The Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program comes to an end, not with a bang but a whimper

Microsoft has today confirmed that "no Mobile builds are coming" to Insiders who are still using Windows 10 Mobile and holding out for some kind of love from Microsoft. The company did originally state that more Mobile builds would be coming, but when asked if this was still happening, Jason Howard, senior program manager on the Windows Insider Team, said "Plans change. Such is the nature of things."

Whatever plans changed, it appears Microsoft is no longer committed to releasing new Insider builds for Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft will continue to service Windows 10 Mobile with monthly security updates, but outside of that the platform will not be receiving any more love. As such, this means Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program has more or less come to an end, not with a bang but a whimper.

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This shouldn't come as much of a surprise if you've been paying attention. Microsoft already confirmed that it was no longer focused on building new Windows 10 Mobile hardware or features, and with no new features means there's no need for any new builds. Windows 10 Mobile will forever remain at Redstone 2 with the feature2 branch as a result.

That doesn't mean UWP apps won't continue to receive updates however. For now at least, most UWP apps are still targeting Windows 10 Mobile, which means apps should continue to work just fine. This won't last forever, though, so be prepared for the eventual abandonment of Windows 10 Mobile altogether.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • No surprise. Doesn't change my mind about sticking with my 1020 and, once it dies, the 950.
  • Yeah, guess we had it coming. Pretty sad to see WM10 development stop. The most recent build is very stable right now, so I guess I'll keep using whatever phones I have (950XL, Elite X3, Idol 4S) till they fall apart then I'll jump on the Android/iOS bandwagon, not looking forward to leaving WM10 though :-(
  • You'd better get a One + like the rest of us
  • Sorry what you mean with one +. Also sad about wm stopping. Love my lumia 650
  • He means Oneplus, a manufacturer of Android phones.
  • You know the one that ensures to get your banking details on file for the highest bidder ;-)
  • Either that, or a Pixel 3, when it comes out.
  • Or, you know, an actually good Android phone :P
  • I'm loving my Honor V10 so far. Biiiig battery with a reasonable price.
    There is a diverse selection in Android.
  • Like what? A cookie cutter Galaxy S9?
  • Who is this "rest of us"?
  • Dozens of former wp users from WC on Android. I'm not one of them, I'll stick with my L930 'til something big happens.. A miracle from Surface may be.
  • The other 95% of WM/WP users who are eventually gonna have to give in, and get a new phone one day. One that is the logical choice to upgrade to.
    You know, us other 500 WP fans besides you.
  • Didn't they just go through a big security flaw?
  • Their web store I think
  • Yep.  Stealing credit cards,  in addition, one plus was caught ripping off peoples personal data from their phones too.  They are the last company I would buy a phone from.
  • I thought the last company was Huawei..?
  • One + is doing it as well!
  • I would rather lug around an old rotary dialing phone with a super long extention cord then to switch to something iDroid.
  • Then that's what you'll be doing. Lol
  • Right!  Just because some want to justify their move to Android let them do so.  I don't know why they think they have to try to influence me by putting down my choice to stay.  Go with Andriod or iOS if that's your desire.  Sing their praises if you must just don't try to convince they are better because they have an app or two or more.  Go, go already.  I'll use my Lumia device until it stops working and when it does I'll pull out my other Lumia device and start using that.  Or I'll just wait and see if there's another Windows device on the horizon.  And if it never does oh well. 
  • It's not that we're putting you down.  It's that those of us who have switched instantly realized that literally everything works better on Android.  Everything.  As in, there is not one single teensy weensy smidgen of a way in which WP is better than Android. And we feel sorry for all the poor sods who are left. I know exactly how you feel.  I was like you until last spring when my L950 died.  I got a GS8 since there were only two choices at the Costco where I got my phone and was like, "Woah, this phone actually works!?!"  I'm not talking about apps.  I'm talking about the OS itself.  Navigating is so fast and fluid and easy compared to the convoluted UI nightmare that is W10M.  It was amazing. W10M is ten years behind Android.
  • Maybe it's my slowness.  But I've tried to use a few Android devices from family and friends and it's just not as intuitive as WP.  Maybe it's just me.  But then again I'm still using WP 8.1.  It just works seamlessly for me.  I even prefer WP7.X better in terms of interface.  But I don't deride anyone for wanting to make a move to Android if they think that's best for them.  But with what little time I've spent with Android I know... it's me, not it.  :)
  • I agree with you WDB.  Windows mobile / phone is MUCH better than android.  But lack of apps just friggin kills it for me.  I miss the cameras and hardware on lumia..  My iphone is awesome...but I miss the hell out of my 1020.
  • I agree as well .. Win10 platform is a fantastic and intuitive OS platform but lack of having apps and/or non-committment from developers/vendors hurt the platform. I think people miss the OS itself being fantastic and wanting/needing to add apps versus with IOS/Android the OS is "ok" but combined with apps is what makes it a great experience imo
  • It's not you.
    In my opinion, WM is more intuitive than even iOS. It's been almost a year since I got a 7-Plus and I still miss WM. That's why I gave my 950 to my 70-something year old mom and she figured it out...because WM is more user friendly. That's way I picked up another 950 and 950XL for myself.
    WM may not be as slick as iOS but it's more intuitive and that's why I keep these Lumias around.
  • Shall wait and see what comes out at MWC, this year.
  • The problem is that eventually, as the article implied, UWP apps will still be updated, which is good for now, but as Windows 10 Desktop continues to be updated, those apps need to update as well, while W10M stays on older builds that will eventually no longer be supported by those apps, rendering W10M and all devices essentially useless.
  • Except calls, text, email, maybe web.. Not too bad I think
  • How long will it be before none of the windows phone work anymore??
  • Well, some people also decided to drown with the Titanic instead of trying to escape. To each their long as you realise it's not 1912 anymore.
  • Nobody is going to 'drown' by sticking with W10M, lmao. Its really not that big of a deal. Saves a ton of money too.
  • This did make me laugh
  • It doesn't change anything for me. As long as I can find a phone that runs Windows and there are plenty around. For the first time I'm using a non-Lumia phone Idol 4s and it's so good. I'll never use Android/iOS. Microsoft has done a great job and it's time to kill of W10M so phones can run the full OS. Continuum is great on W10M but why shouldn't we have the full power on a "Surface Phone"? There'll be no stopping the Windows 10 juggernaut folks!
  • @scubaDog +1000
  • Yeah I keep my Lumia 950 XL as well. It is pretty good so far.
  • plzzzzz... change interface....
  • Im very sad i love windows, still using, did u know, i strange to see people using ios n android cannot talk in whatsapp call when cellular phone coming, while windows 10 mobile can, even in nougat n ios today, funny, they think their os super. Ihink windows 10 mobile superior, it done in natural way, awesome, we got uwp, Long life windows phone.
  • My wife uses WhatsApp calling every day on a two-year-old iPhone.
  • She could still use whatsapp calling on a 5 year old iphone.  Thats the beauty of them.   SUPPORT.
  • It just may take longer to boot the app than the first build of W10M because the battery got low. =P
  • Nope.  works fine.  And besides,  it's easy to replace the battery.  So big deal.   STILL HAS THE APPS!  and then the speed too! 
  • A free win 10 copy for remaining windows phone users who have been left alone? I really think it is disgusting how they treat consumers. Shame on MS
  • When I am able to let go of my anger at MS for Mobile and many other things, it allows me to just realize how sad this all is, Mobile especially. My father just bought an Idol 4s because he doesn't want to leave WP. Heck, I'm considering buying 1 and another 1520 to go with my Luma 950XL even though I'm using a Note 8. It just shows how special and enjoyable WP was and is. Even though it's dead, it still creates excitement for everyone who ever cared about it. I know a few people that have left recently, some to Android, some to the iPhone. Every single 1 of them talks about how sad it is that MS screwed this up and abandoned WP because taking the lack of apps out of the equation, they all feel it was the best of the 3 platforms. Cortana was more capable on WP than any other assistant on any other platform. Live Tiles are great, the integration between devices was fantastic. And the UI actually made you enjoy using your phone. Android and IOS just feel cold in comparison. It's really sad. I want to be able to justify spending more money on another phone or putting my Sim back on the XL and using it but I just can't at this point. I sometimes still pick up my 950XL or 1520 just to scroll through the screen for a minute. MS had no idea what they had here and unfortunately most of the world has no idea what they missed out on by never giving WP a chance. If they did, articles like this would have never been written. Shame on MS and Nadella, shame on the press and carriers. And most importantly, shame on consumers for blindly doing what they thought was cool and following others instead of thinking for themselves and trying something different.
  • As much as I liked my time with Windows Phone, I'm not looking back to Microsoft for anything consumer related except maybe Xbox and Surface. Microsoft has proven that they are not capable of moving at the speed at which the industry requires to stay relevant. They will lose in mobile, AI, cloud services, and personal computing software because they can't make something that will turn heads anymore.
  • Microsoft inexplicably seemed to be putting an awful lot of their eggs in the Mixed Reality basket, and less than a year in with Windows Mixed Reality, all but the Samsung VR head set are half off. (bad sign). Microsoft doubling-down on desktop in an era of mobile is like heavily investing in carriages after the Model T introduction. If they're smart, they will not open Andromeda up to third-party hardware developers, presenting it as a device open for software only, like Xbox.
  • Shame consumers??? For what? For not buying a beta junk OS??? You call win10mo a stable OS??? When the 950s were launched to the USERS you blame, they were launched with a pathetic OS, nothing but bugs! What did you expect?? Sorry but not everyone was eager to be MS's guinea pig.
  • What does Microsoft gain in lying
  • Nothing in reality. They still think users are stupid and buy their lies and crap talking...well, some fanbabies here still do, you know, those insiders working for free for MS's junk products.
  • When it comes to the end, should be sent phone to Microsoft !
  • Lol
  • Send it to Nutella, with letter saying that he killed it.
  • Guess it's time to windows device recovery my Lumia 650
  • 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
    Can't believe I'm not even sad about it.
  • Guess you've moved on from this relationship...
  • No. It's not about moving on.. Like I've always said, just because I get an Android device, doesn't mean I'm abandoning anything. I still have my 950, and I use it everyday. I'll get an Android device for a new camera, apps, support, and new hardware, etc.... But, the second Andromeda hits, I'll be on that like a nat on a dogs dick. If my work pays for it, why not???
    It's really just about having the best connected experience possible, and having the best of both worlds.
    The only thing I'm moving on from is extreme bias.... Now, I'm just moderately biased🙂
  • That is a pretty non-descript response.  Does it mean "no mobile builds ever" or "no mobile builds this week"???  That really isn't descriptive enough to say no mobile builds ever again.  
  • Let it go.
  • ...Rambo
  • Ahahahahahahahaha!
    🤣🤣🤣 You've had 2 years to prepare for this moment. Wake up!
  • Two years later I can still make phone calls, check my mail and send text messages.
  • OMG.  SCOTT IT"S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stop really are getting pathetic. No mobile builds EVER! IT's DEAD already, it's been dead ever since launched in that pathetic state.
  • Realized that yesterday when filling out the Annual Insider Program Survey. Wherever they said Windows 10 devices in context of WIP, they listed devices like PC, tablets, HoloLens, XBOX, IoT, but they noticeably left out Mobile/Smartphone from the list of devices.
  • I deleted it so I didn't see it. Good eye, thanks for sharing this.
  • At this point it is not MS killing all these consumer products and services it is the way they are treating the customrs of these products and services. Complete lack of respect, they won't even talk to us we have to learn about everything by one off tweets. I'm really getting tired of this crap.
  • Well, someone will jailbreak it and a Russian dev will take over and then ppl will complain and MS will then sue. So y not save all this energy and keep developing the damn platform. Can't someone understand loyalty?? Is it always the majority over that? I won't change my phone because android and ios is the market. I hate even using other service than MS. But whos listening ??
  • I don't understand why people still sticking with wm? It's dead, give up. I did. Loving my note 8, any app I want in this world and pretty much daily updates for apps.
  • Best decision ever. Enjoying my One Plus 5T. Moving to Android was like a breath of fresh air.
  • You don't understand because you're perfectly fine using Android and some are perfectly fine using iOS.  Some of us hate both of those user experiences. Still fewer of us not only hate those experiences, but also hate Apple as a company and Google as a company and want as little to do with them as possible.  So, if you're happy where you're at now, that's great. For you. There is absolutely NOTHING offered on either of those systems that I want or need.
  • Ya know, ScubaDog, I'm sure I speak for many people round here. You have WAY TOO MUCH HATE apparently going on in your life. These are material possessions. Sure, we're all fans, but hating a company, or a phone, or an OS? Dislike it, sure, but hate? You claim so strongly that you hate those platforms and will never use them. Have you actually, properly used either of them? Because I can't imagine you have, not properly, and not in 2018 when both are at their very best. My advice is to bring a little more happiness and less hate into your life. Embrace what's good in the world. Keep using whatever phone you want to use and enjoy it. But you should really stop hating companies and inanimate objects.
  • Respect his decision. I also am not fond of Google. My principles as a human trump my desire to own a matrial possession, as you put it. Google doesn't gel with my values, so I don't use their products. Apple is alright, but their OS is just boring.
  • No, there is good reason to hate Google. A company that has gotten too big and now thinks they can and should tell people how to think. Don't be evil, Google will do that for you.
  • HOW does google make me think?  please fanboy bebo please.   Do tell.  You are ******* wacky.
  • Google feeds stories and news in searches and Google now to highlight one way to think about things. It highlights good reviews for something and bad reviews for opposite things.
  • I don't see any stories and news any different than I do in bing...MS does the exact same thing. 
  • He's just a fanboy Richard.   MS is an angel,  and google and apple are THE DEVIL!!!!!!  Typical fanboy drivel.  
  • He is not talking literal, he is talking about that Google don't want to put there own apps on WP/WM.
  • @R Devine I HATE them too!  And nothing will change that!  Just because I HATE these companies doesn't mean some how I hate everything in life.  Yes, I'm sure there's nothing in this life you hate.  You like everything.  Great for you.  Some of us can take a stand on certain things and that's our choice.  You choose to feel differently that's good on you.
  • I once read an interesting survey that was done amongst people who avoid apple products, the survey found that the majority of them experienced Apple and thus decided to reject it. I can concur since I sank some money into their products and was extremley dissapointed by their approach (I wasn't aware about their policies and strategies), In any case I am happy to have had that experience, I now know that this is not the right company for me.
  • It is clear you do not understand. I have a Sony Xperia XA1, I have set it up and that is that. Having updated apps are nice but I do not love the Android phone or ecosystem. It is a necessary evil and something I had not choice with. No, iOS was not an option because I will not spend $500 or more on a breakable item.
  • Apps updating daily is not necessarily a good thing...
  • Yep, that's the worst.
  • Yeah & after EVERY app update, you have to go back & move each app from phone memory back to the SD card. Smfh
  • It's better to have constant fixes and get new features than not get any fixes. Remember Instagram beta on wp? That was never updated, not exactly a good thing.
  • Actually daily updates means you ARE the beta tester. That is the poor concept that these companies want to put on its users in the guise of "giving consistent new features and updates". In the end its actually a poor experience for the customer as you never know what is going to break next. Its the exact opposite of yearly updates for features. A middle ground is the preferred option in my opinion. 
  • I tried Android, it's horrible
  • Made me sick 😁
  • Instead of killing things one by one, please die Microsoft. then I'll move to some other platform.
  • Then they should release the latest build as non insider. Pretty much hinting the next gen device is coming, Andromeda.
  • There is no "next gen device coming".  Microsoft is now 100% behind doing iOS and Android apps when it comes to phone-like devices.  There's nothing more.
  • Phone like devices, your words. Andromeda won't necessarily be a phone. And when it brings something new to the table, consider yourself hitched. And that's how the world works.
  • Except that nothing new is coming to the table.   It’s a Windows tablet.   Running the same old Windows software.  That it (might) fit in your pocket does not change its basic functions.   Assuming it DOES fit in your pocket AND it has a phone number, then it will be seen as a new Windows Phone.   Would you be saying “something new is coming to the table” because of a folding screen iPhone?   Did you say “something new came to the table” with the recently released folding screen Android phones?
  • What will get axed next?
  • They just said they are dedicated to Cortana so probably Cortana.
  • I agree. I bought an Invoke and I wouldn't be surprised to be speaking to Alexa from it with no Cortana on the device anymore after an update in the Fall.
  • There are some rumors that Bing is ready to be axed, or at least scrapped by some of it's functionality. I would not be surprised...As for Cortana, I give "her" a few months to live until that bold "genius" decides to kill it, as he did with others.
  • So only safety and bug-fixes updates to expect from MS BUT!!! Apps will be up dated as long as possible which will be hardware for Mobile I guess!? I'll be using my Lumia 950 till December 10 2019 for now. Maybe when MS bring the foltable Surface Phone running full Windows10 and tests are positive in several news-sites, pricing is not to high and my Lumia is dieing or all ready dead.
  • Complete strategic fail by Nadella
  • Oh well, just so long as the phones I have continue to function properly, I am fine with this. It is not like my Android phone receives any real consistent updates either.
  • If it is using the Play Store it consistently gets updated by Google directly every few weeks.
  • This isn't really news (as mentioned in the article). I would hope the people who are still using Mobile weren't expecting new builds other than security fixes. If the Microsoft apps stop working, then that would be news. But at this point, phone still works so I don't need to shell out on a whole nother device yet.
  • same here just hoping someone can get the HP elite x3 Boothloader Unlocked
  • They should just kick everyone out of the program and allow people to opt in and get access to the internal Cshell builds since it doesn't matter anymore. Let people do it at their own risk of bricking.
  • Exactly
  • Wow. Another nail in the coffin for me.
  • If you're dead why do you worry about nails?
  • If you're dead why do you worry about nails?
  • My windows mobile coffin got nailed shut 2 years ago.   Just took a little longer than expected to get to this OBVIOUS point.
  • Cortana is next on the chopping block.  F U Microsoft!
  • Same kind of announcement came when JoeB said Windowsphone was dead. A tweet to one person. It reflects the importance Microsoft feels it needs to have to the people who bought Windowsphone. However, don't worry they have a Surface Unicorn coming for $1000 later this year. Ironically Windows 10 Mobile is now usable. Released with beta quality. Barely usable due to crashes and memory leaks until the creators update. If they built a Windowsphone today it would be a on a sound OS that had matured over 2 years after the 3 reboot of phone.
  • It shows how few people bought Windows phones. Not enough for Microsoft to care at all.
  • Exactly.   Around 110 million Windows Phones sold, over the life of the Lumia line.  Roughly 6 - 7 years.  Throw in the HPs and Alcatel and other models, maybe 115 million tops. Considering how many models everyone seems to have had (including me), and the timespan (replacements), that translates to maybe 35 million active users at best, at the peak.   Probably closer to 25 million.  Selling 100  million over 6 years does not mean you had 100 million users.   No way. Yes, 35 million users SEEMS like a lot, but consider that there are around 2 billion PC users in the world.   Where would you concentrate YOUR efforts?  Throw in the facts that there are 35 million iPhones sold in a month and probably that many Android phones in a week, and it’s easy to see 35 million WP users as a drop in the ocean.   Sad, but true.  Business is business, and not personal.   “Loyalty” has nothing to do with anything.  
  • Why does it matter ?
  • Plans change? Jason Howard kiss my dick!
  • The "not with a bang, but a whimper" line is so lazy and cliched. Just stop.
  • I've a 640 which won't get w10 CU although i get it via insider build. Should i use device recovery and go back to previous feature update so i get security updates? I'm not going to get security updates on insider anymore?
  • Personally I think this means that Andromeda is gaining momentum for (a probable) release and the pieces they wanted to work on with legacy mobile are complete. MS has what they need and can shift focus. If you think about what Dan has been saying recently about WCOS, all of the leaks about the Andromeda device, it makes sense that this has happened. I love my 950XL and I will keep using it until the new device comes out.
    I think that, with everything the staff here at WC have been saying recently, and the shifts over the last few years at MS, we are at the point where something interesting and exciting is about to happen. Dan often says expect something around the U.S fall (autumn for the rest of us) so I am going to wait and see how the next few months play out.
  • Meh, with the feature lock it was inevitable. My 950 is still getting security updates so I'm good.
  • Abandon ship! I'll cry in my life boat as she sinks in the distance
  • No, Microsoft accept/admin the WP/WM is dead.
  • Sounds like every MS fanboy's definiton of apple there Matt.
  • You could cross out "Insider Program" on this headline and it would still be appropriate. *sigh*
  • I`m still rockin a L650 and despite everything it works for me!
  • Microsoft owes every W10m device owner an unlocked boothloader so development out ide of the can begin. I was considering to buy an xbox one x but i change my mind a they might abandon that too
  • Good news is that there have been a lot of new Android phones with some great features that are being released presently and in the near future. On another note, Samsung Pay is the bomb!
  • Sticking with my brand spanking new Elite x3 lapdock bundle until Andromeda comes around. If that gets the "plans change" treatment, then it will be a sim enabled win 10 tablet for me :)
  • My 640 still working fine but getting old so getting a 950 and one or two spare batteries . Sorry i just love the OS which in my view is very artistic .
  • I'm still using a Nokia Lumia 730 and a L650 and both are working just great. I'm sticking it as long as I can.
  • Well I think most people knew this day would arrive eventually; I already use the OnePlus 3T as my daily driver and I have the iPhone 8 Plus from my employer. I do still have my Lumia 640 which I picked up for $39 and reverted to 8.1 (8.10.15148.160) for performance reasons. I recently picked up the Idol 4S for $99 and it’s running the latest build of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 (10.0.15254.158). I have owned many Lumia and several non-Lumia phones during my journey with Windows Phone/Mobile:   Alcatel IDOL 4S – this is my current and last Windows Phone and it really is the best of all in my opinion – it runs Windows 10 Mobile beautifully and the SD card capability will likely make it my dedicated music player now that my Lumia 640 is getting slower HP Elite x3 – provided by my employer and was eventually "upgraded" to the iPhone 8 Plus; noticeably better performance than the 950XL but camera was pitiful HTC Trophy – my first Windows Phone; used Seven-Eighter to update to 7.10.8862.144 and later sold HTC 8X – wife's first Windows Phone – was a great phone overall until she "upgraded" to iPhone 6S HTC One M8 – decent phone and enjoyed the Dot View case, but I preferred the Lumia 929 Icon so I sold it Lumia 520 – bought as music playback device due to its low cost, FM radio and SD card; gave away to my nephew Lumia 635 – same as 520; it really needed 1GB RAM to run Windows 10 Mobile smoothly, so I gave it to my sister Lumia 640 – still my dedicated music player to this day; same features as 635 but with much better hardware; I reverted to Windows Phone 8.1 because it still runs that better than Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 650 – tried it out and sold; the price didn’t equate with the quality and the 640 was good enough Lumia 900 – 2nd Windows Phone that was unfortunately stranded and stuck with WP7.8; sold it Lumia 928 – loved this phone because of its camera & xenon flash; I dropped it from a high distance :( Lumia 929 (Icon) – this was the replacement for my departed 928 – it was an upgrade in almost every way; it was hard to part with this phone but the IDOL 4S was $99 and superior in nearly every way so I sold it Lumia 950 XL – disappointing overall, especially for the price and Lumia pedigree; sold after I picked up the IDOL 4S Lumia 1020 – still one of the best phone cameras ever – too bad its hardware performance held it back; sold it Lumia 1520 – I still prefer the overall form-factor of the 929 Icon but I can understand why this is many folks’ favorite Windows Phone; I sold it when I decided that I firmly preferred the Icon.
  • It doesn't change anything for me. As long as I can find a phone that runs Windows and there are plenty around. For the first time I'm using a non-Lumia phone Idol 4s and it's so good. Microsoft has done a great job and it's time to kill of W10M so phones can run the full OS. Continuum is great on W10M but why shouldn't we have the full power on a "Surface Phone"? There'll be no stopping the Windows 10 juggernaut folks!
  • I am going to enjoy the ride to the end of the world with my Lumia 950. It's going to be nostalgic.
  • It wasn't a "change of plans". They planned it back in RS2 beta days in 2016, and just didn't have the balls to tell users. Come on, anyone who didn't see it coming for (at the very least!) a year is delusional.
  • Microsoft abandon its users like a toilet paper so many times.I will not use any of their product beside Windows anymore. As I can remember included Kin,Zune,Windows RT,XNA,Groove Music,MSN Soapbox,Kinect and now W10M.
  • God, I hate Social Media and what it does to people.!! Win 10 on phones is coming.
  • you are either an idiot or someone paid by that bold moron to come here and try to fool users again...:))) or both :))
  • Also the band
  • I will continue using my Lumia 950 until surface comes out if not let it die completely,
    I'm not gonna switch to that laggy android which is powered by 1000Ghz processor having 500GB Ram but still lags.
  • I will continue using my Lumia 950 until surface comes out if not let it die completely
  • Before the end of 2018 or Spring 2019
  • Think I got to start saving for an iPhone or pray the Surface Phone is built or else hope this idol 4s last.
  • By the time the surface phone or Andromeda comes out, myself and others would have migrated out of the Microsoft ecosystem. It will takes something special to bring us back. Killing the W10M platform before bringing something for the users who have been loyal to the platform is just stupid.
  • The writing was on the wall with the disastrous 950XL release. I bought it knowing very well that it was the last flagship we'd see. I was occasionally using it up until late 2017. However the manner in which Android moved ahead pretty much sealed WM10's fate.
    The only ****** thing about windows phone was the poor communication from MS we had to suffer through.
  • Strange thing, I really like my Lumia 950 & 950XL. You are right about the poor communication. I've adopted the 950 very late, about a year and half ago. This was due to not knowing about improvement of the platform. I made the switch from Android due to seeing potential in the platform. If they had marketed the product better, I've and many other users and developers made have seen the potential earlier or at all.
    At the time, if I wasn't for me researching for a change, I've never would have known about the benefits of continuum. Goes to show, you don't need to have the best technology to survive in the consumer space. Sales, marketing and looking cool is what triumphs.
  • The 950s will keep us going very well until the new "Surface Phone". No need to change. I WONT GO BACK to Android or Apple.
  • Yep...yep!!!
  • This is where the 950/950XL were a good choice. I'm happy to be off Android and Apple and will get the Surface phone a few months after launch.
  • Sure glad now I didn't pull the trigger on the $100 Idol 4s deal, or was it a deal? Oh MSFT and their antics... Wouldn't be a bit surprise if I woke up one morning and turning on  one of my three Windows Phones only to be greeted with "PERMANTLY CLOSED" LOL.
  • 950 and 950 xl will continue on past the launch of new full Windows Phone.
  • Can be back? Imagine that, Let's go back on Windows 1.5 the new version. I hope there is a great apps. Can you like or dislike this comment. (it just my think and imagination).
  • Full Windows 10 on a phone device before the end of '18
  • Time to stop pretending mobile isn't dead
  • Mobile is dead but full windows on a phone device isn't.
  • useless without apps and a proper touch smoking crap, fanboy.
  • Wow...a lot of hate for Android and IOS. Funny thing is I just went in feet first with Microsoft.  I know it was dead/dying but that still did not stop me from picking up a dirt cheap Alcatel Idols4.  Picked up a new display dock for peanuts too. Typing this now on continuum now actually. Point being is I have an Essential PH-1 as my daily. Been using Android for years and invested into their ecosystem pretty heavily (Home Mimi, smart lights, ect) but I still love tech and Windows in general. Not sure why people have to have one or the other? Have both? Seriously...each have their own strengths and weaknesses so why just settle on one or feel "forced" to switch. If you like Win10 Mobile, keep it.  I plan on using this along with my PH-1 for a good while.  
  • The Windows 10 phone is coming. Not sure what they will call it, but Mobile has been its proving ground.
  • Well it's the end for me now using Windows 10 mobile it's been great but times have changed now android phones are the future for me now luckily i converted months back now i can finally put my Microsoft mobile in the recycling bin. Good bye windows 10 mobile.
  • And hello Surface Phone.
  • So, are we supposed to remove our phones from the Insider Program? I've got no interest in continuing to give them Telemetry data on a device that gets no new features. If I pull the phone off the program, will I still get the bug/security patches? They really need to work on their communication. I don't even use Twitter.... What a juvenile way to handle this news. Yeah, we knew it was coming... but shouldn't that Sarkar (however you spell her name), publish something official to this effect? What's her purpose other than spewing buzzwords if it isn't to inform users of the Insider Program of changes? When I find a high end Dual Sim Dual Active Android 8 phone with a 6" screen that doesn't sacrifice the use of a microSD slot.. I'll switch. Unfortunately, all of the recent high end Android phones are dual sim / passive..... and sacrifice a microSD... for now, I'll stay with the 950XL as long as the apps function (I ordered a front facing camera module.. let's see if we can get that working again.... sheesh).
  • The Surface Phone is coming.
  • The funny part is that Windows 10 mobile is by now quite performant and stable plus it looks very aesthetic . If you don't fancy 1 million apps , i don't , it is a very good OS and supported by affordable hardware unlike Apple . Only issue is that it took Microsoft 6 years to reach that point after starting 3 years late . How are you suppose to compete in the consumer business when you are so slow ?
  • Sad, sad, sad. Tons of potential wasted in pursuit of Nadellas Cloud only, AI only, software only strategy.
  • :)))) LOL, where are those delusional fanboys claiming win10mo is not dead, now? :)) PATHETIC! this OS was nothing but a junk beta project from the start, nothing even close to WP8.1.
  • Surface phone is coming and will be served with the full Windows Insider Program
  • Good bye Insider Program. Good bye Windows 10 Mobile.  I have always been an insider from the moment such a thing was possible.  Once Microsoft publically killed Windows 10 Mobile (by discontinuing Lumia development), I decided to trade in my 950 for an iPhone 7.  Okay, not trade in. Throw away.   While I will miss the resetting, downloading, installing, and restoring like I miss pouring hot coffee on my eyes, I can say that I found the experience valuable and loved providing feedback where I could.  I feel like Microsoft really led the world of mobile in making such programs almost necessary in testing new builds and features. Now. I am on an iPhone. I have an Apple Watch.  I am able to use my iPhone because of Microsoft's committment to compete on other platforms.  I look forward to any future development in the Windows 10 Mobile space, but each passing day makes a switch back that much harder.  I love my Apple Watch and the convenience it affords me for tickets, paying for things, timers, tracking fitness, and making phone calls.    I am now using an Apple TV 4K.  Now that Apple has joined the consortium Movies Anywhere, I can buy moves from Amazon, VUDU, Disney, or iTunes and watch them using ANY of those services.  It makes a switch back to Microsoft Video even less likely.  Now that I passed my XBOX to my nephews, I will never get to watch my XBOX Video purchases again. Unless they make an iOS app for such a thing, join the consortium, or I put a XBX in my living room.  Thankfully, at least they provided me an option for my XBOX Music collection in the form of Spotify. I love many of the things Microsoft has designed and developed. I don't like what they've killed, abandoned to atrophy, or forgotten about. I hope for a change towards consumer devices, again, but remain skeptical.  Here is hoping Microsoft sorts out their identity crisis sooner rather than later and before it's too, too late.   RIP Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Surface phone is coming and will be best for business.
  • :))))) yeah that junk X3 was?? :))
  • Remember powering down my Blackberry for the last time, that was emotional. I don't want to go through that with Windows phone. Still using my 650 dual sim and have a new 650 in sealed box when this one quits, if it does...
  • Gonna use my Lumia 950 XL to it dies. Then I shall find another windows phone. I use browsers for most taks anyway. Surface Phone will be my next phone ☺🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤
  • Well all the goods stuff of mobile are now coming in windows 10 desktop or laptop. lets see how Microsoft convert their OS in portable device. Laptop is still too heavy and very expensive as compare to mobile phone. Plus the size of the application is too big as compare to windows phone or android phone. They are launching budget segment laptop but they are garbage. Celeron CPU... just waste of money like lumia 650.
  • Parafraseando a a Padme: «Y así es como termina Windows 10 Mobile»
  • Paraphrasing to Padme: «And that's how Windows 10 Mobile ends»
  • I'll stick with my 950XL for another year. My next phone will probably be a Librem 5 for these reasons: 1) No end of support due to entrenchment or sell you the "Next big thing" (Windows/Android/Apple) 2) No intentional slow down 3) No back doors, complete seperation between hardware components with physical off/on switch 4) No government spying as it isn't developed by a large hw/sw cooperation in the pocket of the country 5) No need for dedicated software (iTunes) or hardware (Apple cables/machines) 6) Fully customizable <link removed>  
  • My 950 freeze is very slow
  • I shall keep using my 950XL till I cannot revive it anymore.  It is a superb bit of kit.  I love W10 and the integration with my PC's, tablet etc. And the camera is still working beautifully, so why change.
    Come on MS, there are many of us who still love W10 mobile, please keep it going!
  • I still recommend people to buy windows phone since lumia 950xl and 950 are so cheap you cant get a better camera in this price range as they are now... And windows store still have major apps and work fast on lumia 950xl... Compare to android which are in this budget... It has fast charging 2k oled display , best camera w10m is smooth now... With each bug fix the os gets faster compare to android which get slower...
  • That's why I still keep using my Lumia 950 XL. It works like a charm. Damn good smart phone. Damn good camera. Damn safe operating system 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤
  • The biggest mistake in windows phone was they said that its a lite os which run smooth on low hardware but it was not the case , i have 640 and 950xl and now i think they just had to announce 950xl only for w10m , which i think handle the os better... Way better... W10m needs high hardware not low... Thats why they have in mind to a phone for enterprise not consumer, and want to put full latest and best Powerful hardware to run the software and would be the one phone in a year
  • Lumia 950XL until it dies, or something else better replaces it.
  • Go Android and Chromebook. I give up on Microsoft Phone and freaking out on Surface pro and book. Microsoft is not a promising company. Probably my Xbox one will die soon too since Sony ps4 sales is the winner. Xbox might varnish soon. This is how Microsoft do business. Also how about cloud competition? OneDrive or GDrive Horizon cloud? Also many others that cost only $59.99 for lifetime? Microsoft will kill badly on OneDrive again? Too bad, I'm no longer Microsoft fan anymore. I'm into Android and very please with it. WordPress and themes and browser are great stuffs. Windows os can be replaced soon.
  • Windows 10 Mobile still the BEST!
  • Wrong area post. Never mind.
  • Did Le blanc say "ever"?
  • How funny is this ****. MS ends support for WP, but yet they are again selling Lumia's on their online store AT FULL PRICE! If that isn't tacky, then I sure as hell do not know what would be. I may have to check out the Nokia 8 Sirocco.