Windows 10 used by Virgin Atlantic to show what it's like to be on an upper-class flight

Windows 10 is being used by the airline Virgin Atlantic in a new and interesting way. The company has created an app, in collaboration with Microsoft, that offers business customers a way to see what it is like to take a flight in upper-class on one of Virgin Atlantic's planes.

Microsoft says:

"Together we created 'Ida', an interactive digital adventure that takes customers on a guided tour and shows them virtually what it's like to be in upper class on an actual flight. The experience starts by checking in at the airport, moves through the fabulous Clubhouse at London Heathrow and takes you through what happens on the aircraft, either at the bar or in your seat, and then ends with you waking up refreshed and ready to land."

Microsoft and Virgin Airways state that the universal Windows 10 app platform offers them benefits in creating apps like Ida:

"This allowed us to build one app that can run across any Windows 10 device, from the smallest screen to the largest. All of our devices work together in concert, something our competitors can't do. This allows Virgin Atlantic to use a wide variety of devices to meet the specific needs of a given setting, including the ability for the tour to be viewed through a tablet and phone powered 3rd party virtual reality headset, which is enhanced through narration. Not only does the app make presenting the Virgin Atlantic story easier and more compelling, but it can be presented on multiple devices like a Windows tablet or a phone."

The Virgin Atlantic sales team plans to show Ida at trade shows and it may also be placed in high-traffic business areas such as the lobby of the Bank of America building in Manhattan.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham