Windows 10 for phone supports USB Mass Storage, peripherals and hubs

Microsoft has shed more light on what USB scenarios the Windows 10 for Mobile SKU will support during their WinHEC conference in China.

Microsoft has added support for the new USB Type-C standard for Windows 10 for phone, which is not only smaller than Type-A but offers more power and functions. Apple – to cheers and jeers – announced that their new MacBook would sport this (and only this) port in lieu of their mag connector or standard USB port.

Now, it is clear that hardware vendors can not only build Windows Phones with USB Type-C but also enable various device class drivers.

In one of the slides in the presentation, a list of USB Host class drivers is given that are supported in the Windows 10 for Mobile SKU. The drivers include:

  • USB Hubs 
  • Human Interface Device (HID) for keyboard and mice
  • USB Mass Storage 
  • USB Audio in / out 

Additionally, USB Serial Devices, USB Bluetooth, and Generic USB Host Driver are also mentioned. However, it looks like USB driver installation by the user will not be supported.

USB Dual Role is also allowed. This format just means the phone can change between USB Host or USB Device (like when you plug in a video camera to your computer and it gives you options for connecting).

Finally, in an interesting slide from the same presentation, multiple devices are shown as being able to connect to Windows Phone running Windows 10, including an Xbox controller and external display.

We should caution that there is no evidence that proper docking is supported by the Windows 10 for Mobile SKU, as has been rumored. In fact, during a session dedicated to docking in Windows 10, phone was specifically avoided in the discussion for vendors. However, the USB support outlined here goes a long way in delivering something analogous for owners of Windows 10 on the phone.

There is no doubt that being able to connect up USB peripherals to your phone or 7-inch tablet is the dream for mobile enthusiasts. Microsoft looks to be making this a reality when USB Type-C products become more widely available in the second half of 2015 (just in time for that flagship Lumia).

Source: Channel 9

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This for me is huge news as it opens up the phone to a whole new avenue of usage scenarios. Plus yeah, gaming on your phone could be fun.
  • I'm so excited and happy! But tired of waiting!
  • Indeed - I think it's tough to disagree there
  • USB-C is amazing
  • Asphalt 9 would be fun!
  • Sick! Wow this is HUGE!
  • But there are no phones.
  • Stay with me here...I know this might sound like crazy talk, but what if they released new phones that support these features AFTER the required OS and software has been released?  That way, the new phone hardware would actually work. 
  • You made my day ! :)
  • Eh why not.
  • HTC One M8 for windows might support. since HTC one M8 for android should already support USB OTG, with totally same hardware design.
  • At the very least, all devices compatible with Lumia Camera 5.0 on Denim should be compatible, in my opinion. But hopefully older devices like the 1020, 920, 520, etc. are also eligible, seeing as their chipsets are technically compatible, and are just waiting for the proper OS support to enable it. But those same devices are also technically compatible with Miracast, but that never got enabled for them either... :/
  • There goes Ubuntu's plans for mobile.  
  • so current USBs are left to dry?
  • They have adapters.
  • Plenty of current Android devices support it via a male-micro USB cable to Female USB Type-A connector. I see no reason why current Windows Phone models shouldn't be the same, assuming Microsoft actually enables it for older hardware.
  • MICE!!!!!
  • So huge
  • Daniel, I can totally see a scenario with an Intel x3 powered WP having a dock stand with all your peripherals plugged in and it switches to a desktop mode and can then run your x86 desktop software. Basically an extension of the tablet mode switching in the desktop version of Win10. That would, I think, be a sort of holy grail to be able to literally just take your desktop with you like that. I could see a massive market for that sort of thing with business travelers. My biggest concern would be if it is powerful enough to handle your desktop apps. I suspect it wont be present in the initial release but once Intel proves the chips' capabilities then I think we might see it in GDR1 or 10.1, probably sometime next year.
  • MS obviously sees that coming at some point in the future and they are in the best position to execute it by far, but I think the hardware still has a ways to go.  The performance per watt that will be available in the next year or so is still not good enough to provide a good desktop experience on a phone size device.
  • The exact same idea which Nair show in his surface phone concept!!! On
  • 8" & up = "desktop" w/ win32 apps. < 8" = phones, phablets, sm tablets. No dsktp.
  • And if no desktop built in then it could be useful for Remote Desktop. Hopefully they will support keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth as well - that plus Miracast and wireless charging... With support for sufficiently high resolutions via Miracast, you could actually make a nice little media center out of a Windows Phone or other device running that OS. Of course support for landscape on the start screen would be helpful then.
  • I like how Dan finishes with "flagship phone". Thanks for the timeframe hint. *wink wink
  • Playing racing games on your 1520 using the Xbox controller. That would be awesome.
  • I would love the option to backup to USB drives instead of the cloud. Fingers crossed!
  • I so hate all the cloud stuff. I prefer local storage under my own supervision.
  • Me, too. I would rather have no backup than cloud backup. All my music exists on CDs so no DRM policy, monthly subscription, platform incompatibility or whatever can take it away from me! I just rip em old school to my computer and copy to my phone and have zero problems!
  • Yeah, I hate it when MS employees read through my dozens of old boring documents./s The only thing they scan for is stuff like CP. Although I wouldn't put sensitive legal documents in the cloud.
  • Only I'll see it when I believe it. Manufactures have had a while to add micro usb3(aka esata) support but costs have been a limiting factor
  • Sounds good
  • I hope this is for all lumia phones that can have windows 10, would prolong my current 925's life expectancy by as much as 1 year or so depending on if they make an upgraded version of it or not.
  • Glad wp is getting this! I have the gaming feature on my sony xperia z3v, but yet to try it! Cmon windows! More features!
  • Yeah great article.... BIG NEWS!!! Windows 10 on phone will be Amazing... hope USB mass storage will work with Lumia 1520 after windows 10
  • Feel exactly the same!
  • There wouldn't be a need for this if MS made the XBOne controller work with their mobile dvices via Bluetooth. Also, there are Bluetooth mice and keyboards available. Everything is aiming for less cables and more wireless connections, good thing we're taking one step forward and two steps back.
  • I think Xbox controllers only work with IR blasters like the Tab 4 or HTC One.
  • Xbox One controller dont support Bluetooth.
  • Finally!!!
  • Did anyone notice the earpiece on the phone mock up? Does any present Lumia sport that? Or its a new phone I wonder...
  • looks like they are looking into proper docking as well
  • I disagree with that assessment. Go read the presentation dedicated to docking where they actually go into detail. Phone/Mobile is not mentioned anywhere. There is no reason why that topic would be avoided, as this would be hiding information from their hardware OEM partners who are going to build these products. I think people are reading way too much into that image without any facts to back it up. Also, that page has been removed, which says something about it too.
  • ?? it was up on MSDN yesterday, now it's not. It fall in line with most of this article (wired)
  • Like I said, go through the presentation on docking in Windows 10. Nothing for phone is mentioned to their OEM partners.
  • ah, your full reply wasn't there when i posted my reply.   Just my opinion, it could have ben posted too early, not a final doc or maybe it's not supposed to exist at all for phones. Who knows. The fact that it made it that far shows that they did put some work into the thought. Granted, just like everything else concerning Windows 10, things could change between now and it's release. now my concern.... will wireless docking (on any device) still have that slight delay, or will windows 10 make that delay non-noticable? (still working through all those slides)
  • Whether they are is uncertain, but don't you think they should? Why not release a flagship phone or phablet running Windows 10 that can be docked--connected to a keyboard, mouse, external monitor, and USB ports, making the Windows 10 phone the ultimate in portable computing? Going to work, undock your phone, toss it in your pocket, whip it out on the train while commuting to work or play, get to work and dock it into your other docking station. Boom. Sounds awesome.
  • Cause Windows 10 for Mobile (SKU) is a different OS/image from Windows 10 for Desktop (SKU). They run the same kernel, same UI elements, same Modern apps, but the orientation of the Phone is different than a monitor. There are still some barriers there, including underpowered hardware.
  • Hey dan! Then may be only flagship docking support...
  • Hardware capable of providing an adequate desktop experience while fitting into a device as constrained as a phone does not currently exist.  Flagship or not, the best ARM, Intel, and AMD processors do not fit the criteria.  Maybe in another couple of years.  When that time comes, MS will already be ready and leading the way, Apple will be playing catchup trying to get iOS and OSX merged, and Google will be screwed.
  • If W8.1 can run on Tegra3, then sure as hell W10 should be able to run on any current Atom or SD8XX -SoC.
  • Windows RT 8.1 is not the same than Windows 8.1
  • Yes Daniel, from what I read so far, Microsoft has classified any device under 8 inches as a mobile device and will only provide the mobile SKU of the OS. However, there are a few questions that are left lingering in my mind. 1) Is the mobile SKU exclusive to ARM processors? It'd be cool if Mobile version of Windows can also run with x86 processors just for capability's sake. 2) Would there be any more tablets released with the Mobile SKU (7 inches) or any 8 inch plus tablets released with ARM processors in them? Windows RT is essentially dead without any path to upgrade devices, this makes me feel that future tablets with Windows 10 might be x86 only to eradicate the confusion Windows RT brought.
  • Remote Desktop or RemoteApp ;) - now you only need an ARM processor and just subscribe to Azure RemoteApp, then you don't need to host it yourself.
  • Because the hardware is nowhere near there yet. Intel, for their part, are multiple generations away from a mobile processor for mobile that is both power efficient and can run full desktop applications.  I'd gather that we're at least five years away from that, if not longer.   If anything, ARM based SOCs will probably get there faster than Intel, who still seem to be floundering in mobile.
  • A simple desktop application is less demanding than a simple WinRT -app. The desktop itself might not be, and certainly Windows itself takes up a lot of storage space, which might be the bigger issue, but if Tegra 3 can run the desktop (even if locked down) decently well, then pretty much any of the current Atoms can as well.
  • XBox Games streaming on Phone would be possible this way! :)
  • Oh, I sure hope so!
  • Microsoft should make the USB Type-C connector a requirement for Windows 10 phones as it will ensure a consistent experience for users, and because it's a future-proof standard. I'm pretty sure many new phones released starting from the second half of the year will be using USB Type-C anyway. Now waiting for a Windows 10 Mobile-optimized Xbox controller that can hold a phone.
  • Hmm, don't think they will mandate that if they want OEMs to reuse their android hardware which use the current port.
  • USB Type-C would be the way forward. I think most manufacturers will follow suit and adopt it quickly for mobile devices.
  • That's not gonna happen, but it would be cool is the next high end Lumia came with 2 USB ports..
    Dual USB ports, and Dual SD card slots... I'm not sure if that's ever been done before, and MS needs something really different with the next high end set of Lumia's...
  • Whoo 730 is ready for u baby(lookin at my Sandisk cruzer blade)!!
  • About time! Was this a patent issue in the past, for mass storage?
  • No.  It was an issue of feature priority.  Most people have no desire to access their thumb drive from their phone.  It's good that it is becoming an option though along with keyboard, etc.
  • Huge news... Thanks MS
  • OTG?
  • Yes, as it says Usb hub and mass storage device.
  • That's what 'Dual Role' means.
  • OTG is actually different. USB C is always dual role so it eliminates the need for OTG.
  • Mmmmm...I must post my dream desk tonight.
  • Good day for Windows journalism
  • Come on guys lets whine about something!
  • Would you like red or white?
  • Cheese goes well with red.
  • Where is that lazy cat, when you need him? Hmm?? THOMAS! Get over here! :p.
  • LOL
  • I hope the Lumia 940 will have USB Type C
  • USB OTG support?
  • Not just otg, web camera, keyboard, gaming controllers, projectors, etc
  • U name it! :p
  • It would be cool if we could play a movie directly from a memory stick.... A lot of scenarios are possible..... Android does a few of these things already, but I'm not sure if you can do all this..
  • It really potentially opens up for some things here. I'd be curious to see some more "server-like" apps as well. You could have even have a small media- or file-server this way. Or how about Kinect? :o - now you could potentially place a Kinect anywhere in the house coupled with whatever (limited) processing power in a WP based device (or some box running the upcoming Windows 10 IoT for Mobile or whatever).
  • I wonder if Splitters will work?
  • What so you mean with splitters? Hubs are supported.
  • What I'm excited about is mass storage support and support for the xbox controller. As that could potentially mean game streaming to phones via the x1 could become a reality, one can hope!
  • The next FlagShip will be premiummmmmmm!
  • Does this mean no more syncing software on the Mac? :-D
  • Microsoft their very serious this time I don't think they forget anything to include in W10
  • Well, they have completed a lit if other features with WP8.1... That means that now they can focus on some fun, and exciting things...
  • So is this the same as USB OTG? Someone school me.
  • It's similar to OTG but much better. OTG is actually fairly limited in what it can allow. This will allow for a much larger number of devices. It is basically a proper USB implementation except that it doesn't allow the user to install drivers.
  • Awesome thanks
  • Hi, I have to root my Android to get USB OTG for Modems. Are you telling me I can do that on the UPCOMING Windows 10 "just like that"??
  • Yep
  • Type c ports can be connected to a USB hub, as written. So yes as far as I know OTG support is there.
  • Thanks
  • MS is doing lots to bring Android user to Windows phone
  • Will USB-C be on tablets, laptops and Pcs? In other words, is USB-C supported 8n Windows 10 across all devices? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I imagine one end of the usb cable would type C and the other end your bog standard connector.
  • Yes.  Windows 10 will support USB 3.1 (type C connections) out of the box.  I'm guessing Windows 8.x will get an update at some point to add support.
  • Sooo many goood newses...... Love u windows 10....
    Now its waiting time....
  • Xbox game on the phone!
  • This is excellent !
    But , USB OTG :'(
    I need it !
    I guess you all do right guys?
  • Look closely at the presentation :p.
  • You do realize that this is better than OTG, right?
  • I think he knows..but irritated coz at present we don't have OTG!
  • This is HUGE! Usb audio devices opens up music production in new ways. Something Apple have huge exclusive options for a long time. I have a dream to use my 1520 as a master recorder from music productions I play with personally.
  • Yup!
  • Imagine what 930 with 4 mics can do!
  • I love the HAAC mics already (+830), and the possibility of being able to plug in mixers/recorders/etc...Well that just makes me a very happy MS Nerd/Bassist!
  • Personally I'm excited for this also, but specifically outputting lossless audio to USB DACs. To be able get the same quality listening experience from my PC on my phone would be AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • And pls provide these option in windows 10 dailpad editing option,
    2.provide t9 search in dailpad, any where copy n paste option recording
    5.notification indication Windows 10 preview for lumia730 navigation bar is missing this is the major problem in Lumia 730 windows phone have super hardware..but software is not utilizing completely....
    These small problems are facing windows phone...pls try to resolve it...
  • I think copy paste and notifications worries are solved and confirmed here rit WC?
  • You might need to tell Microsoft...
  • USB Audio in/out. Awesome. Now we can use audiophile grade AMPS/DACS on our Windows Phones
  • I almost pissed myself when I saw this. I'm already thinking about what I'll buy for my new rig. Some Cypher Labs perhaps?!
  • Tell me about it. Personally I like schit and Fiio. Lets see.
  • I was hoping that was what this meant, i.e. digital audio output for an external DAC.  I'm in for the Indigogo crowdsourced product Geek Wave from LH Labs, ships this year, so the timing is perfect!
  • Absolutely 1000% excited for this!! A pile of Schiit might be in my future...
  • They also mentioned (relatively recently) that the Xbox division was working on a new Xbox One controller design. I know it is doubtful that the design will be explicitly with mobile gaming in mind, but perhaps this indicates that they hope for the new one to natively support newer Windows Phones?   THIS could be a serious reason to switch to Windows 10 for a lot of Android and iOS users. And the controller thing could really help encourage more game development on the platform. Maybe a mobile port of Halo 1? The original xbox only had like 256mb RAM, right? A stripped-down emulation should be possible.   Rudy Huyn, get on it!
  • In theory, yes as it wouldn't be pushing that many pixels given the size phone of screens and the capability of the high snapdragon SOCS. However I doubt they would be working on Halo ports rather streaming from the x1 to phones. As this way they only need to update one version.
  • its just like otg guys..?
  • Not only otg. Mouse, keyboard, webcams,game controllers , and many more ... :)
  • OTG is old. This is newer/better. Mass Storage, USB Host, it's all there in the article.
  • I think u should add OTG in the article to avoid confusion!!
  • MS is making a slow but steady progress now... Next flagship device will have to be unique.
  • Question: Could an adapter allow current devices, when upgraded to 10, allow the current USB inputs to accept this new standard?
  • Well, that is the one million krone question. Hopefully, and i guess as its up to the manufacturer, and most devices are Microsoft's own Lumias, we will have to wait and see what that means for current devices. If Daniel knew specifically he would tell in the article.
    In the last rows of this article it is mentioned that USB C will be the thing that kicks thing in to motion, and to nitpick, it sounds like it may not be happening on old devices. But hey, I believe our great Mr Rubino is also interested to find this out him self, so lets wait and see, but not get our hopes up. That way we can be positively surprised :) Still early days. Maybe one would create a user voice post and get people voting to support at least devices like 930 and 1520, devices that at least should have it.
  • What we currently use is our phone is Micro Usb type B. Usb type C requires a lot more power than type B. So what you're saying is male usb type B end goes into our phone's female port and has a type C on the other end to take advantage of all these features right?
  • Type B isn't forward compatible with C... Lol. If anything is brought to current models, it would have to be simply USB OTG.
  • Yippee!!! This is thing for which I'm waiting for... :D after updating my phone to win 10 I will connect my Xbox console and going to play FIFA 16 :P
  • Awesome news! USB v3.1 support........Now if we can find news if Windows 10 Phone is to use the New Snapdragon 820 this fall? Snapdragon 820 & Windows 10 Phone to be released Q4 2015?
  • Shut up bro! Say good
  • Abit early for the 820, most likely the 810 which still is awesome and only in a handful of phones.
  • Not to be that guy that destroys some hopes and dreams. But Paul just posted some great articles. Here I one:
  • Today, Microsoft on fire
  • Ya. Today's conference in China was the best one but we are unable to see that..but thanks Windows Central team for bringing us all the news :)
  • Does this mean the SD card in the phone will work as an external storage volume when I plug my phone to the PC?
  • Ya
  • It already does...?
  • Currently when you plug your phone to the PC the SD card doesn't show as it own volume (no drive letter assigned) and almost all file synchronization software won't be able to access it.
  • Meaning USB otg is coming?
  • Way better than that!
  • Wow.. Very excited
  • And this day gets better and better. All I need to top it off I new win10 tp for phones release.
  • Shhhh don't jinx it or another WP app will leave the store.
  • Did someone say flagship Lumia :)
  • I'm looking to the announcement of that flagship to see how it compares to my 1520 and whether it's worth it to upgrade
  • Build, next month.
  • If I can use my Xbox controller to play games on my phone that would be good, windows phone left me feeling disappointed lately, with vevo leaving the marketplace, if universal apps work like how Microsoft says it will, we should be able to install a desktop version of vevo for Windows 10 on our phones. The Lumia 1520 and an Xbox controller is a portable gaming console
  • Vevo channel is on Youtube too. Many apps in the store to access it.
  • So I could plug into a monitor, use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and actually do real document editing in Office. Makes my Surface 2 obsolete.
  • This is awesome. This way I can backup and synchronize all my files to my phone properly everytime it's being charged. No regrets buying the 128GB micro SD.
  • The waiting is killing me! AHH!!
  • so basically, after bt keboard support, here comes the usb support for keyboards mouse, controlers and...everything. right? but i have to ask. is all of this new support only for usb type-c? cuz present android phones, with old usb, have at least a part of this usb extended support (OTG). so, my concern is if the rest of us with WPs with old usb will get at least the support which is not hardware limited, or we still wont have access to OTG untill we get a WP with usb type-c?
  • So much excited about Windows 10!! .. Yes even in confused whether I get these on my L930??
  • I'd put money on it that at least the Nokia branded Lumias have the required hardware for OTG, even the later generations of Symbian devices had OTG... Whether the software will ever support that hardware though is a different matter!
  • Awesome! Now unleash this with the Windows 10 Surface Phone!!
  • Yes... MS should name the next flagship as surface mobile ... Must be a competitor to Galaxy s6, htc m9, iphone6... :)
  • This is a lot of news. Is it too late though? Idk I hope not.
  • Nice, but I had USB host in my Nokia E7 few years ago.
  • please make me understand,  we will be able to connect on the released phones usb stuff or only on the upcoming phones
  • Wow super future....
  • Is this OTG support
  • OTG allows you to connect up mass storage device, peripherals, and act like a host by definition. What is described here: you can connect mass storage device, peripherals, and act like a host So...
  • Thanks bro for the clarification
  • Need new insider build plox
  • If they release the next tech preview fast enough, that would be great.
  • Dam #### got real
  • Great work...& a much much thanks for this
  • What I wish in simpler words is support for USB On-The-Go for my Lumia 930, and also some way of connecting to a display by wire, like MHL USB. The device has a microUSB port, so why not? I don't want to buy yet another device just for this, so I am seriously looking to how MS will handle this...
  • Update NFC option in windows 10...Lumia 1320 and some other models too...That would be a great..
  • Mine gaming headphones w/ USB connector now is possible
  • That means OTG will be supported?
  • Oh that's superb news! Finally! Now if they can get openvpn support that would be brilliant!
  • Nice. Nokia N1 leading the pack (if Foxconn/Nokia just would ship it to western world..) As a side note, could windows central ask for review unit and install
    W8.1/W10 (x86) to see if its best (small) windows tablet around.
  • Excellent news
  • Will this work with legacy USB ports? Can't find it there, just USB-C everywhere
  • So Apple took a lot of flak for the USB-C connector on their new Macbook, but it looks like all the other OEMs including Microsoft's mobile division are also going in that direction. I wouldn't be surprised to see only a USB-C port on the Surface Pro 4, in order to be able to make it thinner and lighter.
  • Apple took flak because they only included one port.
  • True. And even that would be OK if there were separate ports for charger / external display / sd-cards. And it's underpowered for the price as well.
  • Nice step for my next lumia
  • I am really excited for next Lumia flagship with W10
  • I didn't understand much the article. Does Windwos 10 for phone supports USB - OTG?
  • Which company invented USB type-c? Just wondering...
  • Multiple companies worked on USB type C
  • Wonder if Microsoft is smart enough to just copy the iPhone 6 and call it a day!  Samsung has do that and why not Microsoft?  Everyone wants an iPhone 6 even if they say they hate it; they still pick it up to hold it!  LOL!
  • Omg, i'm getting more and more excited for w10!! microsoft is sooo kicking ass! iphone? whasthat?
  • RIP Ubuntu Phone.
  • YOu had me at flagship lumia. Surface phone or Riot!
  • Windows phone will finally catch up with the other platforms.
  • nice wolud be to conect a hub with an xbox controler and video output to a monitor/TV. A smartphone would be a game-console!! jaja
  • I might cry.
    I currently carry 2 phones, a laptop and a tablet.
    I almost don't like to think about it, but with proper Universal Office apps plus a mouse & keyboard on my phone... I'll barely need my SP3.
  • OH YES!!!
  • Can't wait to plug in my Xbox One controller into my smartphone.
  • The only phone I know of that can do gaming right now is the Sony xperia z3v on Verizon. I've had the HTC trophy, two 822's and a 928. I got tired of waiting for a flagship, so decided to try something new. FYI, this sony phone has a dedicated canes button like Lumia's and they implement live tiles on Sony's ' what's new ' feature. You can video record your activity on the screen too. I hope wp gets more of these features! Cmon windows 10!
  • How about those with type A, any around or we will be left in the cold
  • Waiting for the say I can drop my PC and laptop, and just connect my phone to a dock with screen and keyboard when I am working, undocking it when I am done.
  • I'm really hoping the 1530 will have a C port. The other thing is I'm hoping they fix the screen issue.
  • Will it be possible to use an adapter to connect USB to my L1520?
  • I hope it happens with Windows 10 for phones... My old N8 has this ability, when I bought my 920 I was surprised to find out it couldn't... It's great to see Windows finally catching up to my old Symbian phone.
  • I still have my n8.i was sad too when my 1020 didn't support otg
  • There are a lot of things that Symbian OS had and windows phone doesn't
  • At last mass storage!!! And what about phone storage make it also mass storage device , cause coping files to phone is a huge pain in the ass!!
  • Great news! #TheForceAwakens
  • Really want W10 for my Lumia 1520, just sayin!
  • It means OTG support is coming for windows phone?
  • That's great, all sorts of industries make proprietary devices with USB-ports, so having at least the ability to access those devices from their own Universal apps is good news for W10, MS needs to make sure the right companies hear about this.
  • Where are those people who say " windows 10 is not going to change anything" . Lmao
  • Wht abt OTG? Is it cumn?
  • Hdmi via usb?
  • I hope the successor to 1020 would have this USB type-c,
  • So now we know we just get some part of the Windows 10 for phones update and none of this on our current devices!
  • Will it work to existing devices?
  • Microsoft will break the barrier with all these peripherals support. This is HUGE if you ask me.
  • Can OTG support on Lumia after windows 10 update?
  • I have reported this 2 or more weeks before when I noticed it in HEC timeline on their site ... :-/
  • LOL, not another, SYMBIAN HAD THIS 10 years ago feature.
  • "There is no doubt that being able to connect up USB peripherals to your phone or 7-inch tablet is the dream for [Windows] mobile enthusiasts." Forgot a word in that sentence.
  • ok this is great but only for type - c? :/ i mean android phones support the regular one too and as windows phone even tho i am pretty satisfied with windows 10 i expect it to read the flash drive like my pc :3 not tho the type-c since it doesnt have one xD
  • Guys coming TO 950XL from Android devices, what should I expect to happen when I connect the device to a PC?   I expect to be able to use the SD card for storing files (essentially use it as USB stick) AND be able to access those files from the device itself (like throwing a few MP3 or videos to play).   Yes/No?