What resolution do you use for PC gaming?


One of the most awesome things about PC gaming compared to consoles is the freedom you have to adjust video settings to get the best experience for you. For some it's a blisteringly high frame rate, for others it's all about detail and cranking it up all the way up ultra.

What resolution are you gaming at on your PC?

What's also worth serious consideration is your resolution. You may have a 4K monitor, but that doesn't mean you're gaming at that resolution.

The number of pixels you're pushing is as important a consideration in achieving a stable frame rate. There's a pretty interesting thread going on in the Windows Central Forums right now, where members are discussing that very thing.

Drop into the thread and share your own wisdom with the masses.

Just wondering about what the people of Windows Central game at! For me it'll be primarily 1080p on my TV because... that's all it can handle, lol. Occasionally I'll do 1440p on my two monitors, it feels smoother and looks sharp. 4K? Forget about it, lol. Does anyone game at a different resolution? Feel free to share!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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