WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone gets account migration feature for changing phones

WhatsApp has been plowing through feature updates in the private beta series. The latest version, beta 332, went out late last night/early this morning and continues to add new functions to the app. Those functions, including the coveted add pre-recorded videos and saving of sent videos, should be coming down the pike in a big update relatively soon.

Today’s update brings with it one big new feature: account data migration. By heading into Settings > Account, users will find a new addition near the bottom: Change My Number. Tapping that button brings you to an information screen, detailing the process. The next screen allows you to enter in your old and new phone numbers to begin the process.

That’s a big deal because WhatsApp, for all intents and purposes, is permanently tied to your phone number. Were you ever to switch services, you would have to create a new WhatsApp account, as currently there is no way to transfer your profile on Windows Phone  (iPhone already has this feature).

Granted, this is a rare situation where you would need to use this function, but we can bet you’ll be glad to have it if and when you ever do.

No word on when the beta features for WhatsApp will work their way into the main line release, but presumably it won’t be too long. The beta for WhatsApp is a private with no public way to sign up, so you’ll just have to be patient.

Source: Anonymous; Thanks, everyone, for the tips

Daniel Rubino

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  • Enough give us that update for good we r dying here
  • More features
    Better whats app
    Such waiting
    Fastly update
    People dying
  • Lol
  • wow
  • Daniel always waits and posts the best news
    P.s he has a special affinity towards WhatsApp news
  • I bet he is in the beta program..
  • I'd be happy if they'd pull their heads out and fix the server problem. Whatsapp is constantly dying it seems. Sometimes for hours at a time.
  • whoa! never had a server issue with whatsapp. Very reliable in my opinion! And this is coming from me who uses Whatsapp constantly.
  • I use whatsapp 18/7 and it has definetely had some serves issues lately.
  • It has given me very little issues. This might be just your service /phone.
  • Seriously? I now think whatsapp is more reliable than SMS. Its always there for me.
  • Another good update!
    But, hey, is that a lifetime subscription?
  • If you signed up early when WhatsApp came out, you got a lifetime account ;)
  • I'm glad I did. $1/year would bankrupt me. ;)
  • Hello sir , what does dat exactly means? Early sign up got lifetime activation. Please request u to elaborate
  • I had a lifetime account, but changed contracts, and I couldnt port my number over! Now that your going to be able to, I can't do it because the number doesnt exist anymore! Annoyed. I tried contacting whatsapp multiple times about transfering it, but they never ever responded
  • wasnt that the app that came out by mistake i downloaded it and installed it and erased it.
  • Can't wait.pls provide update pls now
  • I just want the ability to add your own background on the whole app/ group chat. It looks so bland right now.
  • This!!!
  • Want new themes,like viber,then it would be awesome
  • It would be nice if we get this update as a holiday/Christmas gift from whatsapp. 
  • They need a desktop client.
  • Like Line did
  • I hope they fixed crashing issue on 512 MB ram devices!
  • Yeah that's the main prob!
  • Is it too hard to implement a fu**ing feature to export all your conversations in a xml file?
    It seems that everyone (MS included) are working hard to make people losing their conversation history!
  • Is WP giving whatsapp some special privileges allowing them to work with the video folder? Maybe file explorer was enabled in the backend, available for certain companies to use? Just wondering.
  • I think Whatsapp has access to private api from Microsoft
  • No. Nokia does. Nokia's helping WhatsApp in this regard.
  • Yes
  • I wish they focus one update on just app design, this is one ass ugly app to use.
  • Totally Agree
  • I only have problems with whatsapp when I have my WiFi set to stay on when screen times out, I have to go in to the app sometimes to get a message, when I turn WiFi off when screen times out I have no problems whatsoever
  • Hey Daniel, how soon is "relatively soon"?
  • They shld make it possible to switch between chats by just swiping instead of going back to your conversations pane first to switch. Also add background customization and VoIP, viber sucks, like really sucks, only reason I have it is cos of its crappy VoIP and desktop app, wish whatsapp would bring these features
  • anybody knows the beta link? I know it is private beta but I need the beta link...
  • What can you do with the link?
  • i want this Big update for my whatsapp!! cmon release soon!!hope they fix the randon crash :)
  • The UI is ugly and the biggest concern for this app.We chat and viber can have this feature of background image,so why can't whatsapp??Appreciate the features they're bringing over but they need to address this very soon.
  • SkyDrive backup of messages please!
  • How about this?
  • I have a 920 so it can't do SD backup :(
  • I think it will be possible without SD Card too.
    This feature is not implemented yet.
  • Hope so! :)
  • Alright!! Can't wait.. Daily whatsapp user and my main and only IM client. This is so exciting. I hope they just don't spoil the excitement by saying the new update is for WP8 only.
  • Great... Keep coming... more features... :)
  • "Source: Anonymous"? LOL
  • More features and a ui design change or you can allow us change the background image
  • That is Cool! :)
  • Yay
  • Daniel, could you please suggest WhatsApp team to change UI. Many people are ready to vote for this!!!
  • I hope they bring the option to turn off toasts completely eventually.
  • do these beta versions fix the annoying "connectivity" issue when you exit the app in the current version?
  • If there is network issue, it ll show. Just ignore it
  • Make it less of a battery hog please. That's my primary concern.
  • I think more demanded feature would be the ability to move your conversations to the new devices when we switch devices (not the phone number)
  • Anyone please tell me where to download this
    Im already using fb beta app and gdr 3 developer update
  • This is private beta, so everyone doesn't get access to it.
  • why doesnt whatsapp just allow access from multiple devices based on a single account?
  • I only need a new UI for the app with Backgrounds...
  • +920
  • Here
    is the download link of beta Version .... http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appId=6e5405fa-e5cc-4a6c-8e54-3932ab7075c3
  • All I want is that when I open a conversation it opens in the first unread msg! Specially in groups... its annoying to  have to track where is the last :(