Windows 10 Sway app officially launches, Windows Phone version in the works

After appearing in the Windows Store earlier this month, Microsoft has now officially launched the Sway app for Windows 10. Like the version that was previously released on the web and on iOS, the Windows 10 version allows users to create detailed multimedia presentations that can be shared online.

Here's what Microsoft has to say about Sway for Windows 10:

"Sway for Windows combines the full richness of Sway on the web with additional capabilities on your PC or tablet. This means you can use all of Sway's integrated content sources along with the power of the built-in design engine to build, edit and share your Sways, whether you're on the go with your Windows tablet or working at your desk with a PC or laptop. Want to capture the moment? Snap photos right into Sway using the built-in camera on your Windows device. And if you're ready to present at a conference or to students and classmates, the Sways you've already loaded will be available offline when you don't have Internet access or Wi-Fi is spotty. While some elements of your Sway may still need the Internet (such as interactive maps or cloud-hosted videos), this is a first step in addressing one of the most common feedback requests we heard during Sway Preview. Sway for Windows also allows you to stay logged in with multiple accounts at once if you use the same device for both work and home."

Microsoft also revealed that Sway itself is no longer considered to be in preview mode, and is now generally available for all Office 365 business and education subscribers worldwide. Finally, Microsoft says that a version of Sway for Windows Phone is in the works and will be released "in the coming months."

Download Sway from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Downloading right now
  • Anybody know if this can take the place of a PowerPoint being shared via webinar software. i.e. is controlled by the presenter and viewed by third party attendees
    This has some great transitions, but those transitions can't be seen very well via webinar...but neither can PowerPoint transitions.
  • Don't know, but I generally found Sway very underwhelming - super overhyped, and most "Sways" looked pretty samey (like those web 2.0 vertical web pages like Trello) overdone.
  • Excellent! But windows phone always last :'(
  • It is strange considering the whole Universal application strategy Microsoft are supposed to push.
  • I have to agree.  If Microsoft is going to push out apps they need to be in Universal format from here out.
  • Windows 10 for phones isn't out yet (officially) so at this stage, I think it's unreasonable to expect Microsoft (and a lot of other developers tbh) to spend time building an app for W8.1/WP8.1 this close to everything getting upgraded to W10, which is a far more capable OS with much better APIs and tools for building apps. This kind of thing will happen less and less once Windows 10 is everywhere. Hopefully... ;)  
  • A great start would be if they tested AT LEAST Their own apps as universal ones so when w10 mobiles comes out, they won't be full of bugs.
  • Yes I was going to say that also. And the reason why MS realeases alot of apps on other mobile platforms before WP is also for the same reason. WP10 is not out yet. 
  • Even MS is not pusing the whole Universal Application strategy...
  • for a company with the word DO as their marketing slogan, they sure talk more than they actually do...
  • Why do you like to complain? Just wait for a while, and you'll be able to sway your time on Windows Mobile.
  • "Just wait for a while"...
    Always waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting a little bit more, waitting again... Since Windows Phone 7.0...
  • Please, don't remind me. "Windows 10 Mobile, The wait is finally over". That should be the moto.
  • Ofcourse you have to wait. We ain't got any other options than wait or capitulate. Even though Microsoft is doing all it can to wave the white flag by doing "Apple First Android First/Second and Windows Phone last". I must also admit that Windows Phone is a handicapped System compared to even Pocket PC OS, and that's a lot. So comrade, let's still wait and see the wonder Redmond will do.
  • I see what you did there.
  • I don't understand how they make any money in Sway or OneNote if they give them away for free.
  • They are free for personal or educational use but not business use.
  • OneNote is really awesome.
    Need the mobile version to be updated.
  • From what I understood Sway is part of Office 365 (the free version was only to test.. like the beta versions of office) And OneNote had a price before (was part of office).. I think they are giving it for free because if not people would go to others anotation tools... And i believe they want people using onenote because of the integration with others products... they don't earn money with it but earn from other services...  
  • It's actually also a good strategy for OneNote to be free. It really aims for the students and also these days OneNote have alot of competitors, even though many of them arguable have less features. Evernote is their biggest competitor and its free for the most part. It's became way more popular because of that.
    I even wish that Word universal app would be free too but with slightly limited features. We need to retire the old Wordpad.
  • Doesn't the Store link above, though, show Sway as a free download? So, it's not part of Office 365, right? And it's not like  OneNote where there are a bunch of free alternatives. Sway is new and unique.
  • Sway is pretty worthless for the most part. There aren't really many alternatives to OneNote.  There are some apps that try to replicate some of its functionality for a fraction of the cost (of the version that actually lets you do offline Notebooks), and there's EverNote, but not much else. Most Note Taking apps aren't really serious note taking apps going at the same market OneNote was designed for.  Theyr'e scrapbooking or rich memo applications. The reason why OneNote hasn't taken off has a lot to do with the fact that: 1.  Offline Version is a $99 purchase, and most people aren't going to pay $99 for this.  They will just use a (free) Word Processor, instead. 2.  The "free" version is tied to OneDrive, which is a show stopper for a lot (a LOT) of people.  There is no offline capabilities.  You cannot even back the files on OneDrive up offline to local storage, they show up as links - literally - in your OneDrive folder.
  • is it only for 0ffice 365 users?
  • No.
  • Universal App: write one work everywhere, except by Microsoft.
  • You realize Windows 10 Mobile is not released yet? Jesus.
  • Many of the Universal apps coming out after RTM can already be run on both Windows 10 Desktop/Tablet and Windows 10 Mobile Preview. As for a developer, your apps are available to all platforms by default. Microsoft making their app specifically not available for phone means their "write once run everywhere" moto is not as simple as it sounds.
  • It isn't. Developers can write one application to run on all platforms, but this application have to adapt itself for the screen size it is running on. If you simply install this universal Sway app as it is now, it will have exactly the same interface it has on the PC. The developer must take care of it.   But it is really cool to say that "the same app runs on multiple platforms".
  • Good deveopers will always have to take time to optimize UI for all devices they want their UWA published on. Office Mobile apps available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile Preview clearly show you can write even complex programs once and put it on a phone.
  • Please stop! Windows 10 is almost ready and MS can pretty publish apps for it if they want to...
  • It doesn't matter if it's ready, almost ready or not ready at all. It's not releaed yet and they can take their sweet time to polish this app privately if they want.
  • I've seen alot of beta apps that seem to work good enough and yet they are not released. Take OneClip for e.g. that leaked a couple months back and it seemed to work just fine. But its still not released.
  • Aren't the universal apps also supposed to work on wp 8.1? There are universal apps currently available on wp.
  • 8.1 universal apps are different from 10 universal apps.
  • @illidanx:
    Want Sway on Xbox One now!
  • Out of topic. Have anyone have problem when you open twitter app on Windows 10 Desktop while you plugin your phone and listening music. After close twitter app, Phone suddenly reboot. Weird. Lumia 640 Win 10 10166 btw. Try it if you not beleive.
  • Windows Mobile/Phone version coming soon (TM)
  • Windows Phone is dead. They'll release a Windows 10 Mobile app instead.
  • They SHOULD release the Windows 10 Mobile together with the Windows 10 Desktop app. MS is always speaking about the whole Universal apps bullshit and they are always skipping Mobile...
  • I don't think it's a "bullshit" thing but that's ok. If when they have Windows 10 Mobile ready and hardware ready (phones/tablets) and they didn't show up with their own Universal apps we can talk. The current Mobile build it's too old compared to Desktop build, like the new Store in Desktop can't be deployed to phones because requires build 10240.  But all MS apps seems to be heading to UWP like Mail, Calendar, Office, OneNote etc.
  • The easiest answer is that even though an app is universal and share the same core code you still have to build and test Mobile UI so it looks and works properly on Mobile just as PC. So that might take a while longer initially but development should speed up afterwards. But you do have a valid point in always having to wait. This is what we get when we subscribe to an "Immature" OS so to speak.
  • Finally! Gotta download it when I get back to my Windows 10 PC.
  • If I am using a local user account for the business Notebook I guess I can not install this through the store. I have a Office 365 Business account but dont really want to create yet another microsoft account. Also not for all employees that are rolled over to win10
  • Why windows phone version always in the works ? Is wp platform that complicated to develop for ?
  • Maybe becuase Windows 10 Mobile is on what? 0,003% for phones right now (in preview mode)? They could be testing and using internally but there's no point to release right now on an old build. Sway it's not a Core app such as Mail/Calendar etc.
  • Every Windows 10 Mobile user is a beta tester that agreed to test pre-release software. This is an unforced black eye for MS to push universal apps and then immediately say it takes "Several months" to port.   It takes several months to port an iOS app to Android.
  • Who said that takes "several months"? It will be released in coming months, because Mobile isn't out, and might be released along with that. Windows 10 it's a finished and publicly available so they MUST release their apps on it. Win10 Mobile isn't, like you said it's a beta program not a daily driver. You shouldn't expect to make a presentation there.
  • Can anyone tell me the different between sway and PowerPoint?
  • Kind of a loaded question. Try this blog post.
  • It isn't downloading....
  • Typical, wp is always the last in Microsoft's list
  • I'm confused....I didnt download it yet, but it sounds similar to PowerPoint?