Windows 10 Mobile rumored to add support in the future for MediaTek chips

Microsoft is trying to get more OEMs to release devices that run Windows 10 Moble. Now there's word that the company could add support for running the OS on processors made by Taiwan-based MediaTek, which if true could open up Windows 10 Mobile for more hardware companies.

According to the German-based, sources during the recent Mobile World Congress 2016 show stated that Windows 10 Mobile has met all the requirements for running on MediaTek chips, such as the Helio P10 and Helio X10 and X20. MediaTek chips tend to be much cheaper than their Qualcomm counterparts while offering performance that is close to or at that of Qualcomm's processors. If Windows 10 Mobile can support MediaTek hardware, it could open up the OS to be released on a whole new range of cheaper smartphones.

We have already seen at least one Windows 10 Mobile product running on a non-Qualcomm processor. At CES 2016, the Pipo U8T tablet was shown using the OS but running on an ARM-based Rockchip RK3288W SoC.


John Callaham