Here's a video clip of the brand new notification for rare Xbox achievements

Rare Xbox Achievement
Rare Xbox Achievement (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox team activated the new rare achievement toast animation in a recent Xbox One Preview update, adding some extra flair for those who hunt some of Xbox Live's most difficult accolades.

I was able to generate the notification several times during my Gears of War 4 play through, "rare" purely because I was among the lucky first batch of people to hit the game. Here's a clip of how it looks and sounds.

This is what the new rare Xbox Live achievements look like on the Xbox One Preview.— Jez of War (@JezCorden) October 7, 2016

The achievement in question is "Gone with the Windflare" for crushing 15 enemies using dislodged environmental hazards during the game's perilous storm sequences. As you can see from the video, the achievement has a new sound and spinning diamond icon, while informing you what percentage of the game's owners currently have the achievement.

As of writing, Xbox Live doesn't tally or make any distinction for how many rare achievements you have unlocked. It would be nice if there were a permanent score of how many rare achievements you had acquired in your lifetime, but there's plenty of time to develop the feature in the future.

Achievements remain one of the most rewarding systems on Xbox Live, and it's nice to see Microsoft are looking at expanding the feature.

What do you think of the new toast animation? Let us know in the comments.

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