Lumia 1520

It was a few weeks ago at Nokia World 2013 that we finally saw (and held) the Lumia 1520 and 2520. It’s hard to not want to break into Nokia HQ and make off with the two gadgets. Both are drool-inducing in their own right. Both devices feature 1080p displays that are easily among the best we’ve ever seen in their respective categories. They should be launching sometime soon, but you can own both devices before they go on sale with this new contest from Nokia USA. Details after the break.

Sorry to break your heart, but this is a US-only contest from Nokia USA. It works like this, just go to the Facebook page for Nokia US, enter your details (name, email, etc) after you “like” the page and hit the "Enter now" button and you're good to go. You can refer friends via Facebook and increase your chance of winning. You have until midnight on November 17th to enter. That’s a little over 12 days away!

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After that, 5 lucky winners will be receiving both the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 from Nokia. They’ll even get those devices a couple of days before their retail availability (whenever that is).

Stoked to enter? Of course you are, just make sure you’re 16 or older and live in the United States. Get the full details on the Facebook contest page.

Source: Nokia Contest