What's Installed On your WinMo Standard Device?

We've recovered from the Week o' Weather apps (hint: see the roundup here), but we still have Windows Mobile Standard on the brain. We figure that there are a lot of people out there who have moved to standard from Pro recently -- Standard is less and less the 'redheaded stepchild' of Windows Mobile Proper and more and more the platform of choice for developers. Plus -- the devices are, let's face it, thinner and a little sexier.

So! Cadman starts up a conversation in our forums that we want to continue: What's installed on your WinMo Standard Device? What's your fave? What do you miss from your old device that you need on your new WM Standard smartphone? Hit us up in the comments!

WC Staff
  • Here is a running list of applications that are recommended/ asked about on the forums.
    If you respond to me via pm or email, I will add your app to the list.
    Respond with any that you use that you don't see listed.
    * Note items highlighted in red are free applications.
    PIM Software
    Agenda One: PIM Software
    Agendus: PIM Software
    Extreme Agenda: Replace the standard calendar
    Papyrus: Replace the standard calendar
    Contact Software
    Contact-ing: View your Contacts using Photos
    [COLOR="Red">Dupededupe: Remove duplicate contacts from your device.[/COLOR]
    SMS/Email/ IM Software
    Agile: Instant Messaging Program
    [COLOR="Red">CeTwit: Twitter client[/COLOR]
    ExtremeTxt: Add SMS conversation ability to your phone
    [COLOR="Red">GroupSMS: Send a message to multiple contacts at once[/COLOR]
    IM+: Instant Messaging program
    [COLOR="Red">Inbox Extender: The ability to delete all emails in bulk[/COLOR]
    Inboxtones: assign ringtones to email/sms
    LEDAlerts: visual alert email/sms
    [COLOR="Red">Oist: Free sms tone program[/COLOR]
    Palringo: Instant Messaging program
    Pusheffect- push email for your device
    Slick: Instant Messaging program (In Beta)
    [COLOR="Red">SMSBubbles: sms preview on home screen[/COLOR]
    Alarm/ Reminder Software
    Alarm Master: Alarm management software
    CT Alarmclock: Does what it says
    [COLOR="Red">CT Alarmclock Lite: Freeware version[/COLOR]
    CT Birthday: Never forget an important date again
    Don’t Forget: Never miss an alert
    OxiosAlarm: Another alarm option
    PDF Software
    [COLOR="Red">Adobe PDF Reader- Free PDF viewer[/COLOR]
    Clearvue PDF- PDF file viewer
    Homescreen Software
    BlackBarsScheme: From Eko- does exactly what it says[/COLOR]
    Facade: Homescreen customization program.
    [COLOR="Red">Orange.dll +Allows you to put multiple items along the top taskbar[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red">SmartToolKit: Windows like interface[/COLOR]
    Right Menu: Great to have fast access to your favorite things
    Phone Software
    Call Jockey: Simulate incoming calls
    [COLOR="Red">Dialpad: Puts the letters corresponding to numbers along the top of yourscreen[/COLOR]
    Bejeweled: One of the greatest games for a mobile device
    Bejeweled2: Update to a classic
    [COLOR="Red">Doom: Get the Original Doom on your device[/COLOR]
    Guitar Hero III: wm version of a recent hit
    [COLOR="Red">GNUboy: Gameboy Emulator
    Kevtris: Tetris Clone
    Kevtris2: Update to the original
    Nine Hole Golf: Par 3 Golf Game
    PocketNesterPlus: Free Nintendo Emulator
    SPVMan: Pacman[/COLOR]
    RSS/Podcast Feeders
    BeyondPod: rss/podcast feeder/client
    MDigger: Rss feeds
    Newsbreak: Newsfeeder program
    Newsgator: rss feeds
    Viigo: rss feeds
    Password/ Wallet Software
    Ewallet: Keeper of passwords & other stuff you don't wanna forget.
    Flex Wallet: Now part of Ewallet
    SplashID: Another Password App
    Msafe: Remotely lock your device and SD card if lost or stolen
    Multi-media Software
    Coreplayer: Multimedia program
    [COLOR="Red">TCPMP: Play videos from youtube on your device[/COLOR]
    Utility Software
    Candlelight: Control your keypad light on your original Q
    CT Scheduler: Automate tasks on your phone
    [COLOR="Red">CT Scheduler Lite: Automate tasks on your phone[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red">Dashwire: "backup" on line[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red">Keylock: Autolock your keypad[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red">Moto Q Flashlight: Turn your camera flash into a flashlight[/COLOR]
    MyMobiler: remote control phone from pc
    QCaps- One handed typing (original Q only)
    [COLOR="Red">Reset Button: Reset your device without removing the battery
    SKTools Lite: Freeware version to clean misc files from your device[/COLOR]
    SmartTweaker: Tweak your device
    Sprite Backup: Must have backup program in case of phone crashes
    [COLOR="Red">Tipster: Simple tip calculator[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red">Screen Capture: Capture Screenshots of your device[/COLOR]
    Vista Battery Monitor: Puts a battery monitor along the top of your device.
    [COLOR="Red">VitoCopyPaste: Copy and paste program[/COLOR]
    Vito Ringtone Editor: edit/create ring tones on Q
    File Management Software
    Resco Registry: registry editing
    Resco FTP: ftp client
    Resco Explorer: Improved file manager.
    SmartphoneFind: let's you search the Q
    [COLOR="Red">Total Commander: File explorer and registry editor[/COLOR]
    Sync Software
    MobSync: Sync files with your PC[/COLOR]
    Smartphone Notes: sync's with desktop Outlook Notes
    Oxios ToDo List: Manage your Outlook Tasks
    Weather/ Maps Software
    Fizz Weather: Weather App for your phone
    Google Maps: Great mapping program for the device
    LiveSearch: Maps and directions
    Metro: Public Transportation Guide
    Pocket Weather: Another recommended weather app
    List Software
    Listpro: Great for creating lists for shopping, repairs, etc.
    Mylist: List software
    Misc. Software
    Documents to Go: Built in the 9 series
    OlivetreeBibleReader: Bible Reader Opera Mini: Alternate web browser
    PDAnet: Use your device while tethered
  • Awesome list! Here's what I'm currently rocking on my Q9h:
    - Google Maps
    - GPSID Settings (GPS Hack for Qs)
    - Live Search (My fave WinMo Software of all time)
    - NewsGator Go (RSS Reader)
    - Seven Beta (Best Push Email Ever, works with any account)
    - Smaato Cost (Installed to test for a user. It's EVIL. RUN AWAY)
    - Tiny Twitter
    - Total Commander (decent file browser and reg editor, but it's no Resco)
    - VSBenchMark
    - Windows Live (The gimped, free version)
    - Yahoo Go! (Meh. Can you tell I install a bunch of stuff just to test it?)
    - CHome Configurator (For editing Windows Mobile 6.1 Panels. AWESOME)
    - Opera 8.65 (actually, presinstalled)
    - Pocket Player (Soon to be replaced by Pocket Tunes)
    - Sprite Backup
    - Fizz Weather
    - AT&T Navigator / Telenav (Though lately I just use Live Search)
    - Astraware Boardgames
    - Guitar Hero III
  • Here is my list on my Dopod C730
    - Google Maps
    - Live Search
    - Info Feed (preinstalled)
    - Nine Hole Golf 1.0
    - SKTools Lite
    - Gmail App (Java)
    - Opera Mini (Java)
    - Skyfire BETA
    - SMSBubbles
    - Tiny Twitter
    - Viigo (Never use)
    - Facade
    - MS Voice Command 1.6
    - Sprite Backup
  • SK-tools Standard
    Vito Ringtone Editor
    are now installed also on my 9m.
    check out this new software:
    qorefunctions.com has a popup program. Know who leaves voicemails without listening to them.
    I don't have all the apps I listed in the first post, but close to it!
    I have all the free ones.
    About 40 apps installed on the 9m.
  • heres what I got on the BJII
    sktools light (thanks for reminding me about that one)
    opera mini
    live search
    yahoo go
    extreme text
    lobster tubes (because even 8G isn't enough storage)
  • WM6.1!!
    Live Search
    Resco Explorer
    Sprint Navigation (aka Telenav)
    Motorola's Voice Recognition in ROM (which from what I hear is very different from MS's)
    DocsToGo (in ROM)
    Games (installed to the memory card):
    Astraware Casino
    Bubblebreaker (ROM)
    Guitar Hero Mobile
    Resco Defender
    Solitaire (ROM)
    Before WM6.1 I also had SMSBubbles, Fizzweather, the Orange homescreen plugin, Opera Mini/Jbed, TCPMP/ FlashVideoBundle, and SPBattMet installed. Opera had some issues for me with cookies on some websites so I just stick to PIE now. I never actually used TCPMP or FlashVideoBundle, so that was a waste. I now use CHomeWeather instead of Fizz, and SMSbubbles isn't really necessary for me either with the panel view it does now. Also very important the first time I synced contacts over to my Q9C was ContactFix, which switched all 100 of my contacts to the First Name Last Name type display that I prefer. I've considered PocketTunes myself, but since it doesn't work with the Music sliding panel, I decided to stick with WMP.
    Plus... I have the q9c GPS Hack and ClockonTop installed, in addition to Rinku's Iconbar and CHomeWeather for my sliding panels homescreen (which uses Mortscript as a backend.)
    Here's the homescreen, if anyone's interested in that as well:
    Credit for the background goes to FreddyReyes.com, whose themes look awesome for portrait devices but unforunately don't work entirely right on landscape devices. I'm not entirely happy with the custom slim layout for CHome weather that it uses. (If you notice, it changes all of the panels to make them smaller.) There's some issues with alignment varying too much, and the picture for some panels being on the right and other panels being on the left, but its still nice.)
    I've also changed the dialer screen just slightly using a file from one of his themes. I removed the ugly yellow strip (that shows the letters/ numbers a regular phone has) that was default on my Sprint q9c to replace it with the gray one shown here:
    Edit: One last thing... I see Dieter lists Seven email. I had Seven installed at one point as well, though I noticed for my non-Gmail IMAP account (Fastmail) that it wasn't getting the messages immediately. After some research into the issue, it turns out that Seven's program is only true push for a few types of email accounts. They do not use IMAP IDLE like Chatter did. With Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo, Seven gets server notifications when a new email arrives, making it true push for those email accounts, but with a standard IMAP account like my Fastmail one, it just polls every five minutes, making it no better than Outlook Mobile on its own. Source: http://community.seven.com/viewtopic.php?t=1232
  • I guess not that many people here use WM Standard, huh? :D
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  • I guess not that many people here use WM Standard, huh? :D
    To me WM standard is so much more integrated into the phone, whereas wm pro seems to make it two separate devices.
  • Right now, all I have on my BlackJack is GamePack 2 from Implicit Software Solutions Inc. It has a good combination of "action" games and "thinking" games such as Sudoku, which I am addicted to. Here is where I got it, and there are sooo many other games I want to try. Luckily many have trials so I don't go broke finding the games I love, haha.http://www.wireless-gaming.com/desc.php?d=d2&id=198869&t=iSS202&com=Implicit20Solutions%20Inc
  • I like all the games. Sudoku is one of my favorites. It gives you into thinking. Makes you play over and over again.
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