WhatsApp and Microsoft still working together on fix for missing app

What’s up? WhatsApp is still not available for those to download from the Windows Phone Store. Late April, we reported that WhatsApp for Windows Phone was broken with no fix in sight. A few weeks after that, WhatsApp was pulled from the Store. Microsoft later clarified that they were working with WhatsApp on a fix. Now we have an update on the situation from Microsoft. Details after the break.

Head into that same Microsoft Answers forum thread and you’ll find a new update from Microsoft. Here’s the latest statement:

“WhatsApp chose to unpublish their app from the Windows Phone Store after discovering an issue with how notifications are being handled on Windows Phone 8, Update 3. We are working closely with WhatsApp to resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.”

Microsoft has no specific timeline to share on when WhatsApp will return. Hopefully we’ll see the app return sooner than later. If you really need WhatsApp, despite being broken, do not uninstall it from your phone right now.

The good news is that Microsoft and WhatsApp are working closely together to resolve the issue. 

Source: Microsoft

Thanks for the tip Rinie! 

Sam Sabri