What resolution do you game at in Windows 10?

AOC AGON AG27 (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

Full HD (1080p) remains to be the resolution many play at today in Windows 10, but more and more gamers are slowly migrating to QHD (1440p) and even 4K. The choice of resolution really depends on the PC configuration, with both the latter options requiring more powerful components installed in order to pump out and render more pixels on-screen. Josiah23 asked the question on our community forum: "What Resolution Are You Gaming With On PC?"

Just wondering about what the people of Windows Central game at! For me it'll be primarily 1080p on my TV because... that's all it can handle, lol. Occasionally I'll do 1440p on my two monitors, it feels smoother and looks sharp. 4K? Forget about it, lol. Does anyone game at a different resolution? Feel free to share!


What resolution do you enjoy games at? Are you rocking a widescreen panel? Head to our community forum and share your favored display settings.

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