Windows 10 build 17639 for Insiders in Skip Ahead now rolling out

Microsoft is rolling out a new Redstone 5 build of Windows 10 for Insiders in the Skip Ahead ring today, that brings with it a plethora of new features and enhancements for the Windows 'Sets' feature currently in testing.

In the previous builds, Sets was very barebones, missing lots of features and behaviors that hadn't yet been implemented. In today's build, several new behaviors and features you'd expect from a tabbed interface are now available for testing, including further tie-ins with Timeline.

What's new?

  • Drag and drop app tabs within and between Sets windows is now supported: It works just like it sounds! You can now drag an app tab around within the Set or combine tabbed app windows into Sets.
  • Tabs are now bubbled up in Alt + Tab: Have Photos, Microsoft Edge, and OneNote tabbed together? You can now use Alt + Tab to switch between them. Prefer to only show the primary window in Alt + Tab? There's a new setting
  • Improved Settings for Sets: We've updated the Settings for Sets via Settings > System > Multitasking. To start with, Sets now has its own section on this page, and is searchable (try typing "Sets" or "tabs" and it will appear in the dropdown). We've also added a setting to control the Alt + Tab behavior mentioned above.
  • File Explorer & Sets Improvements: We've heard your feedback – you'd like it to be easier to get two File Explorer windows grouped together, and we're working on it. To start with, you no longer need to hold CTRL on the new tab page to launch a File Explorer window in a tab (this was a temporary necessity with the last wave). We've also added a new keyboard shortcut to open a new tab when a File Explorer window is in focus: Ctrl + T. Remember, you can use Ctrl + N to open a new window, and Ctrl + W to close the window/tab.
  • New context menu options for tabs in Sets: If you right-click on a Sets tab, you'll discover we've added several options for you to leverage, including "close other tabs", "move to new window", and "close tabs to the right".
  • Improvements to Previous Tabs: We've done a few things to improve the experience in this space, including:
  • n Bluetooth & other devices Settings, you can now check the battery level of your Bluetooth devices. For Bluetooth devices that support this feature, the battery percentage will update whenever your PC and the device are connected.
  • Windows Calculator has been updated (version 10.1803.711.0) to now correctly calculates square roots for perfect squares (integers that are squares of other integers). Because of the arbitrary precision arithmetic library used by the Calculator app, the square root calculation is an approximation calculated using the Exponential Identity function.

As always, you can check out the full changelog at the Windows Blog!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Wow, many great improvements! Not only the polished tab experience, but also the ability to view Bluetooth devices' battery. :)
  • I have no use for the Sets features, but I'm glad to see some of the Bluetooth and other general fixes.
  • I hope they'll add the 'set tabs aside' function from Edge.
    Just imagine opening a few programs and documents you use almost every day with just two clicks. What a comfy time saver. Btw a quotation for those in the skip ahead ring: How do the tabs work in tablet mode? Just like Edge or are there any touch gestures?
  • Just like edge a nuance though from the last build is the sets tabs bar cuts off some of the top of some apps which can be annoying ill see if it fixes in this build.
  • you can set tab aside like
    in edge🙂
  • Yes, but as noted, it originally only worked if your first tab was a document "You can now restore Previous Tabs from any type of activity – whereas with the previous wave of features we only supported restoring tabs when the primary window was a document." This is displayed incorrect in the article, so you only get the full deal clicking the link to the Windows Blog 😉
  • I would rather have a restore function for Virtual Desktops.
  • I wish they would make sure the build about to release in a few days had any semblance of polish before rushing to work on the next one.