Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18298 now rolling out on the fast ring

Microsoft announced a new build for Windows Insiders to test out is now available for download on the fast ring. Build 18298 is rolling out as an update for existing installations, and an ISO is ready for download should you be installing a fresh copy of Windows 10.

The aim of this build was to simplify the way Windows 10 users manage login options, including Windows Hello. Instead of heading around the Control Panel to locate different login methods, you'll be able to spot everything on one page. Microsoft also gave the File Explorer icon a little TLC.

The build also changes the way downloads are handles when browsing them in File Explorer. The downloads folder gets cluttered because you typically don't rename all the files you grab online. This means that when you check what the last download file, it often gets a little lost. Now, Windows will sort your downloads by date. Rest assured that if you already changed the sorting method, Microsoft will respect your choice and not change a thing.

Other new additions in build 18928 include the ability to unpin groups quickly from the start menu using a context menu, as well as improvements to the touch keyboard, Narrator, ease-of-access, console, and Notepad. The Windows Blog has further details, so be sure to head on over there to give the full announcement a read through.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Part of the login page changes is that Security Keys are now able to be set up from this page (according to the Windows Blog). Not running any preview builds so can't test, but would imagine that this would negate the need to have a 3rd party app like Yubikey's to be able to use your key with Windows Hello (and good since they still haven't updated it to support the newest Yubikey 5 series). Wonder whether it's using FIDO 1 or FIDO 2 (although technically FIDO 2 is supposed to be backwards compatible with FIDO 1 stuff).
  • That sounds good :)
  • The subtle shadows on the new Explorer icon seem like a sign of things to come with the upcoming overall icon refresh.
  • Mostly, the new icon was required because of the new light theme option.
    The previous icon was not clearly visible on a white background.
  • This build is really good.
  • The ISO isn't available, on the Insider download page it shows 'No edition available' in the drop down box
  • There's acrylic in tablet mode/ start hamburger menu now👀 sweet.
  • Still can't install any 18xxx builds on HP Spectre x360 (original), the install freezes at 48%. I'm getting really annoyed because i'm still on 1809.
  • May wanna check. We’re putting an update block for this build in place for a small number of PCs that use Nuvoton (NTC) TPM chips with a specific firmware version ( due to a bug causing issues with Windows Hello face/biometric/pin login not working.
  • Is it any wonder that updates are bug-ridden? Once again ms releases a version for people to test for them. Cheeeze, talk about penny pinching. MS surely must be exposed to legal action for releasing stuff that is not fit for purpose. Car makers have tp do their own QA and then recall if errors are found. Why is ms so different?
  • These builds are not released to the general public. These are for people who have agreed to take the risks involved in testing scenarios.
  • Would be nice to upgrade but I'm stuck on 18252. Nothing I have tried works to get the new build installed. Clicking the "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update" does nothing but crashes the settings app. I have tried forcing the upgrade via powershell and that does nothing as well.
    To top it all off, I'm getting notifications that the current build is about to expire. WTH!!!!! I do not want to have to do a fresh install if at all possible. Someone HELP!!!!
  • On my test machine, A Toshiba Satellite C55-A5182 laptop, it was hung on the Toshiba splash screen. I was assuming it was due to the the install of 18298. I wiped the hard drive, installed Windows 10 clean, then did the update of 18298 and again, immediately after the Windows Update, hung on the splash screen. No recovery options available (uninstall updates, system restore, etc.). Just goes into the splash screen with "Prepairing Automatic Repair" and it just sits there with no change. (I've waited for more than an hour).