Wikipedia picks up support for Cortana, while Xbox One SmartGlass gets bug fixes

We just had a nice update for eBay on Windows Phone. Ready for a few more updates? Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see new version of Wikipedia and Xbox One SmartGlass. Guess which of those two includes integration with Cortana now? Read on to find out.


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see version 2.3 of Wikipedia from Rudy Huyn. Thankfully Rudy is one of those developers that likes to leave a changelog. Here’s what’s new:

  • Cortana support

Want to take the voice commands for a spin? Try saying something like “Wikipedia, show me an article about bananas” and you’ll then be taken to the Wikipedia page all about Bananas!

Download Wikipedia from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Wikipedia

Xbox One SmartGlass

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see the Xbox One SmartGlass app sitting at version Any exciting changes here? Nope, not really. Unless you’re into bug fixes, because that’s what this update is all about for Xbox One SmartGlass.

Download Xbox One SmartGlass from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Xbox One SmartGlass

Thanks for the tips everyone! 

  • Cortana is going to be a busy girl
  • Yep
  • Linked into Cortana, brilliant idea. Thank you so much ❤
  • Co-sign
  • Yeah if developers do this windows phone will only get more popular. I'm waiting for for a microkia smart watch which has just one tile. Cortana. You tap it and can ask / tell her anything and your phone will do all the backend work.
  • I currently press and hold the answer key on my Bluetooth headset and it,brings up Cortana. From there I can make calls, send texts, say Hey DJ web pages etc, etc. Even answer calls by saying answer, all without touching my phone. Who needs a watch :D Lumia 920, WP8.1 and plantronics headset. ❤
  • Which headset do you use? The one I have doesn't work well. It has very bad lag when it comes to voice commands. Also I'd want a watch because then I could see visual alerts w/o having to take out my phone, also if I needed to check the time its right there on my wrist. Don't have to dig in my pocket for the phone.
  • Plantronics M55. Use mainly in the car as traveling lots. Get the watch idea, and that would work sooo well. Hope MS are reading this.
  • +920
  • Superb!!
  • Thanks Rudy! Still waiting for a Google+ app from you :-)
  • Google + yuckss y u want that?
  • That's a service from Google that I use all the time even more than Skype. It helps me hangout with my profs and discuss stuff. I love and the day it'll pop up on Windows Phone will be a.........
  • G+ is really good?
  • Just try it bro. And one thing that makes me love it more when compared to facebook is the level of people you meet there. You meet enterprise people, people with good knowledge about what they do. Take it like this, it's between facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Yup Google plus is nothing in front of FB.Hence the "G+ went down and no one noticed" jokes
  • Naa you got me wrong. I didn't arrange them based on popularity but skills and professionalisms'.
  • Supreme Victory!
  • This is in response to @venetasoft whose comment somehow got deleted. Google+ Hangout is offered as a browser based service while Skype is a client based.
    Google+ Hangout offers video conference calling service for free while Skype offers that and other services like fixed dial numbers as a premium service.
    Google+ Hangouts offer a variety of collaboration options that are not offered by whilst in a hangout, we can all view presentations together at once, edit the docs. It's just like sitting at a table with your friends to discuss work over some beer. I'm a Microsoft fan but not a biased one so got to be truthful about Google+ Hangouts. It's just good bro.
  • Thats why I hope Microsoft continues towards the merger of Lync and Skype.  Lync has all of those features.  Currently Lync is either Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 on premise.  The last client they need to release is for OS X, otherwise I believe they have apps for IoS, Android, Windows 7/8 and Windows Phone 8.
  • You can use IM+ as a workaround for hangouts for now, btw. ;) that's what I use.
  • Thanks Rudy for the cortana update! Your simply awesome. :)
  • You're :P jkjk
  • Need help!
    How do I add cellular+sim in notification center
  • You can't.
  • You don't need to coz u can't :)
  • Don't think that was in the Wikipedia update.
  • You cant, try this one
  • Has he done nothing about low res images on live tile?
  • Awesome!
  • waiting for the lockscreen app from rudy
  • ^this! A thousand times this!!!!
  • Also his OneDrive app. I don't mind the official one but I will never say no to magic.
  • +1520 to that. The official OneDrive app is nice but I have other OneDrive accounts that I'd like to access as well - something I can't do with the official app because it's locked to my phone's registered account.
  • I guess it'll come with Lumia Cyan Update, you know once it is official WP 8.1. So I am going to think there is no such feature so that I don't have to restart the agonizing wait that I had waiting for WP 8.1
  • Awesome. Cortana integration is the next big thing. I seriously use it all the time.
  • Bananas!
  • There's a bunch more subjects to ask about, strange choice bananas is :D
  • I see what you did there... 
  • I'm hoping we'll have search results that have an option to open in the Wikipedia app (and other apps, like Amazon) and not just IE links for those websites. If that's possible, I haven't figured it out yet
  • On Windows 8 it is possible through Smartsearch to open wikipedia links from search results with the Wikipedia app if you have it. We need that on WP or at least the option to choose our apps for preferred functionalities.
  • I agree. I use that function on my Surface a lot.
  • Simply love Rudy apps
  • Cortana is Amazing, she even reads the article !
  • What? It does?
  • Lync2013 also got updated.
  • "Any exciting changes here? Nope." Lol.
  • Rudy can you give the Xbox Music developers a hand? It seems like she can't even update one fucking App on time...
  • Sam is the designated app update announcer today. I like it!
  • It's not really Cortana support. It's just voice commands; just so happens Cortana is now how you do them :P
  • Ok; the speechsynthesis (reading the articles) is new though! Cool, didn't know we could do that now :)
  • You're right AFAIK the reading of the article by speech synthesis was not available
  • It's more than just voice control. What I mean by that is you can use some natural language instead of the original voice control. Before, it was too structured and you had to memorize different commands for each app. Now, you still have that to some degree but you don't need a specific syntax (i.e. Natural language speech).
  • Just updated and didn't work
  • Who isn't into bug fixes? Bug fixes are good. Always update when you see those! No use in new features if all the old ones are infested....odds are the new features could be too.
  • Rabbids Big Bang is free in windows phone 8 and windows 8  
  • Awesome update
  • Who's that yucky Samsung windows phone on that picture..yuckkkk...junky plastic
  • Ignorant, I suppose a Nokia fan boy?
  • I personally am a Nokia fan due to the amount of stuff they've done for Windows Phone so for me the best experience is to be had on Nokia. Though I don't dispute that Samsung brings some good things to the table (hey Nokia, how about removable battery and micro SD slot on your high end smartphones?).
  • And IR Blaster. Lest not forget however that NOKIA came to WP cause of the money money money MS paid to get 'em here.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Nokia is plastic too. Just different polymer. That's a sexy professional looking phone there, bud.
  • Until you get closer and you realize the Samsung is cheap plastic.
  • Rather have that than holding a Nokia brick
  • And the Samsung isnt durable to drops. Like I mean really SHEAR Drops unlike the Nokia on the Other Hand........
  • "Wikipedia, show me an article about bananas"
    This needs to be more natural. I can't say "Cortana, show me an article about banans on Wikipedia" without her just doing a basic bing search. So thats disappointing. But yes, I see the BETA text on the top right. I'm just saying what I expect Cortana to be able to do once she's finished. I understand the point is to make her a lot more natural and "alive" than Siri and Now, right?
  • Yeah I find it odd with the app stuff. I feel like im changing cortana's name to wikipedia/flixter etc... 
  • Yeah it completely defeats the purpose of Cortana. MS TellMe did the same thing with the same generic commands.
  • That is completely up to the developer, although I think you should (must?) use the app name first so that Cortana understands which app to initiate.
  • As Xbox One Smartglass app has lost the beta tag, I can't seem to update the app anymore. Granted, I have a Microsoft account which is outside the countries where the Xbox One has launched. Still, do think it is a shame as I do have a Xbox One......
  • Love Cortana
  • That samsung phone looks sexy...
  • It is sexy. I own it. Just wish they'd put something out >5.2 with IR blaster so I can get rid of this one.
  • Innovation!
  • Wikipedia no longer opens on my Lumia 920. In Australia...
  • After updating on my 920 with 8.1 the app shows the splash screen and exits. Anyone had the same problem? Already tried reinstall and booting the phone and nothing changed. Any hints! Thanks. (I'm in Brasil using US region setting).
  • This can be done by simple search..what we want is cortana to come back with info and read out to us...that should be amazing piece of technology...
  • Hey Cortana, knife or banana?
  • yeah DOESNT WORK
  • Same - FIxed
  • Who's not into bug fixes? :D
  • Thanks it works great work Cortana
  • Wiki in cortana isn't working for me. Just shows Bing results
  • Same for me, but it started working once I opened the Wikipedia app first and then closed it. Once I did that it started working. I guess the app had to "register"with Cortana first or something.
  • Awesome. Thx. And I like how it reads the summary paragraph too
  • what if i want to say something natural like "show me a wikipedia article about apples" i want her to know what i mean. but she will just search the web without saying anything.
  • Who reads an article about bananas?
  • When I looked up a Wikipedia article about JFK it started reading out the article
  • I'm into bug fixes!
  • Is there a running list anywhere of apps that use Cortana?
  • I can't get it to work, cortana just pulled up search results in Bing. Maybe it's a setting in the app.