Windows 10 'Timeline' is coming to Fast ring Insiders in the next build

Microsoft today announced that Windows Insiders can expect one of Windows 10 Redstone 4's blockbuster features, known as Timeline, to show up in the next insider Preview build for the Fast ring. Announced earlier this year, Timeline was initially scheduled for release with the Fall Creators Update but was pushed back to Redstone 4 due to time constraints.

Timeline gives users the ability to jump back in time and continue experiences that were first started on other devices. It's a "glorified recent apps screen," showcasing your recently used apps and files across devices, allowing you to jump right back in and continue where you left off. The feature sits comfortably in the Task View area, so it's instantly accessible via the Taskbar.

From Microsoft:

Earlier this year at Build, we showed you Timeline, which allows you to jump back in time, making it easier to find the files you're looking for. A visual timeline is integrated directly into Task View so you can easily move back into files, apps, and sites as if you never left.

Of course, Timeline is still in development and will continue to improve and change throughout Redstone 4's development. This week's Insider build will be the first that includes Timeline for the public, and feedback about this feature will be incredibly important for Microsoft. Timeline should work well with the newly-announced "Sets" feature, which allows users to group related apps and websites under one tabbed window.

Insiders can expect to see more features, such as "Cloud Clipboard," an improved Windows Shell with Fluent Design and more, to show up in the coming year. For now, however, Timeline is the latest big feature available for testing and is going to be one of Redstone 4's most significant new features.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Finally add new features for inside preview. Exciting to meet new features and new bugs.
  • To be cancelled in a year, cause nobody will use it. No practical application.
  • The Microsoft Graph API is the one thing that is a customer oriented data collection point, unlike those other services that use your data to turn you into a more profitable data point. The Microsoft Graph API powers this as well as the "Continue on PC" from iOS / Android apps that implement the API.  There are plenty of practical applications, especially if you see how each application has a preserved state as well.  I've been looking forward to this since it was announced.
  • I like this feature when it was announced and I'm sure it would be very handy if it works as expected. I have not tried it yet so I can't comment, but if when RS4 released the feature is half baked with bugs, it's possible that in the end no one use it. The multiple desktop was highly anticipated, but when it's released it can't even support Edge. Edge's tab aside sounds a good idea, but just full of bugs at the beginning that you could just lost all your tabs, and still has super bad UI design. I hope timeline could be fully supported across everywhere in the system (not limited to certain supported apps), and bug free (e.g., missing app / timestamp / can't go back), or have any bad design (will only know after use it). I truely hope this feature will be a great feature at the very beginning, not a beta feature from start, hoping to eventually get improved, which is usually too late.
  • Highly practical feature, particularly if they can effectly impliment the cross platform functionality. Having used the continuity features in Cortana I am optimistic they can. There are three main use cases I can see in my day to day: 1. Commuting and cross-platform: During my commute I regularly use my iPad Mini to review office files. Since the timeline is planned to be linked to the alt-tab command this means I should with a simple familiar key stroke be able to resume that on my PC when I arrive in the office. 2. Grabbing that file from this morning: I don't know about you, but I work on several files in a day. Usually I will send a model to be reviewed and move on to something else in the interim. This should provide a quick way to jump back when questions arrive. 3. Never finish when the day is finished: I leave the office at 17:00 but that is never the end of my working day. My home machine is VPN'd into my work network so when my boss (who never starts the day at 09:00) messages me at 19:00 again I can just jump back in with a keystroke. Thats how I see it being used in my day to day, actually quite excited by this feature.
  • New build this week hopefully
  • This is a really nice addition. I use this all the time between my Macbook Pro and iPhone
  • Just putting it out there... Timeline better have some sort of "private" mode, where you can turn of tracking. I love the concept for school stuff, but if it starts tracking my - ehem - NSFW folder, its gonna be bad. On that note; an OS-wide private mode would be cool. That would actually make Quick Access less intruding, actually make me use it and make it not be something I turn of the moment I get a new machine.
  • Great, now MS can keep track of not just what websites you visit but everything you do on your computer. Expect a new Terms & Conditions soon that you need to agree to.
  • As long as it can be disabled, MS have enough spyware in windows 10 as it is. I delet all history in Windows 10.  
  • ok, spamming my "Check for updates" button :) Wonder how much it'll work together with mobile phones on initial release...
  • Will this increase the os size, when are we going to see a lightweight os for smaller power devices
  • You mean like Windows 10S?
  • Or andromeda whenever it is completed