The Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update will be called 'Fall Creators Update' after all

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Last week, we reported that Microsoft had changed the name of the Fall Creators Update in countries where the word "fall" isn't used to "Autumn Creators Update" instead, after much feedback from Insiders and fans from outside the United States. Today however, it appears this will not be the case, citing a mistranslation error between English and... English.

Yes, in a comment to Ars Technica, Microsoft says the name change from "Fall Creators Update" to "Autumn Creators Update" in countries where it makes sense was a "mistranslation," and that the update will be called Fall Creators Update everywhere regardless of whether it makes sense or not. You just can't make this stuff up.

The company has informed us today that this was a "mistranslation"—yes, between English and English—and that the update will, in fact, be called the "Fall Creators Update" everywhere. The use of British English branding for British English speakers was a mistake.

Microsoft made the name change on its United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand websites, and while the name change in the UK and India made sense, the term Autumn should be Spring for Australia and New Zealand. I think you can see the problem Microsoft has with its current naming strategy for updates.

So there you have it, the Fall Creators Update will be the Fall Creators Update across the globe, regardless of whether that makes sense in your country or not. Well done Microsoft, well done.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • You couldn't make this stuff up...classic Microsoft
  • They can name it anything, but what's absent is the uniformity in fluent design all through the windows system. Right click on start & check, Right click on taskbar and check, Right click on any folder file & check (Windows 10 design is completely absent). Forget about the edge and all. These windows elements even don't follow the windows theme (Dark or light, it is always dark). This is where MAC beats WINDOWS i.e Uniformity in Design.
  • Microsoft will certainly do that. They just need time to get rid of the classic windows shell and convert everything to UWP. I think by next 2 years, 90% of the OS will look consistent.
  • I'm a programmer, and Mac is just insufficient (no menu key is one, heavily relying on pointing device is another)... and if you know where to look, there's many inconsistency around UI/UX as well. Well... the last MacOS I played was Yosemite, maybe the new one's got better.
    btw, I was surprised they finally add resize-window-from-any-corner. Googled a bit and found out the feature was implemented in 2012...
  • No,  MacOS is no better.  I just hope nutella does not mess up win10 desktop so bad before he's shitcanned when the cloud income dries up!
  • Did this happen before or after the cleaned house in the Marketing department?
  • No, you could. This honestly isn't a big deal at all. Some MS employee mistyped and somehow it became news.
  • Didn't your parents teach you to trust nobody
  • "Fall" doesn't make sense in the UK. It's not even good English. "mistranslation" - you can't translate English into English but you can translate American English into the original English language. This is one of the worst excuses that I have ever heard. Microsoft really need to get their act together - mobile is a mess, some of the updates lately have been poor quality, etc.
  • And why does it need to be Proper English? It's just a name. And names don't have grammar.
  • Are you suggesting that this particular name is arbitrary, and has nothing to do with the time of year it's being released in the US?
  • Good question.
  • Absolutely nothing to do with the timing...... This is Microsoft.
  • So they picked up a dictionary, flipped to a random word, and came up with "Fall?" It has no other meaning? Give me a break.
  • "Original English"? Are you aware that the word "fall" is the original Old English word while "autumn" comes from French? You should probably educate yourself before you start spewing your opinions about who's speaking "original English" and who isn't.
  • Well, considering Old English would be the "original" one.... And no one actually speaks that "dialect" anymore... Also considering that British English and American English (as well as Australian English, etc.) are just different dialects (kinda like branches off a tree), I guess you could say that there is no real issue, since I doubt it'd be easy to use the word Update in Old English. Probably didn't have a word for computer, either.
  • If you type Fall on the UK English keyboard, does it auto correct to Autumn? If in Australia does the system automatically correct Fall to Spring? Sounds like a Keyboard problem to me.
  • No fall would mean you are going to get hurt. Because you fall and that what happens when you fall. It's a proper word with slightly different meaning
  • I presume it is called Fall in the U.S because the leaves of tress fall at that time. I still prefer Autunm, 
  • It's called Fall in the USA because it was called Fall in Britain at the time of colonization. British English started using Autumn more commonly after that, while America stuck with the older usage. It's the same with accents. The generic "American" accent is actually very similar to a British accent used by the in the 1600s and 1700s.
  • Interesting that people still bring up how Mobile is a mess. They've said it's staying on 15xxx now and they are focussing on iOS and Android. The bit about staying on 15xxx builds becomes more significant as time goes on because 16xxx has more chances than ever in terms of XAML controls available. It has some breaking changes for pretty much the first time so far. I suppose the idea is that when 17xxx builds go to production in 2018 there will be an even bigger difference. After 17xxx is out, developers may start targeting 16xxx as the minimum to take advantage of the new controls that greatly simplify development, at that point it starts to become a problem for Mobile. Don't get me wrong it's fine in 2018 if you are happy with W10M as it is like I am you can keep using it (Like I will) but it's starting to be wrapped up now
  • Most of us know that the US word "fall" means Autumn in the UK. If we brits bothered to look into American English words, many of their choices make perfect sense.
  • Can you imagine the discussions via video. "You changed it to what?"
    "But it will be Spring down here"
    "Oh boy...change it back. It's Fail Creators update... um I mean 'Fall'!
  • "Creators Update 2" would have been just fine.
  • Too logical, probably caused a few arteries to burst when suggested at the Microsoft Windows Update Naming Committee Gathering Meeting 2017 Q3 meeting.......
  • You mean at the "Quarterly Microsoft Windows 10 Naming Convention Review Board Meeting".
  • Consisting of two people,  Nadella and the othre guy who still works in the office at MS with him.  Everyone else is fired!
  • Or you know, ditch the Creator part entirely.
  • "Um, would that be 2, Two, or Too?".
  • In Australia it will be Sprig at that time, so it should be called "Sprig Creators Update"
  • Y'all have a Sprig season?
  • Jeez... P*** up in a brewery much? Why not just "October Creators Update" or whatever? Here's a thought, just go back to straightforward version numbers... "Windows 10 Rev 3".
  • Is it even set in stone that it will be this Fall/Autumn?
  • Lol... Soon™
  • Mulligansoft
  • Windows 10.3
  • Henceforth it shall be known as "Fallen Creators Update". There, Microsoft, I fixed the name for you. See how nice I am? You're welcome.
  • kek
  • I just call it 'the latest version of Windows'
  • It should be 'Brain', not Brian XD
  • I think of them as service packs, this will be service pack 4
  • So, the translation isn't a mistake. What they were going to do before that was a mistake, and what they're claiming now, after the fact, is a mistake. So they've made two mistakes and then failed to identify either.
  • Puts in mind that old saying about rearranging the deck chairs while the ship is sinking.
  • Its stil not fall here in New Zealand. Whatever fall is lol
  • Legends of The Fall Update
  • I just hope creator's update doesn't fall.
  • I like the old saying ...while the ship is sinking
  • Probably because they used Bing Translator?
  • This sort of crap is completely expected from Microsoft, just a bunch of incompetent morons with the worts on top, Nadella.  
  • It's not a translation problem, just a reflection of their US-centric approach.
  • They should have called it "Update for the Update for Surface Dial-Compatible PCs and Fitness Device Sync Removal for Mobile."
  • Meanwhile the system settings don't even mention the update's name, just the version number.
  • That won't stop people from acting like it's the most important thing in the world.
  • It's pretty easy to mis-translate American into English. Microsoft took years to translate American Cortana into English Cortana for the UK market and due to the complexity Cortana took even longer to get the same features as the American language version. Tough being a US company with so little capacity to service a global market.
  • "two worlds separated by a common language"
  • Thought we were already on the Autumn update (1703), came out in March didn't it?
  • What's the American for "what a load of old bollocks"...!
  • Bullsh*t works 😉
  • Or more recently TRUMP.
  • I love getting the little fangirl's great...keep it up crybabies!
  • This is HILARIOUS 😂😂
  • Confusing as Microsoft apps and products. Remix 3D, Paint 3D, Story Remix, Office Mix, Office 365, Mixer, Beam, Xbox Music, Groove, Windows 10 S, RT, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PixelSense, Surface, Metro, Modern, Lyncs, Skype for Business, Skype account, Microsoft account, Hotmail account, Outlook account, Office Web Apps, Office Online... :D
  • Doesn't Fall just means fall of the year?
  • Buahahahahaha... saw that coming. The team inventing sloppy product names must have a great day. They finally "fixed" something. Really, why not something revolutionary as naming "Windows as a service" iterations "service pack 1,2,...,n"?
  • Epic fail Microsoft..well done..
  • In America you say Fall for Autumn because leaves fall from trees branches, right? This happens only in the northern hemisphere of Earth during that time of year. For Australia this update should have been named Blossom maybe.
    Anyway, I think they should not have named the update "fall". It is just one letter away from "fail". Also, fall is most used as a verb. So fall from where? From grace? I haven't heard of any use of this term in a positive context. Usually is something like "you might fall and hurt yourself", or "if stock exchange market falls I'll loose money".
  • What's new in Trumposlavia?
  • Windows Update : Redstone
    Il faut maintenant expliquer le terme de "chute" pour Creators Update
  • Ha ha ha.  I got downvoted for making fun of microsoft and the naming of Fall creators update....Guess i was right,  YET AGAIN!
  • Have a nice trip? See you next fall.
  • Do you know there are still some w10 guys who still doesn't know these long names.
    They only search for the latest version.
  • Forget the etymology of it all, the US are calling it Fall because that is what everyone in their region understand for the time of year it is. In the UK, at least, fall is a verb, not a noun. At least calling it 'Fall Creators' update means at least the 'Fall' part of the label for the update is right in one nation. The 'Creators' bit - what is pertinent to 'creators' particularly in this update? I think of creators being artists, gfx designers, musicans, etc?
  • ready, fire, aim.  Fall shot themsels in the foot with stupid branding, Reloaded with Autumn and shot themselves again. now the Revelation comes that Autumn was a missfire and they Fall back to the original mistake.  Just call it Creators Update Reloaded and it doesnt even have a number.    
  • Just yet another example of how Microsoft is going to make everyone else in the world do things the way Microsoft wants things to be done, no matter what the consumers want. Remember Clippy? Clippy: "Looks like you're writing a letter. I'll help." Me: "No, I'm not writing a letter. Leave me alone." Clippy: "Looks like you made a typo. I fixed it for you." Me: "It's a proper name you idiot. It's supposed to be spelled that way." Clippy: "Looks like you're writing a letter." Me: *Uninstalls Microsoft Office. Switches to Linux and Open Office. Clippy: " " Me: "Ah, that's better."   Microsoft never changes. They just find more ways to do stupid things. Like, "We'll create Augmented Reality with a new Holographic Processor that will wow the world." Then they announce it, show it off, and sit back and wait for the rest of the world to pass them by with everyone but Microsoft in the Augmented Reality field. It's like they get their jollies on getting everyone psyched up about something new and great, only to stomp on your grapes to make sour wine.
  • I feel like people are taking this WAYYY too seriously. It's almost amusing to read all these comments.
    An employee mistyped somewhere along the line and websites started publishing articles about it? It doesn't even matter to 99.99% of users.
  • Of course it does'nt LondonLumia....but damn it's fun to talk about...ha ha...seeing as they cannot commit to anything in the past 3 years...this is just icing on the's meaningless...but FUNNY!
  • I have been with Windows from the very first version but for the last few years I have to say that Microsoft have lost the plot. The people in charge are just all over the place!
  • Yep...agreed Stevesuk.  I have tried to go OSX three seperate times,  but cannot.  I own macs but windows will be my daily driver for the foreseeable future.  But that being said,  The managemnt of MS is schizophrenic at the best of times for the past 3 years!
  • Let me get this straight: Microsoft does the sane thing and keeps the version named the same throughout all territories and is criticized for it? Seriously, people. Stop being idiots.
  • please take your own advice!
  • No.  They are getting criticized for it for even thinking about changing it in the first place.   Watching MS for the past three years is like watching a kindegarten class play office all day!  Entertaining to say the least.  No real work done...just run around and blurt **** out!
  • WOOO HOOOO crybaby fangirl downvotes....wahhhhhhhhhh!