Here's a video clip of the brand new notification for rare Xbox achievements

Rare Xbox Achievement
Rare Xbox Achievement (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox team activated the new rare achievement toast animation in a recent Xbox One Preview update, adding some extra flair for those who hunt some of Xbox Live's most difficult accolades.

I was able to generate the notification several times during my Gears of War 4 play through, "rare" purely because I was among the lucky first batch of people to hit the game. Here's a clip of how it looks and sounds.

This is what the new rare Xbox Live achievements look like on the Xbox One Preview.— Jez of War (@JezCorden) October 7, 2016

The achievement in question is "Gone with the Windflare" for crushing 15 enemies using dislodged environmental hazards during the game's perilous storm sequences. As you can see from the video, the achievement has a new sound and spinning diamond icon, while informing you what percentage of the game's owners currently have the achievement.

As of writing, Xbox Live doesn't tally or make any distinction for how many rare achievements you have unlocked. It would be nice if there were a permanent score of how many rare achievements you had acquired in your lifetime, but there's plenty of time to develop the feature in the future.

Achievements remain one of the most rewarding systems on Xbox Live, and it's nice to see Microsoft are looking at expanding the feature.

What do you think of the new toast animation? Let us know in the comments.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • I got one playing horizon 3 and was surprised
  • What is the difference though? Why is it called Rare? Because it's hard to do, or because not many people have it? What's the point if its the latter?
  • It's rare because not many people have it. It shows that either you are one of the first or one of the best, depending on when you got it.
  • I don't know the point I know I got one in destiny rise of iron and it was a secret achievement. It surprised me it was pretty epic sounding lol.
  • Would be nice if they went back and made a new list for unobtainable achivements for the games they've cut short, on things like multiplayer that simply can not be got anymore.
  • It would also be nice if they got on developers for fixing broken achievements, but that isn't going to happen either.
  • This. this. this.
  • It is rare if 10% or less of the players who have the game have the achievement.
  • it really wouldn't Make sense to mark achievements that you can get through typical gameplay as "rare"
  • They're rare as in not many people have them, I agree they should make a distinction specifically for difficult achievements too, not just rare.
  • i can see why that seems fine, but then they can only be superficial if every player who boots up a game first Can collect them. The stats wouldn't it mean anything this is something that should be triggered months after a game comes out.
  • Agreed. All new games shouldn't be all rare achievements.
  • Btw in reality they are not rare.It wont make sense to have a separate list of rare achievements.For eg the achievement you unlocked has been unlocked only by 4% people but what about a year later?Will it be rare then too?I suppose no and hence no point in showing those as separate rare achievements cause it is only relative.
  • As of right now almost all of the achievements for King's Quest Chapter 4 are considered rare. The first one I got for story progress popped as a rare achievement.
  • Hmm, maybe it measures it against the entirety of Xbox Live, and not just owners of the game, if so, that's kinda odd.
  • That would be stupid. It should be set up like True Achievements' scoring of achievements. A ratio off the number of game players, not of Live users.
  • Acording to TrueAchievements it seams to calculate all players that have bought the game, including players that have bought the game (digitaly), but not started to play it. The % on DLC seems to be calculated based on the total numbers that have the original game. So in a epesodic game, if less than 10% of the people that played the 1 episode play episode 4, all the achievements in that episode will be rare. When episode 1 of the game is free like in Kings Quest, many probably downloaded and just tried the first episode.    
  • Who needs 50 PS4 exclusives when we've got Gears of War 4 man!
  • Wrong topic.
  • This should be based off of difficulty level, but MS can't do this, this would be a developer thing.
  • That's impractical because what the developers consider difficult often turns out to be easy, and vice versa. Using the percentage of players who have the game and unlocked it is a better proxy, but the threshold should be dropped from 10% to 1%. Also, while the sound effect is cool, the glittery diamond icon is a bit ostentatious.
  • Indeed you are correct, that's why Gamerscore per achievement doesn't reflect difficulty for most games. I really don't think there is any surefire way to do this without someone being dissatisfied.
  • Thanks for explaining it because I kept seeing them and wondering why the notification had changed to a diamond. I couldn't believe a couple of them were rare, but so be it.
  • Am I the onle person that thinks this is stupid.  The more people that get the 'rare' achievements the less likely anyone else is in the future.
  • I would hope that an achievement's status as rare is dynamic, meaning that it can retroactively be stripped of its rare status as more gamers unlock it. Otherwise, it simply becomes a mark of who unlocked it first.
  • ??its been available for preview members since last month
  • oh another useless thing really. i don't care about achivments or trophies and they do nothing to make me play a game more. they are just annoying and get in the way of stuff.
  • So ignore them and let the 98% of gamers who do care have their thing? I'm sure there are things you care about that I completely ignore, but I am glad that there are things you appreciate.
  • Oooooo pretty :)
  • Does the video work for anyone on mobile? Not working on WC app (W10M), Edge on mobile (and doesn't appear to be in the WC YouTube channel)?
  • I had a couple of them to pop on FH3, I think it's nice just because it has a different look.
  • Serious question. So is this new "rare achievement" static depending on the game, or does it change over time as more people get it? ​For example, I noticed in the video that it showed 4% once the achievement popped. So if, say 20% of the people who play GOW4 get it, is it still going to be rare or will it go away once a certain percentage of players get it? Or is it one of those achievements that's so hard to get, only the best of the best will get it, like completing Halo: Reach on Legendary in the single player campaign?