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Windows 10 PC and Mobile preview build 14361 released to Insiders on the Fast Ring

Microsoft has released Windows 10 PC and Mobile preview build 14361 for members of the Insider program in the Fast ring.

In a blog post, Microsoft's Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar stated:

It's been a week since the hand-off of the big red button and I can't tell you how much I have appreciated the enthusiasm I have seen from all of you. You have kept me on my toes 24 hours a day with your questions, comments and humor, and I have so enjoyed getting to know so many of you. Thank you for all of the bug reports and Feedback Hub posts. We look at each and every one of them and have tried to create a build that will help you go about your business. Keep it coming!

  • Downloading...
  • Downloading ^_~
  • I reckon there will be one more insider build in a couple of weeks, then the one after will be the release build with no watermark. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Her 'Late this week' is Fast n Furious of ours
  • Still won't be able to deploy from Visual Studio :(  
  • At least they posted the issue in this build unlike 14356. We had to find out the hard way. :(
  • Dona is kicking ass with these builds!
  • Hi guys! I hv a problem with insider program........when i choose fast ring it doesn't show any when i update with release preview program it updated to windows 10 it doesn't show any update in fast ring device is L525..
  • 525 don't get official fast ring redstone builds.
  • So is there any way to get fast ring update on lumia 525
  • Not unless you do some registry hack.
  • Approximate size? Does it allow us to download with our cellular data?
  • Find near by free wifi
  • Excited to see Zac review this build.. Saying hey there guys this is Zac from Windows Central..
  • Woo hoo!  I can't wait to see what's here!
  • Ooo excellent... Mobile, SB and PC now checking
  • Seems faster.
  • Still no panorama feature on mobile
  • MS should concentrate on non-insider updates too..... instead of solving several issues in their official windows 10 OS they are jumping into redstones and stuff...... pls release bugless Official OS.... people are not interested to purchase Windows phones... see reviews in online and they suggest not to go for W10 mobiles.
  • I m not able to see the Update
  • Da current updates are increasingly becoming worse,when using alphabets to access an app,"S" becomes "P",I still can't access my mobile data,background wallpapers doesn't change any longer .dis happens on my L730.
  • You have kept me on my toes 24 hours a day
    Does she ever sleep ;)
  • This what you call interesting. Whats interesting in it?
  • Im getting the gray loop at a certain time