This could be read a few different ways but it looks like that WhatsApp may be looking to make a Windows Phone client after all. The super popular messaging client, found on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia devices is only missing Windows Phone from its dominant lineup.

Through a recent job posting, we can see one of the job requirements for a mobile client is programming in C#. The only mobile platform that uses C# is of course, Windows Phone. So that's the good news as WhatsApp is easily the most requested program for Windows Phone that we get around here and with Mango's access to the contacts database, the company has little excuse to not do an app.

The downside is this may mean that an official app is still months out from happening, as we would think it would take a minimum of 3-4 months to get a program up an running. But we're speaking from not knowing all the details and perhaps they're looking for additional help and are not starting from scratch.

Source: WhatsApp; via Plaffo