Where to buy Microsoft's Kinect (while you still can)

Kinect (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

It's sad that Microsoft confirmed that the Kinect isn't being made anymore for the Xbox One, but that doesn't mean Kinect will stop working. There are some pretty fun games out there that use Kinect, and it's still a pretty handy camera and microphone combination.

But with no more being made, you'll need to act fast if you want to snag one before they're gone forever. Here are some places to find them. They might go quickly, though, so if you want one act fast.


Amazon currently has Kinects on sale both used and new, with a brand new one costing around $45. Used ones can be had for about $10 less, but you'll be pretty much resigned to resellers. There are plenty in stock, so it's a good place to start.


Microsoft's online store is out of stock for the Kinect, but you can still use the "Find in store" button on the page to check your local retail stores. Not all of them will be able to sell you a Kinect, but it's a good way to check out your local area and grab what stock remains.

However, unless the stores have reduced the prices themselves, it looks like it'll still cost the full $100. And you can do much better than that.

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GameStop has preowned Kinects only, but they're also really cheap at just $19.99. PowerUp Rewards Elite Pro members can get it for even less at $15.99.

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Best Buy

You can buy a Kinect from Best Buy, but you'll be paying full price. Or rather, you get $5 off full price at $95. So this is maybe a last resort option.

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Ah, eBay. If there's something you can't find on eBay, it probably doesn't exist. Prices will vary across the board, and there'll be a bunch of used items, but it's a good place to score a lower-priced Kinect.

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Your finds

Those are some of the places we found where you can still snag a Kinect. If you find anymore, or a particularly good deal somewhere, be sure to drop it into the comments.

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  • I picked up a new one with adapter cable when I pre-ordered my XBOX One X. I still plan on using it until I can't. Voice Commands are decent and I have a few Kinect Games and some Kinect enhanced (ALIEN: Isolation to name one) games I still play. 
  • Same here.  I plan to use it also for Skype and Cortana on XB1 X.  It is strange that there is no microphone on XB1 X.
  • I picked one up off Amazon for $40 a month ago. Now I just wish I could get an adapter for less than full price. Seems silly to have to pay as much again for just a power supply and USB adapter-- especially when I paid less than that for a replacement power supply for the console itself.
  • If you are feeling adventurous I think there are some videos on YouTube that guide you on how to make your own adapter - It involves potentially ruining your Kinect if you mess up though
  • As a software developer, I've tried my hand at the occasional hardware project over the years. The results have been… not pretty. If it's going to plug in to 110 volts, I think it would be best for the safety of myself and those around me to leave it to someone who knows what they're doing.
  • I'm surprised GameStop is so cheap on them.  Usually their used prices on things are everyone else's new prices. I'll probable pick up a new one on Amazon today, and go Game Stop or eBay if it ever breaks.  $45 is dirt cheap for such a capable web cam that ties into games.  I wish they would actually stand by the Kinect, lots of potential.  I enjoyed the one on my 360
  • I'm pretty sure it works for Windows Hello on Windows 10 too...The Kinect itself is really cheap as a used product and the adapter actually costs more than a used Kinect
  • Is the usb adapter compatible with Xbox one x? The one I saw at Microsoft Store didn't list the X as a compatible device.
  • I am pretty sure I saw that confirmed on Twitter, don't have a link for you unfortunately
  • I bought used on Amazon 20$ and tv clip mount for 6$ love Kinect games and Cortana on Xbox. Not sure why they discontinue things that just need a refresh and marketing.
  • If only there's cheap official adapter available.
  • My Target store still has about 12 in stock. Still at the insane price of $99.
  • Amazon out. Third party only.