Wileyfox Pro Windows phone review: A sad reminder of happier times

Believe it or not, there's a Windows Phone still on sale today in 2018. Is it any good? Let's find out.

For most of us, Windows 10 Mobile died in 2017 when Microsoft announced that it was no longer "focused" on its own mobile platform, opting to bring its experiences to iOS and Android instead. Even so, that didn't stop one hardware maker from pursuing its dream of having a Windows 10 Mobile device on the market for people to buy and use. First released late last year, and re-released a month or so ago, the Wileyfox Pro is considered by many to be the last Windows phone.

When the Wileyfox Pro first launched, it went on sale for close to £200 ($260), which was absolute robbery. With its recent re-release, however, it's now on sale for around £80, which, for what the Wileyfox Pro is, is a much better price. So, I recently picked up one to see what it was all about and to try and figure out why Wileyfox has put its Windows 10 Mobile handset back on sale, even though the state of Windows 10 Mobile hasn't improved.

Before we begin, Wileyfox says the Wileyfox Pro is a business phone. It's not designed for consumers, so keep that mind.

What you'll love about the Wileyfox Pro

Honestly, there's really not much you'll love about this device. Everything is, at most, fine. There's not a single thing about this phone that will make you love it unless Windows 10 Mobile itself does that for you.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Display5-inch HD curved screen, IPS technology, Gorilla Glass 3
Storage16GB (expandable)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 210
Camera8MP rear camera with dual LED flash, 2PM front camera
Battery2100mAh, 7.11Wh

I do like the capacitive buttons below the screen for back, start, and search. Most Windows 10 Mobile device makers opted to have on-screen keys for navigation, but not Wileyfox. Having the buttons below the screen gives a reason for a large "chin" to exist, and it also means more content can be displayed on the five-inch display.

On that subject, I'm really liking the size of this device. I've been using six-inch phones for the better part of 2018, so when I switched to the Wileyfox Pro, it was refreshing to have a phone that I could use with one-hand again. I can do everything from swiping down the notification center to reaching across from one side of the screen to reach a hamburger menu button, all with one hand.

The build quality of the phone is not terrible. It's all plastic with a glass front, but for £80 (around $104) you're getting a well built little device. It also has a removable back cover, which gains you access to the removable battery, microSD card slot, and Micro SIM slot. The back cover is made of soft-textured plastic, which feels pretty nice.

The volume controls and power button on the side are also nice. They're firm and do their job well. They're not the clickiest of buttons, but you can definitely feel them and can tell when they've been successfully pressed.

The front of the device features Gorilla Glass 3, which should keep you safe from light scratches and even some drops. It also comes with two years warranty, which should protect you from many problems your phone may have after you buy it. Again, this phone costs £80, which is pretty much nothing. It's super cheap, making it a great choice as a backup phone.

It's also fully supported by Microsoft, meaning if you're looking for a device that will be supported until Microsoft drops Windows 10 Mobile altogether, this is the device for you. It will continue to receive security updates until late next year.

What you'll hate about the Wileyfox Pro

Micro USB is ancient and bad, and anybody using it in 2018 should feel bad. This is not a fast-charging phone, meaning if you forget to put it on charge overnight, you're going to be in trouble the next morning. The washed out 720p display is also not good, with bad viewing angles unless you're looking at it straight on.

The biggest offender, however, isn't the hardware, but the software. Windows Phone used to be famous for how well it operated on low-end hardware, but the same cannot be said for Windows 10 Mobile in 2018. On the inside, we're rocking a Snapdragon 210, with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The experience is not great. It took around two hours for me to fully set up the device once I logged in with my Microsoft Account. It needed to download updated apps and update the phone itself to the latest cumulative patch.

During this time, the phone depleted its battery to almost zero. I had to plug it in to keep it alive as it was downloading updates. What's more, when I finally loaded up the phone with all the apps I'd be using on it, I quickly found that the phone was struggling to keep up with my workload.

For example, I wanted to listen to some music using Spotify while browsing Twitter and pasting links into a Word document using the Word Mobile app, all while answering conversations in Slack. This is a typical workload for me on a phone, but the Wileyfox Pro couldn't do it. Or rather, it could but incredibly poorly. The music stuttered and stopped when switching between apps, and the dreaded "Loading..." screen would pop up almost every time.

The Twitter app on Windows 10 Mobile is now a Progressive Web App (PWA), which is pretty heavy on the system thanks to Windows 10 Mobile's incomplete PWA support, and also eats battery life like crazy. Because of this, this phone is not a device that will get you through the day easily.

The camera is awful. Photos in lit environments are passable, but low-light photography basically doesn't (or rather, shouldn't) exist on this thing.

Should you buy the Wileyfox Pro?

No. At least not as a replacement for your primary phone. If you're a Windows 10 Mobile user who refuses to leave the platform, I suggest looking into used higher-end models rather than buying the Wileyfox Pro. It's just not a great phone. It struggles to handle simple workloads, the camera is atrocious, and battery life leaves something to be desired.

Now, if you're buying one as a backup phone for work, with plans on only using it for stuff like SMS, email, Cortana, and other Microsoft services, then sure. For £80, this is probably the cheapest you can go while still getting a new Windows phone to do it. But I worry that anyone trying to use this device as their only phone is going to run into problems very quickly. I guess that's why Wileyfox is selling this device as a business phone, not a consumer one.

If you're a business in need of Windows 10 Mobile devices for your employees, this is probably your only option at this point. Just don't force them to use it as their only phone. Oh, and make sure your employees are using Micro-SIM cards and not nano-SIM cards. I had to buy an adapter to get my nano SIM card to fit in the Wileyfox Pro.

I'd recommend looking around for a used Lumia 650 if you need to stick to a similar price range of the Wileyfox Pro. If you want to spend a bit more, I'd look for a used HP Elite x3 as that's the best Windows Phone you can buy today.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • ""For most of us, Windows 10 Mobile died in 2017""
    No it didn't, you mean for most of you at mobile nations.
    The rest of the world who had these phones still use it.
  • They really don't though... The only people still using Windows phones are people who either can't or won't upgrade due to poverty or a lack of technical ability and the delusional. The platform is dead. Yes there are people that still use it, but I know a guy who still uses a 3310...
  • "The only people still using Windows phones are people who either can't or won't upgrade due to poverty or a lack of technical ability and the delusional."
    That is an interesting statistic, I have not found data around suggesting that one yet...good one!
    I bet that is just your own feelings and opinion. Why is it you have such a perspective?
  • Have you looked? Opinion is based on the the fact that everyone I knew who used a Windows phone has shed it, you don't see them "in the wild" and no one wants them servicing. There's also the totally objective fact that new Windows phones are pretty much never released... Oh yeah, also Microsoft said it was dead. That's a big one.
  • Well..... I look at it from an environmental footprint. I only buy a new phone when the old one is broken. I used my bb for 8 years. My corporate phone still is an iPhone 6S . I could eaily get an XsMax at work, but my current one still works so why would I replace it? Privately my entire family (5 people) are still running on 950XL until they break. Btw. we pay our private phones cash, so not subsidized in a monthly plan as that is a loan and we hate to have loans (apart from a mortgage). PS, our cars (3) have been paid cash. But according to your definition we use our 950Xls out of poverty. I do hope I will remain poor for many many years to come. PS: your arguments sound a little bit poor imho.
  • Cool, You're ab eco warrior, good for you, genuinely. How does that prove the platform isn't dead? We were talking about the platform as a whole, right? Or you're too cheap to upgrade because you pay out of pocket, either way the vast majority of people, especially on a tech site, don't or can't go 8 years without getting a new phone. Good luck to you.
  • Because he is not alone, You seems to know those who do not use it, he and some of know those who rock it, not as high or comparable to ~11.8% world market of iPhone or 87% of Android Phones. But you being emotionally charged does not buttress your opinion.
  • Emotionally charged? How so? I don't see it... So by your own numbers we're talking about less than 1.2% of the market? I take it all back, Windows mobile is clearly thriving... That was sarcasm, by the way.
  • Take a look at your comments here in 3 years time. Then decide if you were emotionally charged or not.
  • So you only use something because it is popular? I use something because it WORKS and WORKS WELL. I'm not a follower, I am my own man.
  • Just because they are no longer developing the platform does not mean it stops being functional. I still use my Lumia 830 and have no problems with it at all. I also have a HUAWEI which has done nothing other than prove to me how much better a platform Windows 10 mobile really is. I will use my Lumia until the day it dies.
  • I have given up on Windows Mobile although I still do love it. However, my Civic Si has Android Auto and I use that every single day. I would love to have a 950 again or maybe even a 950 XL for the first time. However, my Essential Phone works quite well. It does not help that Microsoft has pretty much deprecated Cortana on Mobile. Last time I tried it, it did not even give me alerts for traffic to work or other such stuff anymore.
  • Nate0 falls in the delusional category
  • Seems like...
  • I just don't get the mindset here. I loved the platform just as much as anyone. I carried Windows since the very first device in the states. (MPX200 - I really wish I could go back to it.) All the way up to the 950 series, I have 4 of them in my desk drawer right now. With dozens of them in between. I'm also in the minority that thinks the 950 is one of the most beautiful handsets ever made. I loved it and miss it to this day. But reality set in for me about a year ago. I didn't want to leave the platform, but it is what it is. It wasn't just the apps that I left for, though it was a large reason. And i'm not talking games and crap, i'm talking banking, services - like home automation, etc. It was also due to things like battery and performance. The platform was dead well before I left a year ago. It's time to move on, or at least not live under a rock.
  • Everyone has different needs. I'm single, retired and live in an apartment. My bank app works fine on Windows phone and if it didn't, I'd just connect using the web site. I don't need 'home automation' because I'm not a lazy SOB and can get up and turn a light off and on or adjust the thermostat once a month if needed.
    And amazingly enough, I also don't need a car that parks itself or keeps me driving straight on the highway.
  • Oh so that's how it is. Those of us that love the growth in technology are "lazy SOBs". I call it being efficient, but cool.
  • I kept waiting for Barcham to tell you to get off his lawn...
  • Yet, by your standards there's something wrong with the "minds" of those who don't follow your way of thinking. Yet you get offended by the term "lazy SOBs". I find that curious. Some of us like me could afford every and any high price new phone. But I don't want an Android nor do I want an iPhone. I am plenty happy with my Nokia Lumia 830. Just because I like things that just works doesn't mean I'm not interested in home automation or any other new type of technology. I just refuse to use devices I know to be less than my Microsoft phone.
  • Don't put words in my mouth, I did not say "something wrong with the minds". I said I don't get it, meaning I don't understand. I get it, man, as I said, WP is all I have carried for 15 years or so. It took me a long time to finally make the decision to leave, and it sucked, I didn't want to, and I still don't want to. But a phone has become a tool, and for me iPhone has become a necessary evil. You do you, but you're missing out on some really cool stuff, for whatever reasons.
  • Just so I quote you correctly. You wrote "I just don't get the mindset here." In other words if I understand it correctly you don't get why there are those still hanging on to Windows Phone\Windows 10 for phones. As if those of us who have made the decision not to move to some other platform don't know what we're doing. You also wrote "But reality set in for me about a year ago. I didn't want to leave the platform, but it is what it is. It wasn't just the apps that I left for, though it was a large reason. And i'm not talking games and crap, i'm talking banking, services - like home automation, etc.". Again, not everyone is interested in the same things you're interested in. Some of us just like a phone that just works the way we want it to work and enjoy the things we enjoy in a phone. Therefore our "mindset" is just right for us. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it wrong. It just means you have a different reason and ways you use a smart phone. I will continue to use my Windows Phone until they shut the system down. Or unless Microsoft or some other company that doesn't use Android comes out with a new and updated phone system.
  • Don't read too well, do you? I LIVE IN A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT!!! What the hell do I need home automation for? If I lived in a 4 bedroom home with a large property to care for and a garage with 2 cars and was working a busy job and needed to use automation to get things done, I would do so. In my personal situation, home automation would be useful only if I was disabled or extremely lazy.
  • I'm still using my 950XL every day and will continue. I have another in the box ready to use if this one dies.
    MS is still updating it.
    I will replace it when the Windows 10 phone-sized tablet arrives.
  • We all know Microsoft landed a face palm with Windows Phones. It is obvious. Some of us have a more sober attitude about it. Healthy debating and discussion is cool, but lets try to look at what really matters here. If I need to make a phone call I can. Text messages yep I can. Get to the internet is good. Some of us have different needs and wants. All generations of people all over the place and why would one think they should fit in this one bubble of a category. To me if you cannot see past your own self, you have lost your way and are not going to lead anyone but your self.
  • Find it hilarious because most people that are poor for real are the same ones that upgrade every year and have outstanding phone bills.
  • Sorry. But the only reason I gave up my 950 was because I needed my work applications on it. Otherwise I was extremely satisfied with it. Windows Phone didn't deserve the death it got.
  • We went from 8 years on windows mobile, with the last being the 950XL's (paid cash) to a Samsung Note 8 for me and a Samsung Galaxy 9 for my wife (paid cash) and I will tell you flat out that Android OS is a stinking pile of garbage. What I like about my note 8? The pen and note taking. Otherwise, it's a buggy pile of dung and full of non-removable bloatware. Apple iPhone OS and Android OS are made for the masses of idiots in the world.
  • lol, speak your mind brother!
  • MS said Windows Mobile is dead, not a Windows 10 phone-sized tablet. The 950, 950XL are still being updated. I have a second 950XL in the box, ready in case I drop this one. I've used them all, Windows 10 is the best interface for any format/size device.
  • He does because this is social media.
  • I'm using Lumia 950xl as my only phone. I'm not having money problem (Well, I have Surface). Just want something different.
  • You can use what you want to, I won't try to stop you. I just want realism... If you wanna use a 950 XL that's fine with me, but if you try to argue that use means the platform isn't dead, I'll argue with you. Be objective, we went through the same stuffwith the WebOS and blackberry people.
  • I'm not argued and I'm sure I can use whatever I want. The reason I reply to you is because you generalised the idea of people still using W10M.
    Can't or won't upgrade due to poverty? I stand up here and your statement was now fail.
  • You missed the other two categories he mentioned: delusional and tech illiterate.
  • I use my 950XL as my daily driver. If I wanted I hav access to and could buy whatever phone I wanted. Money: I'm Norwegian.
    Sanity: I've done several pretty heavy personality tests trough the years, in particular when applying to become a airforce fighter jockey. In short, I've got papers stating that I'm not delusional.
    Tech: The last eight years I've been working as an IKT consultant, an one of my responsibilities have been client management serving thousands of devices. I always thought WP/W10m to have the most potential, and I like it better than iOS and Android still. I still have enough apps to not feel limited. Sure, I might be stubborn. I might be riding my principals. But that's it.
  • At the end of the day the 950 is a gorgeous QHD phone with plenty of power and great USB-C support. Getting an Android or iOS phone with comparable specs isn't going to be cheap, and if you don't need the apps, why waste the money? W10M is fine.
  • So you're suggesting the smartphone market is plateuing because people are poor?
  • For yourself, yes.
  • Being objective by saying people who are still using WP/WM are financially poor/lacking tech ability/delusional? Maybe you have all those characteristics, but I don't. And most people who replied here suggested you're on the minority.
  • You just don't understand that we don't care if the platform is dead. That does not prevent it from still working perfectly fine.
  • Yes, they are no longer putting any focus on windows 10 Mobile. We all know that. I have a 3 month old 950XL which I picked up for short money. I will use it till I can't or Microsoft decides to release a Surface Pocket or whatever it's name will be.
    If they don't release it I will be forced to Android. But till then...
  • Nobody cares but you. No one is trying to "prove" anything but you.
  • I consider the $690.12 that I paid for my Lumia 950 XL to be a lot of money for a phone and I'm going to keep using it until it dies. It still allows me to do 95% of what I really would want to do with a phone. Spending $1k on a new phone, something which could be broken at any moment by an accidental drop, when it isn't needed is a surefire route to poverty. In fact, I picked up a spare $107.99 Alcatel IDON S4 this past January. It serves as a spare small computer for me to check my messages in the house and is available as a standby should my Lumia die.
  • My wife and both bought a 950 and, agreed, it was overpriced. My 1020 is still my daily driver, with the 950 as my backup.
  • If you found the 950 to be over priced, what do you think of the pricing on the latest iPhones and Samsung phones that are more than double what the 950 cost?
  • That is an incredibly ignorant statement. I've been in the IT field most of my life, held both MCSE and Netware certifications, have maintained everything from mainframes to Macs to PCs, have been an Insider for Windows phones, Windows 8 and 10 as well as Office. You can't count me in any universe as "lacking technical ability". I make in excess of 100K per year, so poverty isn't an issue. I'm perfectly sane and have NO delusions that Microsoft has any intention of doing anything more with mobile than simply supporting Android and a bit of iOS. What I AM is someone who has a specific set of preferences as to how my user experience should look and feel, and I consider the sea-of-icons and lack of real integration that are the root of Android and iPhone to be old, tired, uninspired and downright horrible. I USE WHAT WORKS BEST FOR ME. There are STILL things I can do with my Windows phones that you simply cannot do on the other platforms. Until our devices cease to function--either because of hardware or software--I will continue to use them. I have seen NOTHING on Android or iPhone that matches my needs right now. And I don't anticipate that happening.
  • Agreed. The Cortana and Bluetooth integration when I had my 950 when driving couldn't be beat. Now I use an Iphone and tried Android and the differences were staggering on how disconnected the applications are from the O/S. I truly miss my 950. Shame work applications forced me to give it up. Its a shame Microsoft totally screwed up their opportunity multiple times.
  • Beautifully said, @ScubaDog.
  • That made me cry a little bit. I have an L930 myself.
  • I still think that the Lumia Icon was the best looking Windows Phone ever made. But I did have the 950 for several years and I liked it a lot. I would still be using it if it was still working. I think it's biggest problem was the 808 processor which sucked the battery and caused it to get warm.
  • Scuba Dog, man hadn't seen many comments from you in a while. Thought you had given up on Windows Phone Central. ;) I don't visit the site daily like I use to. But still like to come often to see what's going on as far as what Microsoft is doing. It's absolutely disappointing Microsoft hasn't delivered something new as yet. But I'm still holding on.
  • You sir, are a ******* idiot!
    Sent from my Lumia 950 XL.
  • Poverty? How about INTELLIGENCE? Some of us are bright enough not to spend more for a damn phone than they spent for their i7 computer with a 32" display at home.
  • Bingo! I prefer to spend money on my 2 computers at home than a phone I do not need. I just purchased a 144hz 1080p Freesync 27 inch Acer monitor for $249 and use it everyday at home. Gaming is great on it and I far prefer it to a phone size screen. (Other computer has a Samsung 43 inch 4k tv being used as a monitor.) Go big or go home.
  • First, wealth cannot be measured in terms of currency alone, and second, I still use WP because of it's UI which is still better than antique iconized iOS or Android.
  • @fuzzylumpkin, I use a Windows Phone and have both the technical and financial means to jump to something else. I just prefer not to and I think that's true for a small but dedicated group of us. I have iPads and Android devices for testing our own app development, but it's a Windows Phone in my pocket, because I don't care for iOS (it's aesthetically beautiful, but I don't like its function) and don't want Google having my data or knowing anything about me. I know I'll have to switch at some point, but my hope is that I can wait until Andromeda and NEVER have to make an iPhone or Android device my main phone. If I had to choose something else now, I'd go with Android for the better MS experience, but I really don't want Google getting any of my business.
  • I unfortunately was forced to switch from Windows Phone due to work, but if/when Andromeda comes out (and it includes the ability to make and receive phone calls), I'll switch back in a heartbeat. In anticipation, have everything integrated into my Microsoft account and Windows tablet.
  • "...The only people still using Windows phones are people who either can't or won't upgrade due to poverty or a lack of technical ability and the delusional." I previously owned two high-end Samsung and a mid-range Lenovo Android phone, both ran on various number of custom ROM before moving to Windows Phone/10 Mobile two years ago and still sticking it to this day. That doesn't exactly make me a poor and a technically incompetent person, am I?
  • Wrong. Windows Phone is still being updated on select phones like the 950, 950XL. I'm continuing to use mine until the new MS Windows 10 phone-sized tablet. It is coming.
  • Nope. Most have moved on.
    I was pretty die-hard. I started with the Palm-sized PC, then a Pocket PC, then Windows Mobile 5, 6, Windows Phone 7, 8, 8.1 and finally WM10. I've moved on.
  • Everyone I know that was using W10M (including myself) has moved on to iOS and Android. I still keep my 1320 and 1520 up to date, but I only use them to play a couple games I bought from the store years ago.
  • Microsoft is the failure here. Not Windows Phone.
  • I'm still using my 950XL Dual SIM. I have another one in the box waiting if this one kicks. I won't stop being a Windows Phone user while I wait for the new MS Windows 10 business phone-sized tablet.
  • At least they packed it with 2 GB of RAM. Yet still won't really help a SD 210 on W10M though. I own an Alcatel Fierce XL running W10M which packs the same hardware SoC specs and even though the camera is decent and screen OK, the latency can be found through out the whole device. I think some of the makers could have benefited from "take aways" in how Nokia optimized devices running the SD 400 which also is a 28nm processor. But all forgotten times...
  • Zac,
    From a review perspective, if you guys were up to the challenge, it would be nice to see a "Re-review" of some of the classic Windows phones all running W10M. That is if you have time to write Windows Phone articles still...How they stack up now to when they did 3 years ago with the upgrade. I can't find a Lumia around anywhere that won't run W10M really well.
  • While they are at it, maybe they should also compare Windows 95 to Windows 10. SMH
  • If that is what you want, then never hurts to ask.
  • Since I messaged you guys and none of you responded, I'll ask here:
    Do you guys still review apps for WP and WM? If so, I'd like to suggest my app: RHYTHM.
    I was kind of counting on you to let people know there is a decent local, free music player with features we expected during WP8/.1 days (favorites, equalizer, etc.) but you never responded (either in the forums or here) so here it is: http://rhythmapp.audio
  • Dude get a clue. WP/WM is DEAD! Microsoft said it themselves. SMH
  • Show some respect or just get lost.
  • Walk away.
  • What I don't get is why you seem mad about people still being on a dead platform. And why are you shaking your head?
    All of us here know the state of the platform very well, perhaps even better than you. I've been here from the very beginning, I've observed the progress of mobile phones from 15 years ago, and I've managed tech blogs. I am a developer and RHYTHM was my passion project. What did I say that got you so mad?
  • Still have users, still have devs (apparently). Why do you feel the urge to tell people in here that the platform is dead, most of us interested in Windows on phone knows exactly where the platform is atm.
  • Dork get a clue. This is Windows Central not Windows Bashers.
  • Looks good. I'll be giving it a spin today. Thanks for the link and the hard work.
  • Really nice app, just tried it. Didn't even know it exists, maybe you could contact Steve from AAWP to do review, so that more people can try it, if WC doesn't want to do it. Did you maybe consider developing app for lock screen, similar to Live Lock Screen BETA (made by MSFT for WP 8, but it is buggy on WM 10, for me works sometimes on L830 but does not work on L950xl)? Really appreciate your work. Thanks!
  • Whatever happened to that other Windows phone company startup with the odd name? I'm guessing they didn't get their go fund me goal?
  • Hahahahahaha
  • Cerulean launched and nose dived in incredible fashion!
  • https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cerulean-moment-smartphone-for-window...
  • I switched from WP to Android. I swear at my Moto every day.
  • In all fairness, it's a Moto. I don't use Android, but I know Moto sucks. Not all Android phones are the same.
  • OK! You drank the Apple koolaid so that explains your BS attitude. How about you go hang around an iPhone forum where you belong?
  • I'm a fan of tech in general. Yes I have an iPhone. I also have a Surface Pro and I plan on buying a Surface Book 3 when it comes out. I used to own a L920. The only one drinking koolaid is you.
  • Real fans don't bash their own team. You're a complete plastic, pal.
  • I've been using a Note 8 for the past year and I swear at my Note almost every day. The more I use it the more I wish My 950XL still worked, or better yet, the best phone I ever owned, the Lumia 1520.
  • Zac, did you try the WC app? It sucks still. Spotify doesn't work consistently. Using my Elite x3 as daily driver still. Battery life not as good as one yr ago, but still just enough for a full day if i don't use media streaming too much.
  • Yeah I don't think the issue is the phone but the apps. The WC and Spotify apps have run poorly on my 950XL for a couple of years. Just rubbish apps.
  • Why would you bother
  • This is the best Windows 10 mobile device available in stores. In that regard shouldn't it really get six stars... 🤔😏
  • I really like both my Windows Phones, running W10M..
    I don't use or need any additional apps.
    I do have a droid ...Moto E4 with Microsoft Launcher, just for service.
    It's a good affordably priced phone packed with features.
    Am I going to sign in to my MS account or any of the MS apps on the droid?
    Absolutely not!
    Microsoft's exit from the phone OS market really stinks.
    Maybe they will realize it one day and hire a CEO that sees the potential of Microsoft branded smart phones running some form of Window 10.
    Or should we just wait for the smartphone to become obsolete? Ha.
    The world does need other phone OS's.
    Just because one company has 87% of the world market for smart phones is enough reason to invest in serious competition.
  • Just saw Linus claiming that even Apple doesn't care about iPhone X. Samsung is also slowly moving away from the smartphone's race. Their latest Galaxy Note is well not bad! But I can see a trend here. No company today want's to bleed. Every one of them want's to play safe. It's hard to tell why but innovation has dried up. All we can see in the name of innovation is an extra rear camera. This makes me wonder if Windows 10 Mobile is the only thing that has died?
  • Good logic. The wow elements have been decreasing at every iteration of hardware updates. This is happening on every brand. Apple and Samsung simply drip out new innovation slowly to ensure they don't run out of innovation for next year.
  • Poverty? lol... People here have surfaces and some guys think WP fans are too poor to get new phones.
    I don't think any of the guys who are still using WPs are poor or tech illiterate or delusional. WP still provides them what they need in a phone.
    Even though I have moved to android last year, WP8.1 is still my favorite mobile OS. Hoping MS makes a comeback to mobile phones some time in the future.
  • "Micro USB is ancient and bad, and anybody using it in 2018 should feel bad." Wow, there's an impressive amount of wrongness in such a short sentence. If you want to complain about the lack of USB-C, sure, go ahead, but don't pretend that Micro USB cables...and Micro USB devices...aren't vastly more common, and we don't all have a stack of them. You'v explained yourself that the Wileyfox Pro isn't a powerful device, Micro USB is more than fast enough for the data transfer, and I doubt it's going to deplete it's battery that fast either. (Posted by an LG G6+ user...who still owns a grand total of 1 USB-C device. Yeah, real "universal".)
  • I love Windows Phone, still have 640 on wp 10 ! I was on android 2 days , and back to Windows. But it's hard to say this is the end!
  • Higher specs wouldve sold a few more to consumers, id like to see a 10 or 12 inch windows mobile tablet with the ability to run in continuum mode.
  • Microsoft really needs to go back to mobile more than just Andromeda too.
  • Remember when WP had hope in 2014-2016 god that was a long time ago....
    Ugh, I only bought WP because Nokia was purchased by MS.
  • I got WP because of NOKIA (Lumia 710) and left last year. I thought I'll never use any phone that didn't have Glance Screen (Lumia 928). I never even checked how is Always On Display on my LG V30 :)
  • So much emotions in this comments section :) Last month I saw a guy with WP, it was something MS made, but not 950/XL for sure. Anyway, I was surprised and asked — a Windows Phone? He was doing something, so after he said -Yes I just stepped back. I still have 928 & 635 (and 925 I killed), and as I'm writing this comment just realized I still use 635.. to play Candy Crush few times a week. I moved Android last year with LG G3, now using LG V30 with SquareHome 2. Right before I opened this article I was checking Windows Phones on ebay, 930 specifically, but I'm not gonna buy it. I don't see any use of it now. I moved because of poorly performing apps, Whatsapp would take 20-30 seconds to open (I don't use it much now), IE/UC Browser were crushing often, and few apps were missing. MS cancelled the bridge construction between Android and MS app store, when I said MS will cancel bridge development between iOS and MS I was criticized here but they did (don't remember code names for both projects). Good times. I started with 710, soon after its release, then from MS got 928 before Verizon did, got 925 for my brother, and 635 to use as a controller for LG TV (it had very good unofficial app). I can't find 710, other phones are laying in the drawer. Update: I forgot to mention WC app was acting up too. I think comments weren't working
  • This article was pointless
  • Loved my 1020; less so my HTC Titan, 950XL. Now on an S8+ using SquareHome 2 to look like WP UI. Miss the old UI but making the most of having usable apps. Something old, something new, something borrowed, no longer blue ;)
  • Damn it. I still love my Windows phones. I bought an Android Nokia this year after pushing the 950xl to its deathbed, but I still want to go back.
  • I get the feeling every time I think may be I should switch to Android cause there's a lot of MSFT support coming down to it but then, nah... I love my L930.
  • Still waiting for Google assist to be as good as Cortana, on my 950XL and 1520 she would alway respond when called, Google assist doesn't alway respond when called forcing me to long press to activate. In my car and while wearing headphones (plug or Bluetooth) Cortana would let me know when I got new mail or text and ask if I'd like it read, then I'd get the option to respond. I miss that hands free experience. Maybe Bixby is harding that way.
    Having used Android now for a year I do miss Windows phone ecosystems it was much better.
  • I'm still using a L650 and a L730, I use a L550 sometimes too. My bank app works, WhatsApp, Telegram and One Calendar still syncs with my wife's L650. I just like Windows 10 Mobile and can wait to suffer with Android. I still don't understand why some Chinese companies couldn't put Windows 10 on some phones? The PocoPhone maybe? Maybe on order only? Doesn't seem to be that hard to zap in Windows Mobile on a phone in the factory. I think if enough people asked some company would do it. It's not like they have to make a whole new phone, just put on one you already make. Having only two choices is not enough.
  • I had almost forgot my Lumia 950 XL with the dead battery and moved on with the help of a OnePlus 3T... Then this article... Again feeling depressed...
  • You can still buy batteries you know.. I bought 2 not so long ago
  • You can buy a Lumia 950 for £80 these days. The max anyone should spend on the 950 is £100, as you can get the the 950 XL between £100 to £130, max limit being £130. The elite x3 I say maximum anyone should spend on getting one is £200. I got my Lumia 950 XL for £124.99 (£119.99+£5.00 delivery) and bar the little chip on th top corner it's almost in perfect condition hardware wise. Software wise well... let's just say there are remnants of the basic bugs left over from when 950 series were launched. Also you can a get a brand new hd-500 display dock for £25.
  • Because Windows 10 Mobile needs 4 GB of RAM same as Windows 10 does on the desktop, just to get by. Not sure why anyone thought that 2 GB of RAM was sufficient. Microsoft lied to us about how this would work on 512 MB. yeah it works; does it work well, no, should it work well? In theory, As far as "Loading ..." we have found this to be a problem with Windows 10 Mobile, not a problem with hardware. This is one of many reasons why this platform is dead. Android fixed this issue years ago. Even having removed everything from Windows 10 that corresponded to the desktop, Microsoft still could not get the mobile implementation of this OS to work right. Even with 3 GB or more. smh Microsoft should have stayed the course and stuck with Windows Phone 8.1. Putting Windows 10 on phones is like putting Windows Vista on a phone.
  • I am surprised we have a Win 10 Mobile phone article on this site since many months ago!
  • Microsoft's failure to monetize support for some of its best products, including the best phone OS ever, is really disappointing. Was it a money loser or just the fact the Windows Phone/W10M wasn't leading the pack in the smartphone market? The good folks at Microsoft know better than I of the road it wants to travel, but how can they ignore the amount of support that still exists for its mobile platform?
  • I'm either really hanging on to hope or I'm really stupid. I just ordered a new Lumia 950XL on ebay for $240. I really miss my Windows Phone and have never been really happy having to go Android, to me Google has gotten to big for their britches and I don't care for their ethics. Microsoft isn't all that much better but I think it's better then Google's. I'm not a big app guy and I found that at least for now Fitbit, Facebook Beta, and Messenger Beta still work on my 640XL other then that anything else I need I can use Edge for.
  • I love (d) my 950XL, but i've moved on to an S8+. Every few weeks, i fire the old thing up again and update the apps, but more and more, the apps are failing. Facebook Messenger doesn't work for me anymore. Half my apps just show 'Loading......' WhatsApp won't open. Spotify: 'Loading......'; nothing happens. All my sports score apps stopped working. My favorite 'Converge' app doesn't open anymore. Even my Starbucks web app doesn't work anymore; I live in Canada; i previously had to go to the American Starbucks site for the web app to work; now...it won't let me. It forces me to go to the Canadian site, which doesn't have a PWA. Over the weekend, I did full phone re-set, and re-installed everything. Still the same results. Too bad; i really like the screen aspect ratio of my 950XL much better than the 18:9 of the S8+, but with so many apps failing and disappearing, I feel I have no option to stick with Windows phone....
  • 110 comments! The hurt for many is deep.
  • Wow. Horrible hardware running dead software. Such a difficult purchase decision. But seriously. What were they thinking, releasing this turkey at this point? It MIGHT have sold 2 years ago.
  • Even here in 2019 I take the Lumia 950 XL over any other phones. I freaaaking love the camera and the core apps on it.