Windows 10 Anniversary Update adds over 52,000 new emojis, including NinjaCat

Microsoft's just launched Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a huge one for fans of emoji. A new report says that the company has added over 52,000 new emojis, along with other new features.

Emojipedia says this huge number of new emoji is due to the massive number of different family combinations that are now possible, including single parent family, interracial families, and couples and ones that have a baby:

Single parent and interracial families have been frequently requested of Emojipedia, yet vendors have been reluctant to support this until now. These emojis have been technically possible for quite some time using Emoji ZWJ Sequences, which is how existing family emojis are already created1. In short, this joins together each family member to create a new emoji.

All the emojis in the Anniversary Update have been redesigned for a new and crisper art look. In addition, it adds 72 new all-new emojis included as part of the Unicode 9.0 release.

Oh, and versions of Windows 10's (unofficial) mascot, NinjaCat, are included in the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, along with some variants:

Now for the first time Ninja Cat becomes an emoji which is exclusive to Windows. As with the family combinations, Ninja Cat uses a variety of ZWJ Sequences which include:, Ninja Cat, Hipster Cat, Hacker Cat, Dino Cat, Stunt Cat, and Astro Cat.

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John Callaham