Just over eight months after Windows 10 launched, the 64-bit version is now the most-used OS by the tens of millions of gamers who use Valve's Steam service. The latest Steam hardware survey for March 2016 shows the SKU in the number one spot with 36.97%, a rise of nearly 3% compared to February's 34.01%.

Windows on Steam

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 is now in second place , losing the top spot in the Valve hardware survey after a number of years. It stands at 32.99%, a drop of 1.22% compared to February. When combining the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of those operating systems, Windows 7 is still on top, but its lead is small. It claimed a total of 39.96% for March, while both versions of Windows 10 were close behind with a total share of 38.28%. It seems clear that Windows 10 will have the overall lead in Steam OS usage in the next month or two.

This week at Build 2016, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 was in active use by over 270 million devices since it officially launched in late July 2015. Net Applications's latest numbers for March showed Windows 10 had a total worldwide PC OS market share of 14.15%.