Windows 10 can now connect to and show LinkedIn content via Cortana

Windows 10 business users who want to stay up to date on the people they may be meeting for work have a new resource. The company has announced a partnership with the business-based social network LinkedIn that will give users a way to connect to LinkedIn's content and display it via its Cortana digital assistant.

Microsoft says that users can connect their LinkedIn account to the Connected Accounts in Cortana's Notebook. It adds:

"The next time you get a reminder from Cortana about an upcoming meeting, you'll be able to view available LinkedIn information about the people you are about to meet right from the meeting details."

Cortana and LinkedIn

In a separate blog post, LinkedIn says:

"If you want to dig in more, with one click you can see their full LinkedIn profile to find who you know in common or where they went to school, so you can start the meeting with something other than the weather."

Thanks to our anonymous reader for the tip!

Source: Microsoft, LinkedIn

John Callaham