WhatsApp gets updated adds voice notes

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WhatsApp, the cross platform messenger for your Windows Phone, has been updated to version 1.4. Along with the ability to text across platforms (available for Android, Blackberry and the iPhone) WhatsApp also gives you the ability to send pictures, video messages and now voice notes.

While no official change log is available, it is our understanding that text is larger and sending images is now problem free. If you're seeing additional changes with the update, feel free to share them in the comments section.

You can grab WhatsApp here (opens in new tab) at the Marketplace. Keep in mind WhatsApp is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

Thanks goes out to Jon B for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • I hope they eventually work on the design, in comparison Kik is in another category.
  • I have made a Design Concept for them and i'm going to mail it to them as an improvement suggestion. Maybe they take a look and realize some og the suggestions.
    You can see it here: http://www.thepagedot.de/Bilder/c82squ9c.bmp
    Please let me know, if you have some improvements before I send it.
  • Looks good. But i would not mind keeping the black background :)
  • A few things:
      Option to keep the black background. The titles (chat, all, contacts) should always be lowercase. It's part of the design language of Metro. Same with most of the options (send location, etc.). To download a picture, a long press on the image would work better than an icon. "Attach Picture" should be just "Attach". More of the Metro language.  
    Other than that, good job.
  • Loving all your suggestions except for the tile. I think marquee apps should keep their identity and not necessarily adhere to the accent colour. I do like the background, I think the black background doesn't fit every app and some variety is always welcome. For instance black background on the updated Engadget app is weird and teal background on the twitter app looks great. At least developers should offer a choice.
  • There's a few spelling mistakes there that you need to fix in order to be taken seriously. Personally I'd make a thread about this on WPCentral and I'm sure you'll tons of people willing to refine that for you.
  • I checked your design concept out. It is amazing!!! Please email it to them.
  • I like the background. I understand why people want black but I think the background you have there gives the app some identity (much like the twitter app as Tahiti Bob points out).
    But as mrgaius says, make sure you get rid of any spelling mistakes otherwise they won't take you seriously.
    Nice work.
  • awesome!! :)
  • dude, your WhatsApp modeified design is awesome! I really find it much more easy to work with, more functional and visually appealing. I wish they will take it into consideration and if not entirely, at least adapt some parts of it... I highghly doubt it tho :(
  • I noticed the following changings: You can now see the full chatlog by scrolling up. Share Location is in the the Application Bar Location Accurary is much higher Progress Bar by Uploading Images Smoother scrollinh  
    Nice to see that they work on the Windows Phone App. One can see the good will and that's what counts for me. Even if the Design could be much better...
  • Returning to the app is faster now...
    Everytime I reopened the app before I had to go trough the loading screen now the it opens really fast.
  • I like the fact that they moved location sharing to the extended menu instead of the shortcut bar. For whatever reason, I accidentally pressed that shortcut too many times before.
    I like the update but would be nice to add ability to start Group Chat, number of unread messages for each conversation, and hyperlinks for phone no, location, URL, etc.
  • Returning to app does seem faster. Bit annoying we still can't start new group chats.
  • Why is it taking so long to bring the app into line with the iOS/Android versions? It should match those feature for feature. No excuse for this.
  • Would you rather wait a lot longer while they develop that complete version that may be really buggy because it hasn't been tested by the masses or would you rather use this BETA and help suggest improvements to them to get it in line with the Android/iOS versions? Up to you. It's a BETA; it's not supposed to be perfect.
  • Why don't WhatsApp show WP7 on their homepage. They have iOS, Android, Blackberry and even Ovi, where's the WP7 love?
  • The WP7 App is quite not good enough, yet. I guess they know about the issues and will show it on their page when it's feature complete. The WP7 App still lacks many important features and doesn't look really well. I am sure after some improvement they will be proud to present the App on their website.
  • The WP7 app is still in BETA. The others are stable releases.
  • Wow, I have mentioned another very cool new feature:
    You can now send images via WhatsApp directly from the Image Hub! Try it out by opening a picture and select send via...
    You will find WhatsApp in the List! Very very cool!
  • Thanks for that I didn't notice, that's great. Just last weekend I was hoping I could do that :)
  • The image share option is really cool! I hope we het an even deeper integration in future upadates.
  • so.. you can't even search through your contacts??