What's the Alienware m15 weight?

What's the Alienware m15 weight?

Best answer: The Alienware m15 weighs in at just 4.78 lbs ( 2.16 Kg). It's not a super heavy notebook even though you have an integrated GPU and long-lasting battery.Amazon: Alienware m15 ($1,333+)

Gaming on the go

It's difficult for manufacturers to build gaming laptops that are thin and lightweight. Having to pack enough cooling to keep a dedicated GPU and CPU cool, as well as enough battery cells to keep you going for longer than an hour when not hooked up to an outlet, made it almost impossible for a lightweight gaming notebook to be released.

These days, we take this for granted and the new Alienware m15 is yet another slim notebook with more than enough performance for PC gaming, and it doesn't weigh too much at just 4.78 lbs (2.16 Kg). Considering you can configure the m15 with an Intel Core i7-8750H, 32GB of 2666MHz RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 1070, this is a very compact notebook.

The cooling system will keep all the internals working within optimal temperatures, and the battery pack will keep you gaming for up to six hours. Dell took cooling so seriously the company designed a fire-resistant, liquid-crystal polymer fan. We don't recommend setting the notebook on fire, however.

While you wouldn't want to hold this notebook up in an awkward pose for long durations, you'll be comfortable with it on the lap or on a desk, and you won't find it tiresome carrying it around on your travels.

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