The Windows 10 launch was a source of humor for Steve Martin, Jimmy Fallon and others

The release of Windows 10 as a free upgrade this week got a ton of media attention, as expected. It also provide some material for major comedians to use like Jimmy Fallon, Steve Martin and others.

Fallon used his platform as host of The Tonight Show to talk about Windows 10. He started talking about the reports that the download traffic for the upgrade might break the Internet (which turned out to be unfounded), when Clippy, Microsoft's older digital assistant popped up on-screen. Clippy said that it doesn't like Fallon having a MacBook on his desk. Let's just say Fallon might be trading up for a Surface soon.

Steve Martin used his Twitter account to show how he was updating his own PC to Windows 10.

"Staring at my Windows computer: "C'mon baby, update!""Now downloading Windows 10 from the website. My heart's a bit broken that it wasn't automatic.""53%""76%""127%!""189%?"263% and my printer is smoking!""Green ooze now coming out of my USB ports.""OMG, A Bill Gates hologram is now standing in my office, saying, 'Have you been good?'""Well, here goes nothing! Goin' off-liiinnnnneeeee......"

That last post was made a day ago. We hope Mr. Martin's Windows 10 upgrade went smoothly.

Finally, the latest episode of @Midnight, the funny game show on Comedy Central, mentions that the Solitaire app that's bundled with Windows 10 is getting some complaints due to its subscription fee to get rid of its in-app ads. Host Chris Hardwick asked the night's comedians what else Microsoft could charge for. One of them, Kurt Braunohler, said that Clippy (yep, him again) could be used for shakedowns: "It looks like you want to make a letter; give me $20 or I will send your porn search history to your mom!"

Source: The Tonight Show (YouTube), Steve Martin (Twitter), Comedy Central

  • When the inevitable question "So Cortana is like Clippy?" is asked of me I want to cry...
  • Just tell them Cortana is a better version of Siri!  Most tech writers would agree, Cortana is better.
  • I'm not used to commenting on here! Below was for you.
  • Clippy is better than siri lol
  • *ooooooooooh*
  • Siri knows Dutch, Cortana doesn't. Why is Cortana better?
  • Cortana is still a young girl; she's already had to learn a few languages in less than two years, give her time!
  • I'm betting no one will be able to tell you.....
  • Siri has been behind Google Now and Cortana in functionality. Whether shes available in another country is a different argument. People reminders and Cortanas Notebook in general is a couple reasons she's better I'd say.
  • The Wolfram Alpha integration on Siri is a huge plus, something I wish Cortana had. I don't think there is a consensus on which assistant is the best. They each have things they are better at.
  • Better/more accurate speech recognition, for one thing. OS integration by the Start menu and in Edge for another. Siri does have more pertinent responses to questions and requests though. Cortana still goes to Bing internet searches too often.
  • now if only she could launch programs for me... hello cortana <pull computer out of sleep mode> Launch Elder Scrolls online .. all while walking in my room and taking off my jacket..
  • ...when you buy a non-contract or unlocked phone for under $100, Cortana works much better. Siri still needs help with knowing personal information and locations.  She shouldn't keep asking for things like addresses that Cortana already knows. Cortana also can do contextual conversations.  Ask Who is Kevin Smith, then ask, does he have kids, and Cortana understands you are still talking about Kevin Smith, like a real conversation. Cortana also has a personality, that changes based on the context of the conversation. So her emotions change, and she is properly empathetic or positive or snarky - etc. Contana's language system is created from machine learning technologies that was given several sets of audio samples and vocabulary as it taught itself to understand each language like English.  This is why language rollouts are still slower, but it will speed up considerably as she learns faster, since it is the AI concept that is teaching itself to hear and understand language. And Finally, the creepy one...
    As Cortana is given more audio variations to learn for a specific language to learn, it also improves her ability to understand other languages better. Which is something they can't easily explain, as the AI is finding language correlations that humans do not understand. There is no reason Cortana hearing more Chinese spoken that her ability to recognize and understand other languages like Engish and German also improves. PS In the distant future, she also helps Master Chief save the world, several times. :)  
  • A fish can swim underwater without surfacing to breath. So a fish is better than you.
  • They also get to poop wherever they please...another point to the fish!
  • I never knew knowing Dutch was the measuring stick of greatness for virtual assitance.
  • Most of the people in my office arent even old enough to know what clippy WAS.
  • No, no: Cortana is Siri's superior!
  • Haha, I saw Jimmy's skit yesterday with clippy, absolutely hilarious. xD
  • Cortana is like the love child of Siri and Google Now that will be better than both of them.
  • She's the child of Microsoft, and she's already better :3
  • I read an article saying, "Windows 10 Countdown to Cortana, Microsoft's Siri." I told a friend that this is like saying Countdown to the Model X, Tesla's answer to the Toyota Prius....    
  • Nice haha
  • Yeees, but Cortana is in cheaper phones than Siri, and the X and S are more expensive than the Prius... but Tesla rules!
  • LMAO
  • Cortana has that one Clippy gene, you know..... Watch out....
  • MS paid for all this... Lol.
  • At least it gets the message to the masses, which is a good thing.
  • Yeah, I'm sure Apple does their share.
  • you do see the Macbook Display Apple gets on the Tonight Show right? like Apple didnt pay for that
  • They probably dont't pay anything. Last I read (this was a few years ago), apple doesnt pay for product placement in tv shows because they see their products as not needing it. Honestly, they are right.
  • Yeah, no kidding. Modern Family made an entire episode out of Apple gadgets. They really don't even need to try.
  • Yet, that episode would not have workded without  using a Microsoft product: Skype.   Episode title "American Skyper"
  • In the closing credits, it states that Apple provides the furnishings (ie the MacBook)... so Apple DOES pay... even if its just the cost of the MacBook that Jimmy uses, they are still paying something. You would see this occur on a vast amount of TV shows, product placement is always paid for. I believe it is why I believe the perception of Apple's marketshare being much higher that in reality it is, is because of this placement that they do so well. Perception IS reality. I just wish Microsoft learnt this, as their partners are all to familar with this ethos.
  • MS did that with the NFL and a few others.  I remember there being a dustup on here because a commentator didn't use the Surface 3 Pro in front of him, he pulled out his iPad and used it instead.  And I think another where someone referred to the Surface someone was using field side as an iPad, even though MS shelled out big money for placement.  So they do try on that, but people's ignorance (admittedly MS fault up til now) has cut them down a bit.
  • Never going to upgrade until I can activate a clean Windows 10 install from ISO with my genuine Win7 serial key.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10. Clean Install Windows 10.
  • You can.....go here: Download the proper architecture and make an ISO or usb key for a clean install. Install it with your current Windows 7 product key. TADA!
  • I did just that a few hours ago, it keeps saying my original Windows 7 serial which is on the sticker is not valid. Windows FAQ states we need to upgrade first from Win7/8.1 to register the activation but the problem is I got a blank SSD a week ago with no OS installed. I'm hoping they allow people in my situation to activate without having to install and update Win7 all over again.
  • I know it's not what you want to hear, but installing Windows 7 and upgrading is the only way to claim your free upgrade. You won't have a Windows 10 product key, but according to what I've been reading on the tech sites the past few days, this initial upgrade process is what will lock the activation to your hardware configuration. After that, you will be able to do clean installs on the same machine as often as you like without worrying about the activation process.
  • U can use hd clone clone ur hardrive to the new ssd then do the upgrade. Ms os licenses are mobo/processor based so it won't matter for the hard drive to do that
  • download keyfinder
  • The ISO is now available
  • Just upgrade then do a clean install from within windows10 settings that's what I did
  • I'm not sure they're going to do it that way. Why not just upgrade then clean install from ISO?
  • Because I got a new SSD to replace my dying HDD right now and I would have to install Windows 7, then Win7 SP1, then upgrade to W10 and only then being able to make a clean install. Too much wasted effort and time, not to mention unnecessary SSD wear just to have Windows 10 installed
  • It takes like 30 min to install Windows 7, seriously...
  • You do not need to do anything to update windows 7. just install it without any updates. Activate it. Immediately upgrade to windows 10 and activate it first thing. Then, you can do a clean install (delete/format partitions, etc). If activation doesn't work right away on the clean install, click the "go to store" button and then click the "try again" button from within the store app. Voila, activated.
  • Wouldn't you be better off just upgrading to Windows 10 on your existing HDD? That locks it in and your license is good to go. Then insert the SSD and do a clean install. I just did the same thing with mine.
  • LOL if you only knew how much SSDs can take. Also if you won't want to bother doing the steps in order to get a free copy then go buy one.
  • in that case you will never be able to upgrade
  • I think it's actually a good thing. It draws more attention to it 
  • Siri does it really work?? Here in India half of people who use apple are unfamiliar with that stupid thing.
    Someone asked me what's Cortana?
    I said its like Siri.
    He asked back what the hell is that?
    I asked do you really use an iPhone??
  • I think the reality of the situation is that Siri was only ever intended to be a novelty thing.  And it did a good job at first, people everywhere were talking into their phones.  But, she wasn't practical and not as useful to bother with over time.  It seems Microsoft paid a lot of attention to Siri and Google in how they presented their service and really thought long and hard about how they would position Cortana to bring value and encourage people to interact with her.  Microsoft Research has been working on the background tech for this for years and years.  It's nice to see their efforts come to this. Time will tell.  I know one thing is for sure, I wish Cortana was on XBOX and in my car.  CUE is miserable at recognizing anything and Cortana does a pretty danged good job at figuring out what I said (which tends to come out quickly!).
  • Cortana will be on the Xbox One when it receives Windows 10. Woo!
  • They should have a hologram come up of cortana for cortana on Xbox one. Since that is her native platform :). That would be awesome.
  • Not long to wait, Cortana will be on the xbox 1 shortly (with the Windows 10 update). I wonder what lame excuses ps4 fanboys and girls will come up with lol.
  • Late August can't come soon enough!!!! Windows 10 for Xbox One beta, new interface and Cortana too!
  • LOL.  Jimmy brings levity to anything no matter how cheezy. Though, Cortana should have come in and bonked Clippy.
  • Hmmm. Comedians you say? Not quite sure about that. Try Frankie Boyle instead.
  • ...ton of media attention...
    ...other than the obligatory tech blog coverage, 'media attention' is greatly overstating things...
  • Lol funny, I almost got defensive about jokes about my os
  • The Fallon bit was the best. Even though it didn't break the internet, Jimmy just gave millions of non techy users the impression that Windows 10 is going to be massively popular. True story, late last night, my mom texted me and asked me if she should get Windows 10. I told her yes, and this afternoon, she told me she got it installed. Keep in mind that my mom is the type of person that installs the AOL toolbar because she didn't read the setup and just hits next. I guess now I know why she texted me last night lol.
  • My mom wanted me to do the install for her before I went back to Japan. But she actually reserved a session with a tech from HP today. Cost her $29, but both she and I will sleep better tonight.
  • Finally stopped waiting on my new Lenovo tablet. Went to Lifehacker for instructions and am now blissfully installing. My other tablet and PC are Insider, so nice painless install on schedule. So if the lights go out in your neighborhood because someone went off-trail and trashed the InterWebs, you can blame me.
  • Anybody got problems with it? In my pc already crashed two times:( in 12 hours.
  • Hahaha clippy I miss that thing
  • Haha, damn it. It's moments like this makes me I wish I had a twitter account.
  • Lol
  • Clippy has become a mini-celebrity. He's going mainstream. 
  • As an Aussie I still cant use Cortana, so hello
  • Friends ive a small double..!! Please help me using win10 10240 RTM by ms..I've downloaded ot from torrents..before the day of win10 release..27..should I keep it and update or..need to download another..pls tell me..plss thank you!
  • How about you go the official route and use the media tool from MS.
  • Hey guys , have you already watched mission impossible : rouge nation ? In the movie , they used Lumia 930 , surface etc . Its Great to see microsoft devices in such an epic movie.
  • Maybe I'm the only one that didn't find Fallon funny. I actually kinda pisses me off. Why is it that apple fans always brag about the latest thing with their devices, but only bring up stuff from 1999 when talking about Microsoft or Windows??! I mean that wasn't an old outdated imac on his desk. I'm sure Cortana would be quite capable of wielding that bat.