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Windows 10 May 2019 Update raises minimum storage requirement

When its time to upgrade to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, you'll need to have a little more storage space available than previous Windows 10 feature updates. In its official list of minimum requirements for the upcoming update, Microsoft says that it will require 32GB of hard drive space, which is up from the previously required 20GB (via OnMSFT).

The minimum requirement applies to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS. Previously, Windows 10 version 1809 and prior required 20GB of 64-bit versions and 16GB for 32-bit versions. It's unclear why Microsoft has raised the minimum storage space required, but it shouldn't have a noticeable impact unless you're using a vast majority of your hard drive space already.

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is expected to launch, as the name suggests, in May. However, it's currently available to Insiders through the Release Preview and Slow rings.

How to get the Windows 10 May 2019 Update final release before anyone else

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  • So we sell devices with a 64 GB SSD and then we suddenly want 12 GB more of those for the OS? Not to speak of the 32GB SSD devices we sold not that long ago? Why can Microsoft not design this stuff to work via USB stick/MicroSD, etc. - even if it may be painfully slow?
  • whatever happened to Windows-to-go???
  • It became Windows to go to the trash 😂
  • I have installed Windows 10 on a HP Stream 11 on a 128GB SD Card for a customer and it works fine.
  • I wonder why the big jump? I get the 7GB reserved storage. But still...
    I guess they just round up to the next storage size. I doubt it will actually block you if you have less then 32GB, but enougth for OS + reserved storage.
  • So stuffed with my 64gb Surface pro with Office 365?
  • 32GB is a minimum requirement, not "Free space" requirement, that is what those 7GBs are for.
  • Will there at least be a way to block the updates on machines with small SSDs? One of my kids uses a Surface 3 with 32 GB, and during the last updates, Windows would download a partial update and fill up the C drive. That's just extremely stupid design decisions. If you're going to abandon hardware people paid good money for, at least don't destroy it while you do.
  • This is not the Microsoft way though
  • Hope they're ironing the kinks until release. I tried to install the Release Preview and a bug prevented me from doing it. Pretty crappy for the first time I tried getting into an Insider build, to be frank.
  • Going in the wrong direction I guess my 32GB argument from a year ago turned true.
  • Not really the wrong direction, considering storage is getting cheaper all the time, and even budget devices are seeing their storage capacity go up.
  • It is considering they kepy saying that 32GB was enough and they were making the OS smaller. I personally think that 128GB should be the minimum for budget machines.
  • the beginning of a new era of win10
  • Dan does this mean they won't utilize sd cards to install updates on devices with limited local storage anymore? Or is this just a bug due to the external storage drive letter issue.
  • That's sad for the 32GB eMMC PCs as there are quite a lot of them. Linux or Windows 10 with no security updates hmm...
  • That is not 32GB free space requirement.
  • I imagine it's because of the new, faster way Windows will update in the future, after this update. My understanding is that the update will occur on one copy of the OS (that's not currently in use), and upon restart, just points to the newly updated copy. This means that major updates that used to take an hour to update, will now update in less than a minute. But it also means that there will be a lot of redundant data.
  • That's what I was thinking. That's going to be awesome, but it does come at a cost.
  • Keep in mind this is just free space for the installation process. You can plug an HDD or even an SD card in to your 32gig tablet and the installer will use that to unpack to and install from. Then disconnect and you're away. You don't need 32gig free and empty on the OS drive for this process unless that's the only drive in your system. Windows updates have worked this way for quite some time.
  • Read this, you can't install update with USB drive or SD card inserted now.
  • That's a bug that will be fixed.
  • I never could understand why there are 32GB devices sold out there when it takes up so much space, like on phones, everyone should double what they think they need..its crazy 🤪 once they can get everyone on board cutting the fat of win (lose) 32 and double down on arm with "EdgeOS" 😜 aka windows lite low storage devices ftw 😎
  • Windows 10 Update May 2019 will Require 32GB of Minimal storage, Microsoft Says
    Read full article:-
  • Now that Microsoft says it requires 32GB of Main storage to Load May 2019 updated versions
    of Windows 10. This means all small Tablets, Cheap laptops ect that have 16 to 32GB of main
    Memory storage are obsolete. I want to buy an 8 inch Windows 10 Tablet to carry around. I
    have to find one that has at least 64GB on main Memory storage. Microsoft is supposed to
    be working on the Window "Lite" operating system for devices that have very limited Main
    Memory Storage. I hope they succeed in creating Windows Lite OS. Truth fully speaking
    small Tablets donot Need to run full Windows 10 pro or Windows home because they are
    generally used for lite PC work like surfing the Web. Reading E books, checking a document,
    listening to music, Watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or YouTube video's or playing
    tablet capable games. Microsoft had better have a version light Windows Core OS for
    cheaper devices or Chrome book OS will Dominant the cheap device world more than it
    does now. MS CEO NAdella
    had better get Microsoft programmers on the ball
  • Just another example of MS stuffing up under Nadella. This has to stop and it starts at the top.