Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18272 released to the fast ring

Windows Update Insider
Windows Update Insider (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has pushed out a new build for Windows Insiders on the fast ring. Build 18272 is available now as both an update and an ISO and brings a few tasty new treats to the table.

Acting on feedback that said the Windows Hello settings are too cluttered, the latest build brings a redesign to this area, applying each sign-in option its own list to clean up the settings. Windows Hello is an important tool and Microsoft recognises if it looks too confusing to set up, folks might just skip it entirely.

Also coming with 18272 is a further expansion of the SwiftKey AI, with the support of eight new languages. These include two new localizations of English, the U.S. Spanish, three local options of French, German for folks in Switzerland and Portuguese is added for folks in Portugal.

This doesn't just apply to the software keyboard, text suggestions for people using a hardware keyboard will also make use now of the additional languages.

There's a whole bunch more in the new build which you can find out over on the Windows Blog, not least another update to the ever-popular Sticky Notes application.

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  • Looked at the official blog post and the picture of the new settings page looks fantastic. Glad they're finally cleaning that up, always seemed unnecessarily cluttered. Some other you're in this child as well. If I didn't need my surface for important stuff I'd probably jump back in.
  • That's the beauty of this slow ring.
    Yes I'm also holding off for now😉
  • update is great, only downside I have reported if that if you have a video file in explorer on the drive, it hangs explorer.
  • I feel it's laggy in many respects. Constantly having to tap icons in task bar twice to open apps or restore. Start menu is slow to open. Little things. This is on Surface Pro 4 which has been solid a long while.
  • Had trouble installing and then it totally trashed my system. Just finished putting things back together and I'll try again later.