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Where'd they go? Contacts issues with WP7 being reported

There have been some rumblings around internet of users experiencing some issues regarding Contacts on their WP7 phones.  While we haven't experienced them ourselves (Edit: our pal Paul Acevedo has), there seem to be two things happening.

Firstly, people are reporting that Contact tiles are pinned to the Start screen will randomly disappear.  The contacts themselves remain on the phone, but the tiles get removed from the Start screen.  While some of this could be attributed to an unlocked screen being put into a pocket, there are cases where several disappear at once. 

The second bug involves linked contacts.  When you have the same contact in two places, like email and Facebook, WP7 will automatically linked the two.  Allegedly, users have seen these links broken in some cases, be it links made automatically by the OS or ones that have been manually created.

So far, this is all anecdotal, but there are enough cases being talked about that it could point to an actual bug in WP7. 

What say you?  Have you come across any of these issues on your WP7 devices?

Source: WindowsPhoneSecrets

  • I want financial compensation for my losses!
  • I have an HD7. Ive never pinned a contact(seems odd and stalkerish anyone would). But I have had an issue, about a month ago, all my contacts lost first names, and their phone numbers, everything else remained, was the weirdest thing.
  • I've had similar issues with my HD7 too. The first name, photos and sometimes the number would be removed from many of my contacts. I seem to have sorted it by copying my windows live contacts over to Google and importing the contacts from there.
  • Same thing happened with my HD7 as well.... Ended up with about 50 contacts titled "cell" and some had numbers for them, while others did not.... Lost a huge chunk of my contact-base... No way to restore them as my last phone was wiped out, after I copied my contacts over... I cannot tell you how much Zune needs to backup the data from my phone!!! Contacts, as well as other data... Stuff like this just can't continue to happen, and for no apparent reason... Love the phone, for the most part, but stability is crucial for me...
  • I haven't pinned any contacts to the start screen yet so I dunno. I don't actually make that many phone calls so just doing one extra step of tapping the people tile and then the contact from the list and dial isn't much of a poin for me personally.I'm guessing it's some weird refresh bug or something?
  • Yep, I've had all my contact tiles disappear from my home screen on two different occasions, for no apparent reason. Plus sometimes a contact that's not one from Facebook will forget the picture I've chosen for them.Just annoying little niggles, overall, very pleased with my Mozart.
  • Yes, I have seen pinned contacts dissapear, twice I think.The first time I thought maybe I removed it, but the second time I caught on. Meh.I have not run into the links becoming broken though.
  • Yes, I've experienced the contact-pinned-to-Start-screen issue twice now. It disappeared so I found it in Contacts and repinned it. Then a few days later it was gone again. (Samsung Focus)
  • Both issues happened to me and I think it was right after I installed the first update they released some days ago.I must say I'm upset since I had already spent a lot of time combining my Windows Live and Facebook contacts together, and now I have to do so again. Grrr!I hope they do more testing in their future releases to avoid this kind of problems.
  • No, the problem is not releated to the first WP7 update that was just released. It has been with us since the RTM of WP7. I do agree, Microsoft has to come up with better ways to test their software prior to release. As this is a new mobile OS for them, there will be growing pains. This just happens to be one of those pains.
  • I have seen it on 3 Samsung Focus devices, including my own. I don't think the problem is with WP7, but I think the problem was a hiccup on Windows Live. Lets say for some reason Windows Live on the cloud had an issue and all your contacts disappeared from it. When your phone synced it would see this and remove those contacts, but when the Live team discovered it or it self corrected your contacts would re-appear and show back up on your devices. Since they were removed your PIN contacts would go away and you would lose your manual links.I like this theory the best because if it is Windows Live it wouldn't happen to all users just some. The users that were on the same Live server or a section of the database that hiccuped. Just my thoughts on this.
  • All these bugs are related, it has to be just one bug either in the phone OS or Live services. What happens is that the contact list basically gets reset to the point where you just added your accounts and added all your contacts. That's why you lose your linked contacts, pinned contacts to the start AND (article doesn't mention these at all) the call history has only numbers, no names in it and also the "Recent" in the People hub is empty.EDIT: btw, this happened twice on my Omnia 7, reported this to WP7 support like 2 weeks ago and they're already investigating
  • My wife and I have both had the contacts pinned from the home screen disappear. It has happened to both of our phones twice. We use a Samsun Focus and both are used as "developer" phones since I have a dev account with WP7 Marketplace.I believe the issue is related to Windows Live somehow because it appears to happen to both of our phones around the sametime and we share a hotmail account so that we can share contacts, calendar, photo uploads, etc...
  • And we're sure Windows Phone doesn't have a "desktop cleanup wizard"?There are unused icons on your home screen.The home screen cleanup wizard can help you clean up your home screen. Click this tile to start the wizard.
  • I've had my linked contacts broken up, but the thing that bugs me, is not mentioned here, all my bookmarks in the internet explorer disappeared last week, though it's not a biggie I still don't like putting it all back in place -_-'
  • So it does sound like a hicup with Windows Live as well if it happened at the same time on two phones etc. I'm sure the WP team is looking into it already.
  • I have had both of these issues happen. But I had something worse happen. My contact info disappeared!I still have my "Me" tile and it is linked with my Live & Facebook account, but I am nowhere to be found in my People Hub. My data was there when I first got my phone and then about 2 weeks later I disappeared. I verified that my contact info is on my Live contacts on my computer and also on my account. But no matter what I do, I cannot get my contact info to show up.What really sucks about this, is my wife uses my live contacts on her WP7 phone, and I don't exist for her to call me. I had ot create a new contact under her profile for it to stay there for her.Other than that... I love my phone, but sure would love to have this issue resolved.
  • Yeah had it happen twice here (I was an early adopter in the UK so I've had plenty of time for it to happen). The unlinking seems to happen at the same time as the live tiles coming unpinned which suggests to me that the phone is re-syncing everything for some reason rather than just grabbing updates...
  • I've never pinned a contact to start.I have had multiple links broken randomly. These did happen to be contacts who I don't necessarily look at or text/email/phone. Maybe inactivity has something to do with this? Or it could just be a coincidence.
  • This happened to me when I put my phone in airplane mode for a while and my contacts in home screen were gone.
  • This is a bug that was before the first update was ever released. I have had it happen to my twice, and the wife has had the same problem ocurr more frequently. We both have the Samsung Focus. I believe it is caused by an ActivSync event with either any of the email services that use ActiveSync. For instance, we both use Hotmail on our phones, and mine is connected to my corp Exchange 2010 environment.
  • I had four contacts on the home screen that all of a sudden disappearred after a sync.I don't know why this would have been a problem, though..This OS seriously needs folders. My app list is getting entirely too long..
  • I have an HD7. I don't know for sure when it happened but my manual links unlinked. Not all of them and I'm not sure what the ones that did have in common. I haven't gotten the update yet so i can't blame that. Did take a little time yesterday linking them all back but it didn't piss me off. If i have to do it again then i will probably get pissed. I like this phone and wp7 so far.
  • I have a Samsung Focus with a couple of contacts pinned and have not yet had them disappear.
  • I think the problem is with the Windows Live contacts list. I don't know about pinned contacts disappearing as I have none pinned, but my linked contacts broke.This happened right after I set up Microsoft Outlook 2010 on my PC to sync with My Hotmail account, which means Hotmail contacts as well. After the sync, contacts broke from their liked Facebook pairs, and some of my contacts pulled info from their Windows Live IDs (the info the contact enters when they set up their WL ID), overriding any info I manually added to the contact before.
  • I have had a live tile disappear but I have noticed some linked contacts broken.Another this I have noticed it that on my recent call list it recently (about the same time the tile disappeared) the names have all be replaced but just the phone numbers.
  • Same thing happened to me. My call list was just numbers.
  • Last week or two this happened to me, all my 'linked' contacts suddenly unlinked themselves and i had to go and relink them back. It just happened randomly. Not happened since though?
  • I've had my phone since November and this happened to me for the first time last week (both bugs happened at once). My phone was on my desk overnight, and when I woke up, the 8 contacts pinned to my screen were gone, as well as random links broken (but not all of them were broken which was strange). I went and re-linked and re-pinned everything, and it hasn't happened since.
  • I have an LG Optimus (e900h)I must say that these things have happened to me.1. My pinned contacts disappeared, all of them. (About 2 weeks ago)2. Some of my contacts "unlinked" themselves (yesterday).3. Some of my windows live contacts bizarrely multiplied themselves, so that i had the same windows live contact 10 or 15 times, very weird indeed.. i had to delete all the extra ones. (yesterday)
  • +1I've had a live contact tile disappear randomly from my start screen.
  • I have had both issues it has happened several times with my tiled contacts. Each time I have lost all 5 that I have pinned. I have only noticed the linked issue once.
  • I've had the unpinned/unlinked contact issue occur twice. Once early in December within a few weeks of ownership of my Focus. The second time was last Saturday night. Came out of the theater and all 5 of my contact tiles were gone.
  • Losing a pinned contact has happenned twice on my HD7 since November. One time I think it was during a big re-organization of my home screen so I just assumed that maybe I deleted it by accident. The 2nd time I'm pretty sure I just turned on the phone one day and the link was missing.
  • Oh, good, I thought I was going crazy. Yesterday, I noticed that some phone numbers that I had previously added to a few Live contacts were gone. I figured it was because I had added the numbers while I was offline. Also, my call history was just numbers for most of my calls, instead of names, like it used to be.Anyway, I added the numbers again after getting online and I'm hoping they will stay there this time.
  • I have an Optimus 7 and the unlinking situation heppened to me, it's extremly annoying...
  • just happened recently, what the hell?
  • Focus - Yes to both (missing from home screen, dropped linked addresses) only once so far.
  • I own a Samsung Focus as well and have had both the dropped pins and the broken people links twice now. I have resigned to waiting until a fix has been developed before going through the painstaking ordeal of linking the 100+(out of 1000+) contacts that become broken. Very annoying as it destroys my call log by replacing everything with numbers.
  • I've have not had this problem with my Focus as of yet. (Hopefully not) It looks like an annoying bug I want to avoid, but I don't pin contacts to the start screen. So eh..