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Will we ever get Pokémon Go on Windows 10?

Updated below with a brief statement from the developer, Niantic.

And so it begins again. All the kids are talking about this awesome new app and those of us with a Windows Phone in our hands are looking at it despondently. Well, some of us are, anyway. We're talking, of course, about Pokemon Go, the new mobile game that's about as you'll ever get to actually being in the Pokemon universe.

For kids, it's a blast. For the older kids who used to be kids 20 years ago when this stuff first hit the big time, it's a blast. Or rather it's a blast if you have an iPhone or one of the ridiculous amount of Android phones. And that's without even getting into the regional availability right now.

Of course, so far there's no real story. Sure, there's an online petition that a ton of people have signed, but does anyone truly think that such a thing would ever make a difference? There have been no hints from the developer, Niantic, that they're even paying passing glance to other platforms. The game that came before, Ingress, never made it to Windows Phone, either. Right now they're struggling to keep the servers going on what they do have, for one.

So, that's the end then, right? Well, not quite. We're not exactly confident that Pokemon Go will ever show up on Windows 10, but so many folks are clearly asking and interested in it, that we've at least asked the question. We've fired off a very polite note to the guys and gals at Niantic asking that all important question: Will we ever see Pokemon Go on Windows 10?

Hopefully we'll get a response one way or the other so we can answer it once and for all. Stay tuned.

Update: Well, we had a response from Niantic. It doesn't give us good news, but it also doesn't say 100% exactly that it'll never, ever happen.

We have no comment or info to share on Windows at this time. Sorry I can't be of more help.

So, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, our good buddies at iMore have literally everything you could ever want or need to know.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Even if we do, there's always another app new craze to worry about, if you can't take this anymore, you might as well get a spare apple or android phone
  • I got myself an Android phone, a cheap one at first and eventually a OnePlus2 and a Nexus 5X. More for developing Android apps but I do carry an Android phone now for the few missing apps I use too often to stick with WP. I even tried using these Android phones as my main device but I always end up back on WP. The app problem was an issue when WP still had some marketshare, it's becoming non-existent now so forget about apps that target mobile users
  • Pokemon Go (when announced awhile back) was actually one of the first reasons that made me consider switching platforms. While sadly I have made that switch, I'm happy to be giving Go a try. Hope to see it on this platform though!
  • You switched phones for a game designed for a five year old? Ummm...ok.
  • So you do not understand Pokémon. Shame on you :)
  • I prefer to play my version that requires no lousy iOS or Android device, it´s called Poke-A-Mom Go while their little children play the Pokewhatever version... Honestly, either this or Snapcrap, I´m just fine the way WP or W10M, call it as you wish, is the best and so far most secure platform, beside of being the most versatile. Just hope for the Surface Phone to be demolishing for bot competitions...
  • Me too! ;-)
  • how can it be "versatil" when this article is about not being able to do something?
  • Sshh... don't burst his bubble.
  • Unable to do something because the developer won't or just hasn't released an app doesn't make the is less versatile. That is not a function of the OS.
  • Wow. Your counter was an incredible combination of "stop liking what I don't like" and "I f*cked your mom" like a kid mad at losing Call of Duty and yet you call others childish. Top form, man. Really.
  • Ok, be happy, it's cool, not every one wants a world of apps that Windows Phone cant provide. I was a Windows Mobule to Windows Phone, never saw the apps, just Windows Phone apps, Tried Android and it's really hard to go back.... I am Enjoying Pokémon Go, Tap to pay and Even Snapchat on my LG G4....maybe sometime I will stick my SIM back into my Nokia ICON but, day by day, I find I would be missing just basic needs on my phone now by using Windows Phone... Very sad, great OS otherwise..
  • While I personally threw in the towel long ago (Pokémon Gold's the last one I really got into) there's peoples of all ages enjoying this franchise. Guy I used to work with is in his sixties and was walking around Wal-Mart playing this.
  • Each to his own's besides the point, what matters is he switched for something that he likes and enjoys ...its like people asking us the same question about still using Windows Phone cuz realistically speaking, we're just a bunch of guinea pigs helping develop the platform. Personally speaking, this app issue has gotten quite irritating despite how much i love my Windows phone
  • It's disheartening. I love my phone hardware and the win 10 mobile interface is very productive and speaking to me. But the app gap is fundamentally undermining my desire to stay. There are many productivity apps that I have and get my job done, but the smartphone has become far more than a phone; I could start listing all the apps I could use but that list is too long. Speaking just for me, MS has one, maybe two years, for this to rectify or I'm gone.
  • Same here, up until now I had been using my 950 as my primary device and my 930 as my secondary ...then the other day, I felt stupid, as I figured my second phone might as well be a phone that I can enjoy other apps on. I went out and bought a Galaxy a5 6 and considering its price, I was very surprised at how premium it looks/feels and the feats that come with it. ...the galaxy will eventually be replaced with whatever flagship Nokia brings out on Android and I will keep using a Microsoft Lumia/Surface device for business as I feel, that's where Windows Mobile performs best. While i know not everyone needs two devices (I unfortunately do), I feel like i now can enjoy the best of both worlds and I should have done this much sooner.
  • Nokia isn't bringing out an android phone. Foxxconn is, and using the Nokia name under license. It will nit be an actual Nokia phone. Just a royalty grab.
  • It's actually HMD which is bringing back Nokia devices. 1) HMD is company that was formed by former Nokia employees ...and its Finnish. Either way, the devices need to meet Nokia standards/quality. 2) A company like Nokia, wouldnt license nor tarnish its brand with devices that are "cheap," or bad quality. Even at their weakest point they released amazing hardware I wouldnt doubt them for a second. 3) FOXCONN produces the iPhone, Xbox and many other popular devices we use extensively, so even IF foxconn were to license the brand (which they are not), I wouldnt worry about the quality of the hardware. 4) IF and thats a big if, those devices do prove to be nothing but false devices that use the Nokia brand, I would have lost nothing by trying them ...but either way, that device will still have more apps than what we have and in terms of stability and reliability ...Windows 10 mobile currently stutters on flagship devices just as much as Lollipop does on mid-range android devices. Either way, I would still own an Android and a Windows Device to fulfill both my needs, as I love Windows and look forward to what device Microsoft brings to the table but as long as apps are not available, I will be more than glad to hold a Foxconn/Nokia/HMD/Samsung/Potato android drvice
  • Let me just add this: HMD is indeed made of ex-Nokia employees, run by ex-Nokia executives, owned by an ex-Nokia Senior VP, where Nokia Technologies holds a sit in the Directors Board AND the power to supervise quality and standards. I'd say their phones will be "more Nokia" than any Lumia ever was.
  • I already have a Nokia Android phone, a Nokia X.  Wasn't a high end device, but was clearly a Nokia. Do we know if the new ones will be AOSP? or 'real' Google.
  • Microsoft has no leash on Nokia anymore ...Nokia is going full Android definitely not those mutant "Windroid" X-devices
  • I'll probably get a nexus android phone for the apps I need for work.
  • Microsoft could really win everyone over if they worked with the developer on by having them port the app via islandwood and as payment provide the server power. Maybe I'm mistaken... but that might just be enticing enough as they could get a deal in server costs if that's their struggle. (no?)
  • brilliant idea
  • Porting apps across to a platform was always the easiest part anyway. It's the ongoing updates and support of an extra platform for very very little gain that is the main hurdle to Windows Phone development.
  • They have done it before. That's what the candy crush franchise games are. Island wood ports.
  • You are very wrong. First Islandwood is not magical. Well maybe for some games, but not for all apps. In most cases it will require still a very significant work to make the app work properly. Second, developers would never use Islandwood until it becomes mature. Let me explain in a simple language - Islandwood will always have its own bugs, but in early stages (and since no one is using it is still in early stages) it has many and apps won't work properly. That's the worst case for developers to depend on serving their customers by waiting for Islandwood patches. No serious developer will do that.
  • @Missionsparta, it was one of the reasons that made me CONSIDER leaving (and there were many). But yes, it was a reason. Think about it, I have a choice of 3 platforms... Two of them I could get any app I want, while all 3 of them has other minor faults. Which one should I choose? Its a no brainer. I knew that if I stayed Pokemon would just be one of the long list of apps I would really have wanted to try out that sadly is not on our platform. I was (and still is) a big supporter for WP/WM but after 5 years I had to switch. 
  • It's a legit reason, that only highlights a larger problem.
  • The day I switch phones because I can't play a kids game is the day I reevaluate many, many things.
  • Better to switch phones for a "kids game" he enjoys, than to have a mind of a kid, who cant seem to grasp the thought and understand that it's ok for people to like different things even if they dont appeal to you. Grow up
  • Don't bother, any app or game that doesn't come to Windows phone he's going to call crap, say nobody wants it, say it's for little kids, etc.  
  • Its amazing how its suddenly switch this platform only because of this game. But yes it was one of the many reasons. I clearly it was ONE of the many (which I clearly state) reason for leaving. In summary I left because: Apps, regional apps with promos (e.g. there is an online store that provided free shipping just using the app to buy), 950/950xl was poorly treated by MS, buggy new OS + my Lumia 920 not being upgradeable to WM10, my friend getting screwed by MS when he purchased 950xl, Nadella. And I thought to myself, why do I need to stay loyal? Its not like MS pays me money to be loyal.   With regards to this coming to WM. I doubt it would happen now. Two years ago in my country, WP had more market share than iOS by a good margin. Now its less than half of iOS. This happened since our friend Nadella took over. And when this (pokemon Go) amongst other apps exclusively to iOS and Android were announced I thought to myself: "why not just switch platforms, get all the apps I want to enjoy and then just switch back when WM picks up". I dont have to be loyal, once this platform picks up no one will stop me and say no i cant rejoin because I wasnt loyal. Having said this, and used other platforms I can say this: "WM has the best UI and performance (based on WP8.1)  than all the other platforms, but its not that far ahead that I could give up all the apps (including Pokemon Go) I am missing out on"   
  • No people are leaving windows phone BC its windows phone. Wake up smell the coffee. Lol. I did so last week. I was with windows phone since the hopefully zune HD and kin days, 2008 (8 yrs ago). The app gap has been there since we thought the zune HD had better gaming capabilities than the iPod touch. Since windows 7.5 was suppose to be the saving grace. Since WP8 was made with the same kernel as W8. Been through at least 3 windows store revisions. WP has a great interface but that's about it. I don't believe WP will ever catch up with the app gap. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, nadella destroyed lumia and wp/wm
  • Not really ...WP/WM was going no where ..developers werent seeing a reason to develope for it, consumers dont see the need for it especially when they know about the app gap. Nadella decided instead of waiting it out, he would steer it in a new direction that could prove to interest developers and consumers in the long run, since the short run looked bleak. By focusing on the bigger picture, they have a better chance. He is right that people are using their phones more than PC's even for work, which is what is causing a decline in PC market by having an OS that works on everything and phones that can function as PC's, they're not only making Microsoft products/devices more appealing to consumers but very interesting for enterprises/businesses. Think how BB became a thing and you will sort of understand what Nadella is doing. BB started as a business device companies offered to their employees to help them be more productive on the go ...eventually BB became an interesting and convenient choice for the general consumers as well. It went from being nothing to everyones favorite device in a short matter if tine, thanks to the exposure it got from employees using the device. I personally think Nadella is doing an excellent job steering MS in a new direction.
  • Do you not understand Pokémon?! Pokémon is for ALL ages.
  • Turns out it's not a kids game. My 36 year old wife is having a blast with it. Walking around today nearly everyone is playing it, mostly adults. It's just the next big thing, the modern equivalent of the water cooler talk. Like angry birds, words with friends, candy crush, etc. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its a kids game. Just because your wet, doesn't mean you're a fish.
  • Not to say that the app gap is not a problem but I'm really lucky that where I live people would feel stupid to play something like that in public and I still have to see someone playing it. I would hate to see people go around like morons, it's already sad to see all those people looking at facebook and whats app 24/7
  • I think you need to reevaluate your life because you clearly don't understand the issue.
  • The day you hate on a game for all ages is the day you need reevaluate alot of things. OH WAIT THATS TODAY
  • Also saying this game is for 5 year olds sounds a bit butthurt
  • Yes, I'm butt hurt because I don't play with Legos anymore. You got me.
  • Right on! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who needs legos anymore when you have Minecraft? Same concept don't have to clean up afterwards.
  • But in Minecraft I have near infinite blocks and search! where's the fun of scrabbing the back of the Lego box to find that one missing piece?
  • No, you're just a judgmental ahole that's ignoring valid cricticims. Because you're a fanboy? Probably.
  • This is called the sour grapes syndrome.  
  • If I can stand that some people like to play this thing you should at least accept that many people wouldn't spend their time on this silly thing. The concept is nice, I can see the market for it, but don't try and say everyone plays these silly games.
  • App for 5 year olds? More like 20 years old if you ask me haha. #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • 4 years, 20 years, pensioner apps... The point is, he switched an entire ecosystem out for one game. That is life-changingly nuts. That's like moving house because your TV can't get Channel 5.
  • How bout you look at it the other way round ...had he found something more enticing to keep him on Windows Phone, then he probably would have stayed but clearly there was nothing that mattered to him that much on WP, that this game simply made his decision that much easier.
  • Its not that. Its about what you want.
  • Perhaps you've never grown up around Pokémon in the 1980s and 1990s like the rest of us here that absolutely love it.
  • Considering Pokemon wasn't around till the mid-90's its incredible that you were enjoying it in the 80's!! That being said, its incredible that he switched for this game, we were trying to play it on my wife's iphone.. Its like geocaching lite. Have fun with that, I guess..
  • I'm a time traveller :D
  • It was around in the 80s, I remember playing Pac Man loads. Of course these modern versions have to spell the name in a more trendy fashion but I'm sure they're very similar at the core. :)~
  • I did, then I grew up. Many things I did when I was a kid now would make me feel stupid and I find them boring.
  • Agreed! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Watch your step
  • A five year old???? So many people of all different ages are playing this game the only people who arent are the haters...Guess thats you.
  • Im just wondering, why are you even in this thread if its talking about a game for five year olds. Its a shame people go out of the way to try to be rude. :)
  • Mate, you do not understand. Pokémon is for ALL ages. Not just little kids. I am 19 and I play Pokémon. What do you say about that?
  • Designed for a five year old, played and enjoyed by tens of millions of 20/30/40+ year olds. Open your eyes every once in a while buddy : )
  • It's this game and a few more, apps from franchises that I frequent, app from the airliner that I often use, and possibly Wallet if the Lumia 640 won't be supported in the near future that make me consider switching to Android. I'm waiting until after the Anniversary Update to see if Microsoft really (and succesfully) refocusses on mobile. If not I'm getting at the very least a cheap Android phone as a secondary or my Lumia may become my secondary..
  • I can't help but think that getting something like this would change the tides. Think the universal outlook wouldn't just become a bit less bleak if we were to suddenly end up with both Pokémon Go and Snapchat?
  • What's interesting is the developer mentions they're interested in bringing it to Hololens if that's the case, then this could be an begining of an interesting way to bring apps to the Windows/Mobile platform.
  • No, if you look at the source article Hanke says he's interested in trying it out, which doesn't necessarily means they will release it. But yeah it's therefore also possible that they try Hololens to see what else they could do and therefore it seems at least possible that they will also look at a W10M version of the game. But since the Hololens is not even out yet the remotely possible W10M version seems far away..
  • My point was, hololens was brought up, so as long as its in the thought now, there is hope for those that do want this game ...but I know its still far from happening but u never know
  • It might be Hololens-exclusive as our phones cannot map the environment like how Hololens does. It will be a better version of Pokemon Go though since you can see Pokemons run in the correct angle and size than iOS and Android's Pokemon Go Overlay-That-Pokemon-Image-Into-My-Camera-App-Then-Add-Paper-Toss-Ball-Throwing-Effect-With-Extra-Wiggle-At-The-End.
  • For what it's worth, my husband has pointed out that the game appears to have been made in Unity. What this means is that the game could potentially (and easily) ported to UWP, and it's also interesting to note that Unity supports the Hololens as well.  
  • Windows Phone, this is our story.
  • I could get the afore mentioned App/Game on my very capable Galaxy S7 and here I am jeolous of you lucky folks enjoying 950s. No I cant switch to ATT because I live in the ATT no signal twilight zone. And I'm definitely not moving for a phone or a game. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't need a spare phone for Pokémon Go because the game isn't available in my region... Nobody is even talking about it in my country.
  • Android Police hosted the APK so that everyone could play it, regardless of region. You could grab it from there if you want.
  • I want to move there...
  • it's not on my country either, but still there's quite some people playing it.
  • Which I did exactly. I got myself a nice Xiaomi Note 3 to replace the pathetic Lumia 640XL. No more worries about missing and not up-to-date apps and games. "So, that's the end then, right? Well, not quite."  Sad to say, windows mobile is really dead. 
  • Not for a camera guy like me. The recent 950XL firmware is so good. I was filming and taking photos alongside my colleagues with a 6S Plus and S7 and they both drooled. Lucky for the S7 it was drool-resistant.
  • So, now you're happy with your life?
  • Obviously not, since he is still here :)
  • I am happy! But I feel bad for you guys..... :)
  • Yes, you bet! I mean, why limit yourself to a platform where we need to sign petition in order to have a game???? Is so pitiful! Just switch to another platform man......
  • Beyond embarrassing this is not on Windows mobile.
    My kids are laughing at me, Windows Mobile is for old people :(
  • Boo hoo, your kids are laughing at you. Grow up.
  • Exactly
  • WP got a new differentiator: 'NOT-Pokeman Go'.  MS needs to re-activate Project Astoria quick!
  • The answer is no. Or at least, the most practical answer to all "Will X app come to windows 10?" questions is no. It not only keeps you from getting your hopes up fruitlessly, but it also is more often than not the correct answer.
  • There is a saying, or phrase, that I can't remember verbatim, but it basically says that if there is a question mark at the end of headline, then it can usually be answered with a no. That said, I'm pleased that they have followed this up with the dev, hope a favourable response is incoming.
  • Its called Betteridge's law of headlines.  Its the underlying premise for click bait
  • It's a fad, and I don't see this case laying more than a month.
  • ask those who play ingress
  • Can confirm, tons of people are still playing Ingress on Android & iOS. So I doubt this will stop being a fad in a month. Especially with the money flow The Pokémon Company can provide
  • Some of these are fads, some of these last longer. The ones that die have a better chance of making it to WP (the company trying to maximize revenues before the game/app is completely done). The point is that most of the time these games/apps are on iOS and Android and not on WP, it's not something new, it's just the way it is. Fad or not, WP users will be left out...
  • "WP users will be left out" everyone on here has to come to terms with that and stop wasting time signing petitions.
    Things will change when WP can muster up 5 of smartphone market but right now signing petitions is useless
  • So even if its fad... It sucks WM doesn't get fads. Even if it lasts for a month, its cool to be in that fad time to time
  • Its always a fad when its not on Windows.....
  • Doubt it. Pokémon fans don't just play the game for a month.
  • And the only Pokémon available right now are from the first generation... That have hundreds to add and they also confirmed it will be possible to trade Pokémon between players... This game will be around for a long while. I wonder which Pokémon will be available on machu pichu... This thought comes through my head ever since this game was announced. Easter island has a very specific one. I imagine tourist playing instead of actually getting to know the island hjakjakajakw
  • Not sour grapes but I am glad I won't be participating in yet another time waster.
  • A fad, just like the Wii
  • A "fad" that's been going strong for 20 years. Yeah, whatever you say, kid.
  • To say it's a fad and we don't need it makes no sense UNLESS we are used to being included in at least 99% of other fads.
  • There will be a version, when the income dries up on the other os phones and the craze as been and gone.
  • Just like subway surfers
  • While what you're saying is true, this scenario happens on Android as well. Some iOS developers only care about Android when their game sales slow down. This happens a lot less now than it did a few years ago, but it does still happen.
  • I've been a Pokemon guy ever since I started watching TV and as this game has arrived, there has never been a more compelling reason for me to buy a phone of a different platform. Goddamn, I so wanna play this game!
  • Sh*t, if only Microsoft had known this 4years ago, they'd have the no1 mobile os
  • Just buy a previous generation Moto G, or one of the dozens of BLU models that sell for next to nothing. Or, get on Swappa and buy a dirt cheap used Android.
  • This is the app gap people are talking about. I could care less about this app, but this is the problem with WP and why most consumers don't care about it.
  • Thank you for your insights. I would not have known what app gap meant if not for your hard research and Pokemon Go. I'm serious when ribbing you about the super obvious statement you made but I also believe you have a great point, it is exactly this uncertainty that we face with "big" apps that people dislike. Sorry for poking fun. :P
  • 8 (and counting) people dont understand sarcasm. Imagine a /s after "Pokemon Go". In it's absence, my qualifier that I'm "serious when ribbing you" about it. Anyways, hate on.
  • Haha I got it. No harm done! This is yet another app that will be on the checklist unfortunately
  • My thoughts exactly.
  • We could just emulate the damn thing if we had x86 phones
  • I doubt that experience would even be worth it. Emulation on a phone, playing a game that already has performance issues seems like a nightmare. Not to mention the 30 minutes your battery would last.
  • This game wouldn't work through emulation anyways.
  • Because things like BlueStacks don't exist already?
  • Plus this game world only on arm devices.
  • Intel has killed Atom so that is out of question.
  • We could also vote for an UWP version of Pokemon Go here:
  • I wish Windows advocates would quit acting as if UWP is the solution to their problems. It isn't. To put it another way: getting mobile apps to run on the desktop was accomplished way back in Windows 8. UWP's primary benefit will be to get desktop apps to run on mobile devices. So there may be a benefit to UWP if you are a desktop application developer. There will be no benefits to UWP that did not already exist if you are a mobile app developer. And the problems with mobile app development will remain with UWP, and even with cross-platform development tools like Xamarin that allow you to write the core code for all three platforms in the same language using the same tools: the 3 platforms are very different. The expense and effort that it takes to release and maintain apps on A SINGLE platform is very difficult. For 3 platforms? That is simply beyond the resources of all but the biggest companies.
  • OK then Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Some mobile apps would do well on tablets.  So UWP is a solution to some problems.  
  • I agree with most of your statement, but not the last sentence. We get plenty of small and big companies making apps for all three. It seems like some companies don't make apps for WM because they just don't care or they hate Microsoft.
  • *cough*Google*cough*
  • Yup, and Snapchat.
  • Have you written and deployed a UWP app vs Windows 8 "universal"?  Your thoughts here would seem to indicate that you haven't. UWP is a much more cohesive development experience than the Windows 8 stuff was.  So the first part of your statement is not particularly correct. The second part does have merit.
  • Hope it will be available soon can't wait to try it even if it doesn't have all the great stuff that the old games had
  • Basically after Windows 10 anniversary update,we should see more developers being attracted by the large number of windows 10 users keeping in mind the UWP concept.
    Am very sure number of apps will continue to grow.
  • 3/4 of the that users are on Desktop. The device for which the developers won't Go for.
  • Some won't but some will
  • Hololens is the answer
  • Hololens is $3000 dollars, and has only been sent out to a small number of developers. How is it "The answer" for Pokemon Go?
  • Also, I thought Hololens doesn't have GPS, which is integral for Pokemon Go?
  • The Desktop runs what tablets run, right? Developers should care about tablets.
  • We've heard this argument for about 5 years now if not longer.
  • We?seems you have been dreaming about Uwp which started 2014-15
  • I didn't mean UWP. I meant the argument "This new OS will change everything, we will get apps". We've heard it since WP7 came out. With every updated OS, we keep on hearing about apps coming. Apps will not come.
  • It is,alot of apps are being developed if you don't know.
    But some are leaving wp8.1 but come back as UWP apps
  • Blame Microsoft. They are not making the OS compelling for the OEMs. Android has everything the OEMs need.
  • Except for large profits.
  • Yup, Windows mobile/phone is making profits. That's why all the OEMs left to Android /s
  • With all due respect, why should this be the case? Especially since for mobile developers, UWP has always existed: with a little extra effort, it was always possible to have your Windows 8 mobile apps to be available for the desktop as well. The problem is that very few Windows 8 desktop users wanted to run mobile apps beyond a few casual free/freemium games. Microsoft is promoting UWP because it is basically their last card left to play before simply relegating Windows Mobile to an enterprise-only program akin to pre-iOS Blackberry.
  • They've all ready relegated WM to enterprise only, that's another reason why consumer apps are DOA.