WPCentral Lumia 928 Photo Contest

Okay folks, it’s been awhile since we gave away a brand new Windows Phone. So today we’re announcing a US-only contest (sorry!) with a chance to win a brand new, Nokia Lumia 928 for the Verizon network.

How to win? It’s simple…

How to enter

The Rules

  • Do not alter the photo in PhotoShop, etc.
  • Cropping though is OK
  • US residence only as this is locked to the Verizon network in the States
  • One entry per user (If you post multiple times, only your first shot is considered)
  • The contest runs through Sunday night, 11:59PM ET

We’ll announce a winner Monday afternoon

WPCentral Lumia 928 Photo Contest


Even More Tips!

New more photo tips and tricks? Then check out our two guides on the subject for more information!

Update - Comments are closed. Please read the directions carefully. Thank you!

Thanks to JUXT for the tips and Microsoft for the Nokia Lumia 928!