Where's the best place to buy Surface Pro and Surface Laptop chargers?

Microsoft Surface Dock
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The Surface Laptop 3.

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Where's the best place to buy Surface Pro and Surface Laptop chargers?

Best answer: The best place to buy laptop chargers for Surface is products from Microsoft, as the chargers themselves are official, provide enough power for the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, and have a 1-year limited warranty.Magnetic charger: Microsoft Surface 65W Power Supply ($90 at Microsoft)

Why is Microsoft the best choice?

Buying Microsoft's Surface chargers from the Microsoft Store is the best choice as you're buying official hardware from the hardware manufacturer. This means you're not getting a third-party knock-off product; it should work well and has full support from Microsoft if the charger stops working.

What's a good charger to get?

For the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, we recommend getting the Surface 65W Power Supply charger that will supply ample power to pretty much all Surface products. It works with everything from the Surface Pro 3 and up, including Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Go. Microsoft also offers chargers with more wattage for those who need it. But for most people, the 65W option is more than enough.

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