Wasteland 3: Known bugs, issues, and other problems

Wasteland 3 Rangers Key Art
Wasteland 3 Rangers Key Art (Image credit: inXile Entertainment)

Wasteland 3 releases Aug. 27, and it's a massive game, taking 80-100 hours to reach one of many endings. The latest entry in the RPG series that launched in 1988, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Colorado, where the player will be attempting to establish order in a lawless frontier by recruiting a wide variety of allies. You also need to make decisions carefully as choices can dramatically affect the game's world, impacting not just individual characters but entire zones.

Windows Central editor Jez Corden loved the game in our Wasteland 3 review but noted it has some glitches. While inXile entertainment is implementing fixes, we've put together a guide to known issues and how to avoid or report them.

Current issues

Wasteland 3 Faran Brygo

Source: InXile (Image credit: Source: InXile)

Here is a running list of problems that have been reported for Wasteland 3 and have not yet been resolved:

  • Xbox users have had problems with bulk selling at Taiwan Jones' shop that can only be resolved by closing the game.

Issues we've had

  • Using the vehicle tow ability on the world map sometimes causes the game to crash while in the garage on Xbox
  • Using crouch on Xbox then moving into cover makes the character model glitch out, and repeatedly crouch over and over vibrating the controller and driving us crazy
  • Sometimes it feels like "Lucky Mega Crits" don't actually happen
  • Incapacitated squaddies continue to try and follow the leader, spinning around on the floor despite being corpses
  • Crashing problems, and occasional frame rate issues on both Xbox and PC

Fixed issues

Wasteland 3 Kodiak

Source: inXile entertainment (Image credit: Source: inXile entertainment)

Make sure to download the launch day patch to resolve all of these issues:

  • Your selection reticle will get stuck when browsing your inventory if you choose a weapon that a character has equipped and then swap to a character that doesn't have a weapon equipped in the same slot.
  • The move/attack range outlines for the Kodiak don't show up properly in the tank's movement grid.
  • The action bar can be selectable underneath some menus and screens.
  • Selection boxes may appear offscreen, and UI selections may double up.
  • The reputation of world map merchants is always displayed as Neutral when you speak with them regardless of their actual reputation. This is just a display issue.
  • HIt chances for enemies are not showing up as often as intended.
  • Guests can't rejoin a co-op lobby game after quitting.
  • Sending a chat message when selecting a starting duo in co-op will actually start the game.
  • The Player Options menu in the co-op lobby can't be closed unless you select something.
  • In console versions of the game, co-op guests who use a deployable to pull an enemy into combat will crash the game.
  • Guests may be unable to equip preorder bonus weapons if they are dropped and traded in a co-op session.
  • Some of the Kodiak's weapons don't deal damage when you ambush enemies.
  • Some Downtown Colorado Springs NPCs are shivering instead of playing their normal idle dialogue.
  • If you aim elsewhere after targeting an AOE in combat, the enemies may stay highlighted.
  • Enemies will sometimes get stuck in a walk cycle when seeking cover.

How to report Wasteland 3 bugs

If you encounter a bug not covered here, you should report it to inXile Entertainment by filling out this form. Also, let us know in the comments section so we can add it to our list.

Samantha Nelson