active Xbox Music pass subscription and I'm made to buy every song and album in Groove. I need an explanation!!!
  • The explaination is, they are aware of the issue and are working on it.  That and, you are using an app that's not completed yet.
  • Spotify!:D
  • I wish they would add the feature where u can buy a pass through the store... Maybe as an in-app purchase which gets tied to your account for the designated time? Bcus then I would be able to buy it through my carrier bill, which I do for all my apps/games purchases on window phone (ik there is also other platforms this service works on... But its just and extra way of payment... Would make things easier for some...)
  • I changed my Xbox region to USA, is it possible to use Groove here in Saudi Arabia in that way?
  • "How do I get a Groove Music Pass then?"
    Not at all if you do not live in supported countries... Really will be good if they finally supported the reigon where Xbox LIVE is available! I live in Hungary, and i can't use this "services" cause my country is not supported...
  • Same in Romania too.They don't care about Eastern Europe country's
  • That's great Microsoft is now ready to become a mainstream music streaming service and tackle the likes Spotify, beats and other alike in the industry but seriously lacking the attributes of a superior Music channel like the newly introduced Groove Music better know as the OG Xbox music. Get your pass! I got mine.
  • Yea I'm still representin Xbox music, I'm sayin the update
    The app on the Xbox just received is awesome, more features added and more plus its still the OG and will remain Xbox music exclusively to XBOX , now that fantastic.
  • I recently upgraded my music player and i have to say I agree with Neil Young, music steaming sucks. I can't even listen to Pandora any more and that was my favorite service. Even at 320 it is hard to listen to when you are used to flag. Tidal is not bad, certainly a cut above in quality but the service is primitive compared to Spotify. Personally, I think MS should get into the high quality music conversation. Get a CD quality service. Right now Apple owns music the music conversation which is why everyone thinks 320 is good. MS should go CD quality and take the high road.
  • The new Groove app for Windows 10 is decent. I've tried it, and the music library is quite good. But personallly, I could never use a service that has no cast/play to feature. So until then, MSFT is not getting any subscription from me.
  • If they add Music Videos to this service I might be interested.
  • Windows 10 mobile preview's store still won't recognize the pass, so I can't play anything I already paid for. App still sucks, no auto playlists, no way to downvote a song/artist, etc. We should not be charged for the pass until this is fixed.
  • i have no credit card so cant get it. really stupid
  • One  detail about Zune/Xbox music which everyone who had these services knows but reviewers don't kow is that Zune/xbox music was a family plan. Groove son who had amny devicesI found out the hard way trying to connect my Wifes zune anmy daughters windows phone to my grove pass. No go  I didn't figure this out untill seven calls to their support line and 8 actual hours trying to fix this. Finally I noticed what no one was sayi, it not a family plan. Support let me spin into the ground trying to connect two microsoft des which ithg zuu wa so simle. What has become of Microsoft as a company ? Not one I want to deal wih anymore. Microsoft user since 2001. By the way Google has a family plan, same rice as groove single plan.