This is what the Xbox dashboard looks like with Comic Sans as the font, for reasons

Xbox Dashboard Comic Sans
Xbox Dashboard Comic Sans (Image credit: @EdenMarie on Twitter)

Comic Sans is perhaps the most controversial font in history. While its usage seems to be widespread, from school Powerpoint presentations all the way up to billboards and even store signage, the ill-advised comical font is loathed by designers everywhere, who decry its playful squiggles as unprofessional. Pish posh, I say. And it seems some devs at Xbox feel similarly.

Eden Marie, who leads engineering at Xbox, recently took a colleague's joke to the next level, deploying Comic Sans onto her dev kit. This offers us a glimpse at a utopic future where Comic Sans is the only legally allowed font, gracing every device in whimsical compositions.

Xbox Dashboard Comic Sans

Source: @EdenMarie on Twitter (Image credit: Source: @EdenMarie on Twitter)

While this may never actually make it onto a retail build of the Xbox dashboard, it clearly should. Just look how much more joyful and jubilant the dashboard looks with this most fruitful font. Although, I have a feeling I may be alone in this take.

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But hey, if you're enlightened and cultured in your font consumption, know that you can download a Chrome Extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge that changes every website to Comic Sans. I firmly encourage everybody reading this to install it. Alas, no such extension exists for the Xbox dashboard, leaving us to gaze at Eden Marie's dashboard screencaps and wistfully imagine a world where Comic Sans is the default. Oh, what it is to dream.

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