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Windows 10 build 16299 ISO files now up for grabs for Insiders

Weeks after Windows 10 preview build 16299 initially arrived for Slow ring Insiders, it is now available to download as an ISO as well — for Windows Insiders, anyway (via Neowin). Enterprising Insiders can use the build 16299 ISO files to perform a clean install on their PCs.

The timing of the ISO release is interesting because it comes after the Fall Creators Update has already rolled out to the general public. Currently, there are three builds available via the Insider website:

  • Windows 10 Insider Preview
  • Windows 10 Insider Preview Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Insider Preview Home China

Additional downloads are also available, which include:

  • Symbols MSI Insider Preview – Build 16299
  • Features on Demand Pack Insider Preview (part 1) – Build 16299
  • Features on Demand Pack Insider Preview (part 2) – Build 16299
  • Language Pack Bundle Insider Preview – Build 16299
  • Inbox Apps Bundle Insider Preview – Build 16299

If you're an Insider, you can download the build 16299 ISO files from the Windows Insider website (opens in new tab) now. Insiders on the Fast ring have already moved on to testing Redstone 4 builds ahead of the next major Windows 10 update, but those aren't available as ISO files just yet.

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  • Am I the only one whose Edge searchbox doesn't show suggestions or history after installing FCU?
  • hum no problem on mine may want to do a app rest of edge you can do that on the FCU :)
  • mine Edge browser works much better after the update...load faster than Chrome..
    but load youtube is slower, I though google purposely make Edge load youtube slower...?
  • Exactly, pages like youtube and gmail and all of their services are already embedded in the chrome. Chrome doesn't have to fetch all the html and css from youtube. It just downloads thumbnails and text data and automatically places at appropriate places on the page.
  • I find Facebook is VERY slow on Edge but works fine on other browsers. It's completely unusable on Android Edge too
  • mine is load faster on Edge...I test it side by side by touching both browser together.
  • Works fine for me on Edge on Android. Worth noting: Edge on Windows 10 and Edge on Android use totally different rendering engines. Edge on Chrome is largely just a wrapper for Chrome's rendering engine.
  • Edge is better than before, just the searchbox. Also yeah, I also think Google makes it on purpose. Just switch to the old YouTube, it is much better. :)
  • mine search box is working fine...all record showing when I type some words...maybe you can try to troubleshoot it.
  • Honest question...why get this over the production ISO from the Media Creation Tool?
  • At least they provided an official way to get direct ISOs on a PC now. Alternatively you can get a direct link to the ISO images by accessing the Microsoft website on Linux/Mac or a mobile device (or even spoofing your user agent if you know how to do it).
  • What's the point in these insider ISOs when the FCU is available for non-insiders to download anyway using the Media creation tool?
  • Clean install?
  • That can be done with the publicly available version, there's no need for the Insider ISO
  • Is FCU iso available?
  • Yes if you download the media creation tool