What’s in a video? Why we think Nokia is teasing a new PureView Windows Phone.

Tell us your secrets, O fair maiden!

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This morning we awoke to yet-another Nokia video, teasing us that things are about to change. You have to give the Finnish company credit—even as Samsung is unveiling their new flagship phone, they know how to keep “Nokia” in the news.

Many people were befuddled at the short clip, which shows a woman with carefree abandon riding a bicycle down a road, mugging for the camera. It’s whimsical, cute and frankly it makes little sense for a smartphone ad...

That’s the case if you’re looking for a clue in the video, like the numbnuts at IT World who think it’s the “worst “ teaser ever.

But what if the video itself is the clue?

While everyone is busy looking at straps, items in the background, etc., they all missed the obvious fact: this was shot on a smartphone. Not only was it shot on a smartphone, but it was most likely shot on the Lumia ‘Phi’, which is expected to be revealed one week from today.

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The big deal of course is that that presumably someone else is riding the bike and the image is, for the most part, steady. We dare say if you tried the same, your video would be a little more nauseating due to all the motion present. The lighting is also impressive as it is notoriously difficult to shoot subjects who are back-lit.

Yes folks, we think Nokia teasing a new camera feature here, maybe even a PureView type camera.

Last week, we raised the question What is PureView? We argued that it was not so much about a 41MP camera sensor but the “technology” behind it, including the highly touted ‘oversampling’ feature, which allows you to shoot extremely sharp and gorgeous photos even at 5MP.

Part of our argument was that we did not see Windows Phone 8 supporting the necessary chipsets for a 41MP sensor, not to mention the notion of a chunky smartphone may not sell very well (despite how awesome it is).

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Instead we suggested that Nokia may do a lower resolution camera (20MP?) with the same PureView software as found on the 808. That was partially in response to Nokia themselves teasing the PureView on Lumia in a Tweet.

Combined with the video and a tip that WPDownUnder received from a “reliable” source on the matter, we think that indeed the ‘Phi’ will feature a high-end Carl-Zeiss camera with PureView technology in it. Did we also mention that Nokia teased the original 808 back in February via video as well? So there is some precedence here.

That video was your first look at what it can do. Thoughts?

Daniel Rubino

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