List of where to find all the unique equipment, weapons, and armor in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Fuser
Wasteland 3 Fuser (Image credit: Windows Central)

Wasteland 3 Last Call

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Wasteland 3 is an absolutely massive RPG where your squad of desert rangers will spend 80-100 hours exploring every corner of post-apocalyptic Colorado. You should leave no door unopened or lock unpicked as you might find quests, vendors, and useful loot.

Scattered throughout the game are numerous unique items, including powerful armor, weapons, and utility items. Here's a guide to everything you should look out for and where to find it. Note that some of these items require picking locks, restarting generators, or other skills, so be sure to check out our tips and tricks and character building guides for advice on how to assemble an unstoppable squad. If you're stopped by a bug or other issue, let us know, and we'll add it to our list.

Unique weapons in Wasteland 3

These weapons are some of the most powerful in the game, so be sure not to miss out on them. Search through these areas, and be sure to check in with the listed vendors regularly so you'll pack plenty of power for every fighting style in your squad.

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NameWeapon TypeLocation
Atom SmasherAssault RifleGodfisher Windfarm
CrossboomAssault RifleThe Bizarre Exterior
The EmancipatorAssault RifleThe Bizarre Weapon Shop
Polar VortexAssault RifleLittle Hell
Blade of WinterBladed WeaponSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
Dorsey Family SwordBladed WeaponSnowed Inn Resort
Dental PickBlunt WeaponThe Bizarre Exterior
KneecapperBlunt WeaponSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
Patriarch's Prototype HammerBlunt WeaponPatriarch's Palace
The GrizzlyBrawling WeaponSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
Plasma FistBrawling WeaponInspector Delgado at Ranger HQ
Nitro ThrowerFlamethrowerClown Museum
Roasty ToastyFlamethrowerSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
SpitfireFlamethrowerGett Family Homestead
The Coming StormHeavy Machine GunYuma County Speedway
Flamesaw CannonHeavy Machine GunYuma County Speedway
Graviton ShredderHeavy Machine GunInspector Delgado at Ranger HQ
NidhoggHeavy Machine GunAspen
War PigHeavy Machine GunSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
FuserMechanics WeaponLittle Vegas
FrostbiteRevolverThe Warrens
Last ResortRevolverMachine Commune
Marshall's LawRevolverInspector Delgado at Ranger HQ
Old Man WinterRevolverSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
RetrieverRevolverGodfisher Windfarm
Polar ExpressRocket LauncherSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
Reagan's GazeRocket LauncherDenver Ruins
Cold ComfortShotgunAspen
Last CallShotgunLittle Vegas
WhiteoutShotgunSnappin' Jimmy Bob in Colorado Springs
Ray TracerSniper RifleInspector Delgado at Ranger HQ
Red Ryder Air RifleSniper RifleSanta's Workshop
Brainwave DestabilizerWeird Science WeaponDowntown Colorado Springs
Fusion CannonWeird Science WeaponScar Collector Mine
Shrink RayWeird Science WeaponOld Survivalist Bunker

Unique armor in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Review

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

These armors will provide high levels of protection to your rangers plus other useful effects. While some of them are part of sets, there's no bonus for having all the pieces on one character, so feel free to mix and match.

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Breather MaskHelmetLittle Hell
ChemTekChestDenver Ruins
ChemTekHelmetThe Bizarre Exterior
ChemTekLegsSanta's Workshop
Commandant'sHelmetRanger HQ
ElectrohelmetHelmetMonster Bunker Bay
ExoskeletonChestScar Collector Mine and Patriarch's Palace
ExoskeletonLegsPaint Mines
Hog MaskHelmetThe Warrens
Grid IronHelmetThe Bizarre Exterior
Machine ShopChest, Legs, and HelmetRanger HQ
MurdercrossHelmetArapaho Caravan
Nuclear Knight'sHelmetRanger HQ
SkullcapHelmetCannibal Jamboree
SolderpunkHelmetDepartment of Energy
Waste DwellerHelmetDenver Ruins

Unique utility items in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Rabbits Paw

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

In addition to three armor slots, every character in Wasteland 3 has a utility slot that can be equipped with powerful trinkets that up their skills or provide other bonuses such as an increased chance of scoring a critical hit or a faster movement speed. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to sort your inventory to see utility items, so be sure to go through everything you're carrying periodically in case you didn't notice picking one of these items up. You'll definitely want to equip them as soon as you can.

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Adrenal EnhancerThe Bizarre Exterior
AviatorsUnion Station
BinocularsThe Bizarre Exterior
Cerebral ModemMachine Commune
Defusal KitAspen
EMP CylinderAspen
Leader's BannerDenver Ruins
Liver BoxThe Warrens
Modder's KitThe Sanctified Piscitelli in The Bizarre
Night Terror PlushMachine Commune
Nociception ClampMachine Commune
Optilaser9000Machine Commune
PDARanger HQ
Rabbit's PawCrash Site
Silver Dollar NecklaceLittle Hell
Sonic EmitterThe Warrens
Spiked CollarThe Bizarre Exterior
Tactical GogglesThe Warrens
Thick GlassesUnion Station
Toaster BadgeRanger HQ
Tool KitDowntown Colorado Springs
TurbochargerCannibal Jamboree
Veteran Ranger StarAmbush Site
Samantha Nelson