Windows 10

Windows Phone users who are used to the predictive text feature on its virtual keyboard will be happy to learn that the Windows 10 Technical Preview also offers the same kind of feature, at least in some form.

The feature, as first reported on Neowin, is only available in the Windows 10 preview when the keyboard is used to search for something. We have confirmed this is the case when using the preview build on a Surface Pro 3, with suggestions for words appearing on top as the user types in letters.

old predictive

By comparison, this is the old predictive system that Windows 8.1 users are familiar with. It's more than likely that the feature in Windows 10 will be expanded and improved in future builds before it is officially released sometime in 2015. In the meantime, are you happy that more Windows Phone features are popping up in Windows 10?

Source: Neowin