Windows 10 Insider build 14955 now available for PC and mobile

Windows 10 Insider build 14955 is now available on the fast ring to download for PC and mobile. After a brief tease, it's now available to download for Insiders.

As for what's new, it's a rather short list that includes a recent update to notifications in the Outlook Mail & Calendar app. Here's the breakdown:

  • Outlook Mail & Calendar Update (PC & Mobile): We have updated the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps to 17.7466.4062x.0.. This update introduces a few new things for you to check out:
    • You can now open email messages in a new window.
    • You can now use Quick Actions directly from new email notifications.
    • Get someone's attention with @mentions. Type the @ symbol anywhere in the body of your email and start typing to pick the person you want to address.
  • Context Awareness in Narrator (PC): As you navigate around, you can be notified about different groups or other areas you move to, such as groups in the Office ribbon. To configure the amount of context you hear, cycle through options with ALT + Caps Lock + /. To change whether the context is read before the item with focus or after, use CTRL + Caps Lock + /. To check the context at any point. Press Caps Lock + D twice.

That's it for what's new in build 14955, so be sure to hit your Windows Update and start downloading now! While you wait, also be sure to check out the much longer list of what's new and broken in build 14955 as well!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Thanks MS . Done downloaded. Works superb . U r the best MS . ^_*
  • So app updates are the new superb work for MS. Where did everything go wrong? the last build releases are really a horrible list of progress..
  • It's a good build...!
  • Can anyone comment on if this fixed the broken personalize handwriting on the sp4?
    And the surface pro 4 pen pointer bug?
    Also, im on .321 and i get problems with keyboard not being recognized when waking up from sleep. need to disconnect and reattach the keyboard
  • I've not been able to use Cortana since last build, typing connects, voice fails
  • And I am not able to connect to a vpn at all.
  • Available for mobile too
  • Not in UK on my l640
  • Not yet at patient
  • According to a tweet from Donna Sarkar, it's mobile as well.
  • Says it in the article as well
  • Where?
  • In the title maybe?
  • Mobile? Nope, not seeing that Well, at least not in the article itself. Does show on the news overview section. Weird :D
  • First line"
    "Windows 10 Insider build 14955 is now available on the fast ring to download for PC and mobile."
  • The title originally just mentioned PC. So I think this is what caused the confusion.
  • Not show for me. Lumia 640 on fast ring.
  • Me too. 535
  • Same here. 950
  • Solution if it doesn't show:
  • Just realized a good chunk of people can't click the link. Just switch the date to November 3rd and check for updates again.
  • Bumping into your comment just saved me time, frustration etc etc. Just yesterday my phone decided to get the last update. This would only make things lamer now if I had to even start looking around why I don't even see an update. Thank you.
  • Glad I could help
  • I just got my updates now on my windows mobile
  • What region are you in?
  • Seeing it on PC, not on moble yet.
  • Does this fix the keyboard bug?
  • You'll have to test it and find out
  • I am asking to see if anyine else already has. Last build had a ton of unlisted bugs and i dont want to upgrade blind this time.
  • I recommend removing yourself from fast ring permanently
  • Ok
  • What armed forces branch are you with if I may ask? What country?
  • That's the point in Fast ring.... Or even the insider builds in general... They aren't preview updates (except for the Preview ring). They are testing builds. There are going to be many, *many* unlisted bugs in the builds. That's the point in the insider program.
    I recommend you go to Slow Ring, or even Preview release ring... That way you won't suffer from unlisted bugs, (at at least not that many).
  • So are none of you having this issue?
  • Asking about the status of a specific workflow-breaking bug that hasnt been acknowleded yet is pretty normal.
  • I just got it on my 640xl
  • No build here on fast ring
  • Not seeing on my Lumia 950. I'm currently on 14951
  • Same here
  • Not showing for me either. L950.  
  • Not seeing on 950XL in UK, but that's not unusual. It's no real surprise if not available until later this evening. As for PC, probably wont install if TP AV product installed. Again. Oh well, just have to stick with 14936 until resolved.
  • I can't download language for my country and sometimes when I try to unlock the screen, it becomes a black and can not turn off the phone or anything until you take out the battery and return it. Please fix it.
  • Post in feedback hub. Not here. Microsoft does not run this site and will not see your complaint.
  • LOL, if only we could sign-in.
  • Not seeing it on the XL
  • Why does mine say (RS_Prerelease) next to the number
  • because it is the RedStone Pre-release? Just a thought :)
  • Ya saw that too, going to check continuum tonight to see if it allows sizing the windows:)  I think that is supposed to be part of redstone right?
  • hmm, your device is up to date ... L930 and L950XL   Desktop is downloading ...
  • Laptop at 50% :-)
  • Does this fix Cortana via band or phone, phone says can't connect (typing work) and band says I didn't heard anything (text to SM's works)
  • My Band 2 /Cortana/ MS640 Anniversary and latest Release Preview worked well finally. Now with this Fast Insider Release it Band 2 / Cortana "Didn't Hear A Thing" This Fast Insider release OS is definitly quicker though. I have two 640 phones.    
  • Lumia 950XL, I'm still stuck on 14946 and showing up to date on Fast Ring. Anyone else?
  • Confirmed
  • Nothing Yet on my L950 or Surface pro 4 showing upto date on build 14951
  • in UK
  • Same, 950XL UK. Still propagating I think.
  • Nothing on my 950xl...
  • 1520 usa no update
  • What is your current build number and how is your phone working now are you having good experience thanks
  • No mobile yet. Well at least it doesn't say 0% for hours :-)
  • Yep.. no update yet on my L950 running 14951... India.
  • Set the date to November 3rd and check for updates again. Worked for me 
  • Just got it for surface pro 4 now
    Nothing showing on mobile yet
  • Downloading on 950XL. UK.
  • hp elite x3... no 955, also try the 951 download trick. device up 2 date... p.s. also not the new hp firmware. fast ring, Holland.
  • You might have to be unenrolled from the Insider Program to get the firmware Update
  • i try it already.. same, no new fw. have to wait i think.
  • Thanks Remy!
  • i did a clean instal using wdrt ... and restore back up now.. then fast update to 955 only way to get the fw update
  • 930 downloading, 950 nothing
  • My SP3's Mail app has been unable to update through Store since last build. It just shows error and seems like there's no way to bypass it even after the newest build.
  • Still can't install on my PC - Crashes at Working on updates (Every update since 14393)