Windows 10 Anniversary Update will also hit mobile on August 2

Microsoft plans to roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to PCs and other capable hardware on August 2, but now we have confirmation that mobile devices will also receive the update on that very same day. Head of Microsoft's Windows Insider program, Dona Sarkar, confirmed on Twitter that phones will also start to receive the update as part of a gradual roll out.

As reported by MSPU:

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Now that there are more than 350 million devices rocking Windows 10, it makes sense for Microsoft to kick off a staged release of the highly-anticipated Anniversary Update. We'll have to see just how quickly phones will be updated alongside PCs and other devices come August 2.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Fantastic. Can't wait for the update to my 1520 & 950xl!
  • And all the bugs and stupid stuff that Microsoft has been cooking for a year. Don't even make me start a whole list. I dare you :D.
  • List please :-)
  • You, kind sir, have woke up the beast. Get ready.
  • 1. Stupid design guidelines. Some apps have hamburger menu, some don't. Some have full screen, some don't. Some have only light theme, some have both, some have some kind of zebra mode (News, Sports, Weather?)
    2. The stupid "Extras" in the Settings app? It's out of place, tiny, unorganized and plain ugly. Feels like some forgotten settings thrown together in a folder like in iOS. I remember everyone's "crap" folder. Oh wait, you'll be able to uninstall those crap apps in iOS 10, so not even they won't have this problem.
    3. The Feedback Hub is a complete mess. I put a full point here just to discuss this. Everyone is voting the crap out of those great suggestions and they don't even answer. I believe the whole "Insiders, we need your help to shape this." is just for telemetry, not suggestions to make this damn OS what it deserves to be. Also the horrendous app, with dead space, tons of loading times and bad layout. They still can't make a damn dark theme after over 1 year and many insiders asked for it.
    4.Some apps are plain bad, especially in landscape, where the status bar takes a ton of space. There's also the use of black and grey. It would look nice having grey at top and bottom and black in the middle, where the content is, right? Guess what? Half apps are right, half are messed up.
    5. The God damn Start menu: How hard is to make this Start menu to resemble the one on pc, with All Apps on the left and Action Center on the right as a flyout? So hard? If you call it Windows 10 on any device then make it seem like it, not just apps that have resemblances.
    If I sail through this OS for another 5 minutes I'll surely find more things to whine about, but you tell me I don't speak the truth. And don't take me with "But dude, it's just an insider build.". I can agree that, but the half-assed design rules they have are simply an eyesore. Rant out. For more, just contact me.
  • so most things you hate have to do with the apps and not the os itself  ? :3
  • I think it's more about Microsoft's half-assed guidelines. They can't even make the teams which make the apps cooperate under some rules to design a streamlined experience. And correct me if I'm wrong, but not 95% of what everyone's doing on their Windows 10 phone is actually happening inside an app? Even the Start screen is actually an app.
  • Tbh, a little disappointed with your reply. Was expecting some really ground breaking bugs not really small aesthetics that can be polished later. You mentioned dark theme a number of times, do you really think its that easy to implement? Your point about layout consistency is a valid one but you must remember that ms tailors app design based on use scenario and I think weather an app is UWA or not has something to do with its layout. Anyway, im looking forward to AU update because then its time for RS2 :-)
  • But ain't detail that makes something great, while on top of a great foundation? Look at the competition. I ain't praising them but Android and iOS are continuously polishing every detail, while Microsoft can't even have a god damn design of their own to be proud of? They had the Zune inspired interface and they blew it up in flames by not adding the features that were much needed.
  • Downvoted for speaking some truth. *clap clap clap*
  • I think it was more your use of ain't.
  • Yeah, the sassy murican accent inside me erupts in flames some times. Can't hold it in. It's like a burrito or napalm.
  • You cant handle the truth!!
  • We hate you!
  • Agreed
  • with all that you listed i think you should either switch platforms or even better join MS in fixing the problems. im not talking about being an insider im talking about programming, helping them with fixing the issues. some of the stuff you mentioned in my opinion is your personal issue cant be everyones. i believe in general when someone can criticize with so much detail it makes me believe that you can do better. i want to believe you can do better and would suggest you join MS to correct each and every issue you see (its not sarcasm).
  • I would if I could. I am no programmer. I tried once or twice to learn some Visual Studio on Channel 9, but my mind is simply not wired for coding. I love this platform with all my heart. Hell, I even came back after I smashed my S4 just to have W10 on my phone and PC, but right now, some third party devs are doing a better job than Microsoft at the moment in regards of making an app with just a few updates, not a dozen. Mind you they got an army of devs working on these things, so it seems like poor workmanship.
  • Nice one br
  • Wow, pretty much that entire list was completely subjective and I'm not sure why you are upset at them for not answering specific suggestions. They point blank tell you when you give feedback that they won't give direct answers to each suggestion due to volume. UI issues can always be fixed down the line but having a working OS is more important.
  • +1 for zebra mode :) ​Other than that though, you have a point about lack of consistency. I have noticed that and while it doesn't really bother me that much I would have to say that I can see your point. It really feels like Microsoft has lost sight of what they want it to be like. There has been so much backtracking on ideas and restarting that it is a mashup of ideas now. I think that's what you are noticing. I do think they can improve though, while you may not think that they use feedback they really are. I highly suggest you provide all the feedback you can even if you think it won't make a difference.
  • Uninstalling bloatware on iOS 10 is a bug. It only hides the icon.
  • You forgot about the universal apps freezes and crashes for no reason and OS freezes (Trying to comment with new WC app but it was crashing. Fortunately I have the old WC App.)
  • Universal apps work fine. Maybe you are using the Android version.
  • The OS is a beautiful mess for sure.
  • *insert thank you gif here*
  • I agree with most things you say, but look they have time to fix them so I say let's give feedback and upvote to change them because I believe they listen to some of them
  • Some of your points isn't a bug (unless I misinterpret you or something), and more of out-of-the-box issue not strictly on Windows. I think I pretty much agree especially on some things that could've changed earlier like the Extras which is weirdly have this small Link-style text that feels like poking on small touch points. This UI should've been easier to change, well at least on basic implementation and changing some parameters, it could be more difficult than that if implemented differently where there will be dependencies. Feedback Hub is still indeed quite mess, though to be fair it's been improved quite a bit ever since then, at least it just looks cleaner on "looks", though navigation and discoverability is still needs work. Poor discoverability is my main gripe on Feedback Hub, which is an issue especially for some feedbacks I missed couple of days or weeks in the past that would be near impossible or just plain tedious to browse through them with wall of text. I have no idea how many good feedbacks that I could've upvoted nor my own feedback would be even heard. You have to be on time to post feedback where other Insiders would even checked them. This is actually rather difficult issue to solve. About the number 4, the status bar on the left or right side (depending on orientation) is been like than since Windows Phone days and it's by design. But yeah, since that the toast notification slides from the top of the screen, I think its time to move that status bar on top. Which also more consistent to open Action Center which is still left in sorry state that it doesn't follow orientation at all on landscape. Actually, in terms of space though, the statusbar on the side I don't think wasn't that a totally bad idea and the space consumed should be pretty similar. The side statusbar actually gives little more vertical room while making the app on landscape mode not too wide, which has not much benefit on smartphone screen estate. It even keeps the keyboard centered rather than leaning on the left/right if you have on-screen navigationbar. About number 5, I disagree here. Though yes All Apps on PC is indeed on the left which follows the Hamburger menu left pane layout, also because its easier to reach for mouse user. W10M/WP have All Apps for the left since it follows and consistent to the common navigation pattern of Android and iOS (even BB10 I guess) where you swipe to left to go to next page. Having All Apps on the right is intuitive espcially when coming from iOS. Having it on the right isn't that bad, especially with the bonus of consistency, but it won't be as intuitive for users coming from iOS and Android since swiping to the left on those OS reveals Search UI instead of additional page of apps. For me, the left should be used for Cortana which is consistent to iOS and Android, thus more easier for users coming from those platforms. Another idea is to reserve that for new page for universal Recents, where it list recents for apps, people, Edge, and Store ads (similar to PC). Now about the number 1, this is more of the documentation side and UX designers. Which is sadly not all too great. Some of your suggestion about this is rather for aesthetics like you mentioned on Zebra mode, honestly at least my view is that those MSN apps are actually one of the nicest looking MS apps that doesn't look stale and they're consitent among them, only lacking is the swipe gesture for Hamburger. Which leads me to back related to Design Guidelines, Hamburger Menu must have swipe gesture baked-in, already implemented on the UI Toolbox, thus no need for additional work for the developer when using the default UI set.   I'm actually glad that you actually mentioned about Extras small text issue. I though NOBODY cared about that at all. Seriously though, even small details do matter especially for overall cohesion, polish and making the environment looks and feels finished. Environment that design-minded people woudn't left cringing while working within it. Not to mention that the OS and Microsoft apps themselves should be a really good example for making apps and how they polish things up. It's actually both good and bad that some 3rd-party apps on Windows Store makes better overall UX than MS ones, not just because its natural for 3rd-party apps to have higher-quality ones, its that MS way of polishing things is within on low-bar. As if there wasn't any designer taking care of these things, which left me wonder how their designers have much control on things that they should be responsible. Programmers isn't expected to to be a designer, that's the job of the designer which on many areas it felt missing.
  • You hit the nail on the head there, aXross. Thank you for reading my rant and give your honest opinion. After all this I still sometimes ask myself when using my phone: "Wow this feature worked beautifully and made my experience that more easier.", then, after 5 minutes, "What the hell were they thinking creating this/that?" I really hope that MAYBE with RS2 they'll get their **** together for once. This whole Windows 10 business is their only shot as remaining relevant in the market. We'll live and see if the Surface Phone will make an example of now Windows should look and feel on a mobile device.
  • You hit the nail on the head there, aXross. Thank you for reading my rant and give your honest opinion. After all this I still sometimes ask myself when using my phone: "Wow this feature worked beautifully and made my experience that more easier.", then, after 5 minutes, "What the hell were they thinking creating this/that?" I really hope that MAYBE with RS2 they'll get their **** together for once. This whole Windows 10 business is their only shot as remaining relevant in the market. We'll live and see if the Surface Phone will make an example of now Windows should look and feel on a mobile device.
  • I like all your points. Stupid stuffs not bugs obviously. Maybe we should assume the design team has some bugs in their heads that need ironing out soon! Haha. For those who call you're having personal preferences, obviously they need some schooling in layout & concept design. The reason I choose Lumia at the first place because the 'universal' theme. But look at what has happened in W10M...
  • I'm listening, keep going.
  • Oh, you must love seeing people ranting from the other side of the road, ain't that right? xD Nothing wrong with that though. The more, the merrier.
  • Im fine if W10M gets the job done better than iOS and Android, I dont expect MSFT to cook a perfect build overnight, i have high hopes for RS2, RS insider builds are improving everyday, EDGE rocks pretty well now, specially with battery as i do alot of browsing on my phone, ALOT!!! lets not talk abt apps, devs have to catch up with UWP and its not their or MSFT fault, apart from from a lil app gap, Win10M experience is way better than laggy Droid and Flat looking iOS. whatever you a whininig abt, its all abt how you dont like it, so dont represent us all. I Love Win10M. :P
  • You forgot all the features removed. PDF Reader, FM Radio, Kids Corner, Wi-Fi Sense etc. etc. Then if we compare to WP 8.1 add that to Lumia suite & HERE suite.
  • This ^ @vhyr
    W10 is clearly going the corporate route, professional layout now but the fun, personalisation and involvement are gone. Boring hamburger menu as opposed to the fun and engaging Zune style.
  • Pretty valid arguments from my point of view. Not just bugs, there is also design of all apps, that has to be ironed out. There are just too many leftovers from XP times. Today I was confronted with .net 3.5 install on w10. Now, where the heck... Is it download, oh no w7 did this from programs in control panel, so did w8, now in 10, where is it? Can no find control panel quickly, settings are completely different... And I'm no beginner with 30 years in computers and networks design, maintainig...
  • The words of an Ios fanboy with small dick or maybe lagdroid fanboy with no brain
  • Isn't that what OneCore is about - to have all Windows 10 devices updated at the same day
  • I havent been in the insider for anniversary but it seems they have given focus to backend bugs and features, to keep that in line with desktop os but the mobile gui is just the same inconsistent mess it has always been. It was best in 8 when most apps did the zune sliding interface, now theres a mix of everything and sometimes they even mix the gui concepts. I can accept this for third party apps, because of the evolution of the os, however that even in house microsoft apps cant get their brown together is just appaling. They apparently didnt learn anything from their own history. They simply need someone in charge of gui that says: "This is how things should look and no other way." Now they are giving a bad example and it shows in the plethoria of different look'n feels from apps that are available in the appstore.
  • Thomas, you're god damn right. *bows head in respect*
  • I'm optimistic
  • Same here!
  • Lucky you. Is this the so called Redstone update? If so, it has bad performance on my Lumia 830, and that's why I won't install it. I guess newer hardware is more appropriate ti run newer system and, since there's no more new Microsoft new phones in Brazil, I'll have to keep my device until it last breath. Then move on to Android.
  • Same here. I held on to my Lumia 920 as long as I could, but it has become impossible to live with the constant reboots and crashes. I just bought a Moto G4 Plus and I don't think I'm ever coming back to windows 10 mobile :(
  • Hope it won't come up as exotic bugs soup.
  • should be last and big has ever excited....!!! Hoping for new improvements with zero bugs cross the update and new features....!!!
  • Keep your expectations low man.
  • Don't be like that
  • You had me at "zero bugs" lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • every OS has bugs, and windows 10 being a WaaS, gets them taken care of sooner than the others :D
  • I wouldn't hold my breath...
  • Lol, new to Windows??
  • Will lumia 1320 get this anniversary update?
  • nope. That's why I bought a Lumia 735 as a replacement :)
  • May be not.
  • So far I guess, there wouldn't be any updates for x20 series, i.e., 820, 920, 1020 & 1320 except 1520.
  • Th2 10586
  • Yeah, that's why I will be getting the Lumia 650. My 1320 will have to bite the dust. Sad, but true.
  • But think something ..1320 has stronger chip than 650but who cares;
  • If it had a stronger chip then it would have been updated to Win 10 like the other phones. Please stop looking at an old 400 series chip and assuming that because the number is higher that means it's superior to a much newer 200 series chip. The 650 is running on a quad core processor versus the old dual core one in the 1320 and there is at least a two year difference in technology between the two.
  • upgrade to a L1520, thats what i did although it was long time before the official update came. but the initial insider builds were a pain on 1320 so i upgraded, and enjoying it till now, this phone rocks after three years.
  • Nope would have hack your phone to get it
  • I hope it comes to the 640 on the day as well.
  • 640 is on the insider program fast ring. It might not be on the day because of staged rollout. But there's no reason why 640 would not get the update when the rollout is complete.
  • I hope all the bugs will be fixed with this update
  • I hope all the bugs will be fixed with this update
  • Impossible.
  • MS, no chance
  • Hope there wont be many bugs like all these builds does
  • So it will be on the release preview ring on that day?
  • No, it'll start rolling out on Production from that day (it won't be everywhere instantly), RP will likely roll-out ~2wks before Production.
  • He is asking about Windows 10 Mobile and she is saying "lots of machines"?
  • A phone is also a machine.
  • Yes her answer was for windows 10 altogether. So I still doubt but hopeful coz MS pushes insider builds for both desktop & mobile on the same day.
  • Plot twist: That tweet was from Morpheus!!!
  • The machines have taken over, we are living in a simulation. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
  • Will there be a update to Lumia 535
  • Of course. I'm running the latest RS build on my 535, and bugs are very rare now. Except some Bluetooth on/off issues, there isn't almost any. And that one can be ironed out in a month, so there's no reason for MS to not put the Anniversary Update on those Phones.
    P.S.: They also fixed the black bar issues in older games, that was my only problem when I was on 10586 :D
  • Thanks...+random DS
  • Your welcome ;)
  • All I want is an accurate keyboard
  • Soft keyboards frickin suck. Never before in my life have I needed to use the backspace key so much. I want a mashup of the LG Quantum + Lumia 1020 + Lumia 950. Throw this dog a bone!
  • It's too early! I don't think mobile will be ready. It will be full of bugs for sure
  • That's the nature of software today. Suck-ass is the norm.
  • Nothing is gonna change. If you're an outsider you won't see any difference from any other builds. This won't move the WP needle at all. Just more polish on an unfinished OS.
  • Amen! I am so sick of it... You have swarms of insiders to test stuff. Why would u still release a build that has the same bugs as previous one did?
  • Sometimes fixing a bug creates another bug, u can't just expect that u fixing it is the end of all ur probs
  • Without Kids corner, FM radio, Wi-Fi sense... Nice going
  • FM Radio capabilities are still there, just have to download an app. All MS did was pull their app, they didn't delete the feature completely.
  • I thought they were going to disabled the FM radio....
  • Nope, it's still there.
  • Can you tell me what is Wi-Fi sence?
    Because I have "Data Sense" in my phone
  • People barely used kids corner so they removed it cuz they cant afford it anymore, wifi sense is now data sense, and the radio wont work cuz there are new features so stop being a retard
  • No one used kids corner and they cant afford to keep it, wifi sense is now data sense, and FM radio doesn't work with the new features, so stop being a retard
  • If it can take some time to update all machines, we can expect at least a few weeks I guess between the first and last W10M phone updated. I'll definitely update my phone to the release ring as soon as the anniversary update is available on it (or even slow/fast ring if not available to release ring before August)
  • I don't even know what microsoft is working on w10m, what's gonna be new ? i died waiting the transparent action centre, multitasking and other many things everyone asked for and never came. But now I ask them just to fix the many bugs, overall slowness and the unreliable OS.... But that's boring. I'm not excited of w10m updates anymore, I hope they change my mind.
  • Remember how stable windows 10 got in a month just before its release.. It was like really unstable. Even though the release for public was a bit unstable. Redstone current preview=official 1st few builds of win10m so i cant wait for its official.
  • I feel ya, dawg.
  • Microsoft has already said Mobile is not the focus right now. RS2 and RS3 will do a lot more for Mobile. Expect a lot of new features and such for Mobile in the next like eight months.
  • Ugh, again with "coming soon" - not good enough, by the time they will start focusing on mobile, there will be no W10 mobile users left.
  • Phew*
  • Really excited!!
  • Is GATT Bluetooth support coming with the anniversary update?
  • And all the unresolved bugs come with it right? Really hope they fix the battery drain issue on older devices like the Lumia 830 soon or I won't be updating!
  • That transparent action center people wanted seemed really hard to implement. Let's not forget the transparent navigation bar too, given you can actually already put solid colors to it. Really hard.
  • How is that gonna work, if there's something at the bottom of the screen and you touch it, you're gonna end up going to the start screen or Cortana
  • Yeah .... And here we're pissed off with Lumia 925 having Windows 8.1 OS still. I thought MS will release WP10 for Lumia 925 as it is eligible having more than 8 GB internal storage and 1 GB RAM. But they're not even providing 8.1 GDR2 update to it.
  • The only phone in the 92X series that got an upgrade was the 1520 because it had a quad core processor. Internal storage and ram can't overcome a weak processor.
  • And what about GDR2 update?
  • Fantastic..Can't wait to update my Lumia 1320..oh..No..No Update for that model..::sad face::
  • Fix the WiFi on my L830!!! If they add double tap to wake on the flagships I might be forced to get one...
  • Glance and double tap to wake.
  • I think that glance has to be a built in feature, like the Lumia 640 and 650, it's built in and one is on WP8.1 with the Denim update
  • Aug 2, is very possible. Because right now all the bugs i encounter is gone and fix. The sms bugs is fixe . Wifi is improved. Lumia 532
  • Nice to hear this..eagerly waiting for the update..hopefully bug free.
  • My take is that she misread the question and her reply is about Windows 10.
  • It's all the same thing.
  • So does that mean TH2 devices will be forced to upgrade to the, probably won't be finished, RS branch? O.o
  • So I don't understand this, what is the different between Universal windows and Anniversary Update !?
  • I hope they do something about the app launch times. Nothing can be deemed as a major update unless apps launch quickly.
  • Certainly no 2nd Gen Lumias are getting Windows 10 of any kind. I'll probably wait to see if Microsoft decides the sell the amazing NuAns Neo before I decide
  • What are the new things in that update?
  • "It will start to roll out..." doesn't mean most devices will get it on that date.  Many Windows 10-compatible devices are still waiting for carriers to approve their roll out. That's why I like being an Insider. ;)
  • Plot twist: By 8/2  She meant 8th of february.
  • That is when it will work properly with lots of patches, in the mean time they will release half baked build with screwed live tiles and unfinished everything...
  • Hahaha this guy made my day!
  • Here what i was expects from anniversary update....1. Notification centre should be came out from left swipe from the display...2. Swipe from up should take us to togles only have music toggle included...3. Hey cortana is available on all lumia... 4. Should support live background...
    But i guess that is not going to happen...
  • That would be great features.
  • 1) This would nullify the left swipe for app navigation
    2) This wouldn't work for phones with on-screen navigation, including the current flagships
    3) This is a hardware issue
    4) This would drain the battery horribly like it does on Android In other words, no to all of these no matter how cool they sound.
  • Does anyone know if they will remove the FM radio with this update? If they do I will be looking for a full refund of my device. I bought it because it has a radio and no I don't want to download an app thanks
  • Yes, they will remove the FM radio, and it's not the end of the World.
  • Agreed I don't believe it is the end of the word. But if I buy something and it stops doing the thing I bought it for then I will get a refund for it as it will not be fit for purpose.
  • But what's wrong with the other radio apps??????
  • Yes, FM Radio won't be in AU update
  • AU, does that mean Australia
  • Just the FM Radio app is going away. You can download another one from the store. The actual feature isn't going anywhere.
  • With less than 5 weeks to go, I am afraid what sort of monstrosity they will unleash. Fingers crossed that it wouldn't fry the older phones like lates fast ring build did... 
  • The best OS ever.  
  • Oh great. Only 29 days left before Windows 10 no longer is free. Where i work, after the 29 I know I'm going to have to hear "I thought Windows 10 was free! Let me speak to your manager" (where i work it's 49.99 to install and configure the upgrade. So now its going to be $240, 119 to buy Windows 10, and 119 for us to install)
  • Hey there! Is there any chance that I can jump back from the insider to the production branch with the upcoming Anniversary Update? (WITHOUT resetting my phone). Has anybody successfully gone back to the production branch without a reset so far? At least there is the option in the insider app... But I am scared of screwing my phone up :D No time atm to do a full reset... Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  • When windows 10 for mobile was released 6 months after windows 10 for PCs, everyone complained about the late release. Now windows 10 redstone update for mobile is coming on the same day with redstone for PCs, people are complaining that's it's too early and OS will be full of bugs. Some people can never be happy. Although it's great to see windows 10 mobile redstone update coming on Aug 2 :)
  • Dude, when pc OS can be bugless, y can't mobile OS ? Simply they are not putting enough resources on It's mobile division. How come someone expect official mobile OS is full of bugs, scaling issues ? It's shame on MS instead of resolving current issues they started ditching old users....
  • I wonder how many issues non-insiders has to face after Anniversary updates.... we haven't suffered enough ? All our life has to wait for bugless OS
  • Thank god, my 930 has been going great but recently started crashing every time I open an email or sms attachment
  • And the aussies are getting it on the same day cuz usually it's not
  • This should be interesting.
  • All theese ios **** and lagdroid fanboys comments lol
  • I just hope it goes mobile with some new features like mixview... It's been four years!