Windows 10 Insiders can now install the Office 2016 Preview

As we get ever closer to the big Windows 10 launch, Insiders are today being emailed informing them that the Office 2016 Preview can now be installed on preview builds of the new OS.

The Office 2016 Preview is currently open to all in 32- and 64-bit forms. Here's the important part of the email that hit our inbox:

"Hello Windows Insider,It's Gabe again from our Operating Systems Group (OSG) with more updates on the Windows Insider Programme. As we approach our Windows 10 public launch on 29 July, we are now focusing on tuning and stabilising – but we're also still introducing new features worth taking a look at. You can read about these and other updates here.I'm also excited to announce that Office 2016 is now available for Insiders to preview on Windows 10. It's loaded with new features that we'll be delivering to Office customers later this year. But we'd like to get early feedback from Insiders like you right now. Download the Office 2016 Preview today."

If you need some help getting hold of and installing the Office 2016 preview, check out the link below.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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