Windows 10 build 17760 heads out to Insiders on the Fast ring

Windows Insider program settings
Windows Insider program settings (Image credit: Windows Central)

Keeping up with its more rapid pace of build releases over the past several weeks, Microsoft is shipping out another new Windows 10 preview build for Fast ring Insiders today. Coming in at build number 17760, today's release packs in several bug fixes, along with a pronouncement that the October 2018 Update will be compatible with all Tencent games.

What's new

  • Meeting the challenge of game compatibility: The Windows Compatibility Team is pleased to announce that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update will be fully compatible with all major Tencent games. Game compatibility can be challenging due to the complexity of the games and reliance on anti-cheat services. We've done this by partnering closely with Tencent to test these games, investigate issues and produce fixes.
  • The build watermark at the lower right-hand corner of the desktop is no longer present in this build. This does not mean this is the final build as we are not done yet. We're just now beginning the phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release.
  • We fixed the issue causing apps that use .NET 4.7.1 to not work correctly in previous builds.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in rendering issues in certain types of PDFs in Microsoft Edge.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using swipe to navigate back in Microsoft Edge.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Microsoft Edge crashing after pressing F12 on certain webpages if certain extensions were enabled.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the icons on Microsoft Edge error pages not being visible on localized builds.
  • We fixed an underflow in the Windows Security app that could result in the UI unexpectedly showing a very large number of threats had been found.

Perhaps as even further confirmation that the October 2018 Update is almost ready for primetime, this build has "no major known issues to report," Microsoft says. We expect that the company will continue to smooth things over in the coming weeks as Microsoft hones in on a final release candidate.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • This is crazy. I got TWO Fast Ring builds in one day. Earlier I updated to 17759 (not 17758) and then not 45 minutes later I see 17760 waiting on me. I wonder if 59 was a mistake. It wasn't on my machine long enough to see if it had any flaws (it installed without a hitch). 17760 installed with no issues, either.
  • Definitely sounds like a weird glitch
    Only 17760.1 has gone out official.
  • 17759 wasn't a public build so looks like a glitch
  • There is a problem that exists all the time. For my surface device, the Bluetooth connected with IPhone is always failed. And when iPhone try to connect to surface, it says that the device is not supported. So big problem, no one concerned. Don’t know why.
  • Feedback hub it.
    try Troubleshooting Bluetooth issues.
    Also have you tried a clean install
    especially if it's been happening before 17750 builds
  • how long this insiders program would go on ? i mean is there no end ?
  • Until CSHELL completely replace shell32 codes maybe...
  • As long as there's a new release coming out
    there should be an insider program to test build.
    And give feedback.
  • No, there is no end. After every major update there will be test builds for the next major update. Until one day maybe Microsoft decides that they don't like the Insider Program anymore
  • I doubt they'll stop it, it gives them millions of unpaid beta testers!
  • beta tester sure.
    it also gives them a better idea of what people want
    even if they are enthusiasts,and new ideas.
  • Absolutely, I've been in the insider program since it started in October 2014
  • I'm in the fast ring and two days ago I got 17738.
    Anyone know why it is, and how to fix it?
  • Make sure you're definitely in FAST RING (check the settings). Try checking for updates again
  • Any guesses at the final build number? I'll go with 17766
  • look like will be 17763.
  • MS tend to start servicing the builds with cumulative updates after RTM build, so if that happens then we'll know for sure. I do think it will be this week sometime. 17763 is internal testing