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Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

The Minecraft Earth beta is steadily expanding across the globe, providing the first taste of Microsoft's augmented reality (AR) spin-off for the block-building adventure series. Shared DNA with mobile hit Pokemon GO is evident, collecting blocks and mobs while crafting towering virtual worlds. While limited to a select pool of cities, anticipation is brewing for its worldwide rollout slated for October 2019.

Embracing the vanilla title's successes, Minecraft Earth heavily leans on its resource collection and creative sandbox. Building towering structures demands the required blocks, laced throughout the world via "Tappable" loot rolls. We've rounded up all Minecraft Earth blocks and items discovered so far and where to find them.

Without official documentation on Minecraft Earth items, this list is comprised of extensive research from the ongoing beta. If we've overlooked an item, let us know in the comments.

Grass Tappable

Hosting the best of mother nature, Minecraft Earth's grass tappable is home to an extensive range of flora. While primarily a source of common and uncommon flowers, the pickup also grants related landscaping essentials. We've uncovered a small lineup of items accessible via grass tappables, as detailed below.

  • Buttercup (Rare)
  • Lily of the Valley (Rare)
  • Orange Tulip (Rare)
  • Oxeye Daisy (Rare)
  • Pink Tulip (Rare)
  • Red Tulip (Rare)
  • White Tulip (Rare)
  • Water Bucket (Rare)
  • Azure Bluet (Uncommon)
  • Lily Pad (Uncommon)
  • Poppy (Uncommon)
  • Sunflower (Uncommon)
  • Dandelion (Common)
  • Dirt (Common)
  • Fern (Common)
  • Grass (Common)
  • Rose Bush (Common)

Marsh Tappable

Minecraft Earth's wetland tappable stows a related pool of blocks and items to standard grass. Uncommon and common flowers dominate the findings, besides tools to aid your all-natural creations.

  • Buttercup (Rare)
  • Lily of the Valley (Rare)
  • Orange Tulip (Rare)
  • Oxeye Daisy (Rare)
  • Pink Tulip (Rare)
  • Red Tulip (Rare)
  • White Tulip (Rare)
  • Water Bucket (Rare)
  • Azure Bluet (Uncommon)
  • Lily Pad (Uncommon)
  • Poppy (Uncommon)
  • Sunflower (Uncommon)
  • Dandelion (Common)
  • Dirt (Common)
  • Fern (Common)
  • Grass (Common)
  • Rose Bush (Common)

Stone Tappable

Bursting with subterranean materials, Minecraft Earth's stone tappable stocks an extensive array of construction blocks. While primarily comprised of unrefined stones and minerals, crafted stairs and walls are up for grabs too. Minecraft Earth features a range of underground items in the beta build.

  • Lava Bucket (Epic)
  • Granite (Rare)
  • Andesite (Uncommon)
  • Brown Mushroom (Uncommon)
  • Cobblestone Stairs (Uncommon)
  • Cobblestone Wall (Uncommon)
  • Diorite (Uncommon)
  • Gravel (Uncommon)
  • Mossy Cobblestone Stairs (Uncommon)
  • Mossy Cobblestone Wall (Uncommon)
  • Mossy Cobblestone Brick (Uncommon)
  • Stone (Uncommon)
  • Cobblestone (Common)
  • Sand (Common)
  • Rail (Common)
  • Red Mushroom (Common)
  • Redstone (Common)

Oak Tree Tappable

Trees are the source of all things wood in Minecraft Earth, fitting for ornamental building projects. With oak the dominant wood during the beta, these trees offer simple wood and leaves.

  • Oak Leaves (Common)
  • Oak Log (Common)

Birch Tree Tappable

Minecraft Earth also scatters birch trees, boasting light-gray bark and vibrant leaves. The received wood produces lighter materials, including paler wood furnishings.

  • Birch Leaves (Common)
  • Birch Log (Common)

Spruce Tree Tappable

Towering trunks and darker vegetation define spruce trees. Collecting this wood means a rich, dark tone for wood and associated products.

  • Spruce Leaves (Common)
  • Spruce Log (Common)

Chest Tappable

Minecraft Earth's scattered chests pose an assortment of items, offering the largest item pool of all tappables. Chests regularly pack tools, redstone components, and wools, complemented by a wealth of epic and rare-tier items. They're a brimming loot box, with dozens of items available via chests in the beta.

  • Brick Block (Epic)
  • Lava Bucket (Epic)
  • Redstone Repeater (Epic)
  • TNT (Epic)
  • Bucket of Mud (Rare)
  • Flint and Steel (Rare)
  • Powered Rail (Rare)
  • Iron Bars (Rare)
  • Iron Door (Rare)
  • Vines (Rare)
  • Birch Button (Uncommon)
  • Birch Fence Gate (Uncommon)
  • Birch Pressure Plate (Uncommon)
  • Black Wool (Uncommon)
  • Bucket (Uncommon)
  • Cobweb (Uncommon)
  • Cyan Wool (Uncommon)
  • Flower Pot (Uncommon)
  • Glass (Uncommon)
  • Green Wool (Uncommon)
  • Ladder (Uncommon)
  • Lever (Uncommon)
  • Light Blue Wool (Uncommon)
  • Light Grey Wool (Uncommon)
  • Lime Wool (Uncommon)
  • Magenta Wool (Uncommon)
  • Note Block (Uncommon)
  • Oak Button (Uncommon)
  • Oak Fence Gate (Uncommon)
  • Oak Pressure Plate (Uncommon)
  • Orange Wool (Uncommon)
  • Pink Wool (Uncommon)
  • Purple Wool (Uncommon)
  • Rail (Common)
  • Red Wool (Uncommon)
  • Redstone Lamp (Uncommon)
  • Redstone Torch (Uncommon)
  • Spruce Button (Uncommon)
  • Spruce Fence Gate (Uncommon)
  • Spruce Pressure Plate (Uncommon)
  • Birch Door (Common)
  • Birch Fence (Common)
  • Birch Wood Planks (Common)
  • Birch Wood Slab (Common)
  • Blue Wool (Common)
  • Brown Wool (Common)
  • Grey Wool (Common)
  • Oak Door (Common)
  • Oak Fence (Common)
  • Oak Wood Planks (Common)
  • Oak Wood Slab (Common)
  • Sand (Common)
  • Spruce Door (Common)
  • Spruce Fence (Common)
  • Spruce Wood Planks (Common)
  • Spruce Wood Slab (Common)
  • Torch (Common)
  • White Bed (Common)
  • White Wool (Common)
  • Yellow Wool (Common)

Minecraft Earth is currently available on iOS and Android devices via an invite-only beta program, ahead of its launch later this October. Have we missed a coveted item in your Minecraft Earth inventory? Let us know in the comments with your favorite finds so far.

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