Windows 10 RT rears its head again in Device Guard reference

It appears that Microsoft may be actively working on Windows 10 RT — a version of the operating system for ARM-based processors. As reported by Petri, a screenshot from a recent virtual TechNet conference shows Windows 10 RT listed alongside Windows 10 Server and Windows 10 as being support by Device Guard.

This is the second reference to Windows 10 RT in as many months, lending more credence to the idea that Microsoft is actively working on a version of the OS for ARM processors. In January, the OS was seen referenced in the specs of an Audio Engine Core Test page on Microsoft's MSDN website.

As you'll recall, Microsoft first released Windows RT in 2012 as an operating system for devices using ARM processors. However, the operating system could only run applications from the Windows Store, which, combined with poor adoption, eventually led to its downfall.

It's unclear if or when we may see a Windows 10 RT release, or what it would be used for, but it's clear that Microsoft is, at least, working on something behind the scenes.

Can you think of any instances where Windows 10 RT would be useful? Let us know in comments.