What Xbox E3 2021 announcement are you most excited for?

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase
Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase (Image credit: Microsoft)

Another year, another E3 (if we all choose to forget about 2020). A lot's changed since the last Electronic Entertainment Expo, including the fact that now Xbox and Bethesda are one big happy family. So with that in mind: What upcoming announcement has you the most amped?

Mind you, there's no true guarantee of what's to come regarding specific unveilings and announcements. The most anticipated games may only present brief snippets of gameplay footage or CGI trailers. And let's not forget how often E3 demos and previews have been known to misrepresent games (be they Halo 2, Watch_Dogs, Star Wars Kinect, or any other infamous E3 fakeout from the gaming industry's lead companies).

Alternatively, there's the risk that games will be shown as they truly are instead of being misleadingly dolled up, leading to situations like Halo Infinite's very rough reveal that gave rise to Craig the Brute. No matter how you slice it, there's an incredible chance E3 will be full of disappointment. Unless!

Unless you don't get your hopes up. Remember Bethesda's Fallout 76 E3 previews? Or CDPR's Cyberpunk 2077 showcases? Die a gaming hero, or live long enough to see yourself misrepresent things at E3 with the assistance of Keanu Reeves during the Xbox showcase. Fingers crossed 2021 changes the E3 trend and gives us lots of juicy, authentic, and accurate gameplay to get hyped over.

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  • I’m excited about the imminent announcement of Forza Horizon 5 and Starfield. I’m curious about Halo, but I’m not super pumped after 4 and 5. I’m HOPING for some serious Japanese developer support and some news of something like a Lost Odyssey sequel or remake, but I won’t hold my breath.
  • I'm exciting for anything they can confirm that's coming out this year! :p
  • Elden Ring, and anything that hasn't already been announced.
  • A Fable successor more like Fable II
  • I'm really interested in Everwild but have zero expectations that anything substantial is coming from that game, (or Fable, Perfect Dark, Hellblade 2 for that matter) so I have to go with Starfield. Halo will be fine, some people will love the multiplayer, some will hate the campaign, generations will argue about it long after we're dead, but it will still just be another Halo. Forza will be great, but same. Starfield is new, and it's really a turning point for Bethesda. Despite their legacy in gaming history, Bethesda has a lot to prove. It's their first release under MS, their first new IP in forever, their first chance to either repair their public image or confirm the criticism that they were a great company once, but have been coasting on their success for too long. They have to prove they can create, not just a great game, but one that is meaningful to the greater landscape of gaming again. So for all those reasons it is the most interesting game on that list right now. Games not on that list, like the rumored unannounced title(s), might end up being more exciting if they exist. Also, The Ascent has me the most excited of any game right now.
  • I'm holding off on getting excited for Starfish's because I expect that it's going to come out and it's just going to be Fallout in space. I'm happy to be proven wrong though.
  • I'm not necessarily excited for the game. I'm hopeful. I just think that compared to the other games, it has a lot more riding on it and very little known about it, making any news about it more significant. You could argue Halo is just as important to the reputation of Xbox as Starfield is to Bethesda, though. PS. Always get excited for Starfish!
  • Honestly, I will gladly take Fallout in space.
  • I don't like base building mechanics, and Fallout feels like it has leant too heavily on that aspect. Cool for people who like that stuff, but it's not for me. Which is why I preferred Outer Worlds to Fallout 4.