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What is 'Project Dark?'

So what, exactly, is T-Mobile's "Project Dark?" We don't know. Nobody knows. OK, somebody knows. But it's not us. And it's not TMoNews, though they do give us the picture you see above, which throws some fuel on the fire. Maybe it's new rate plans. Maybe it's new phones. Maybe it's new shirts.


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  • EVEN MORE android .... kack!
  • I hope it is a promise to provide blanket coverage of 3G at least to the nation. I think all these major speed increases, and 4G plans for major cities is fine and wonderful, but there is a lot of the nation still living under EDGE and GPRS only still... I would rather trade super HSPDA+ speeds in the major cities I work in, for basic 3G wherever I go. Other than that, a better family plan for unlimited calling/data/sms would be wonderful.
  • Prices in USA for service and cell phones are outrageous, like land phone calls were in the 80's and 90's until technology and competion came along now you call anywhere for cents. But not so with cell phones. If T-mobile is real about low rates it will be great so Verizon's and At&t's will have to come down.
  • As well as low outgoing call rates they should remove the ridiculous charge for INCOMING calls which is absurd and when you compare with the European market (where you are NOT charged for people calling you) you wonder where all the revenue they are generating is going.
  • I suspect that TMOUSA is going the route of its Euro brethren and providing a bundled price for phone and service on a monthly basis. The longer the contract, the cheaper the monthly, coupled with all-you-can-eat plans at agressive price points, talk, text, data.
  • AND if TMOUSA picks up the HD2 (as they are rumored to be) and AT&T gives it a pass, I'll be in agony.
  • I just care about faster 3g service and better reception and better phones and also not crapping the look of phones like they did to the tp2 i love the phone but everytime i see a picture of the original or the verizon it just disapoints me :/ hope they dont do that to the hd2