Windows 10 PC and Mobile version of MapFactor GPS Navigation launches

Earlier this year we noted the release of the free MapFactor GPS Navigation for Windows Phone and came away impressed with its features. Now the developer has released a Windows 10 version of the app for both PC and Mobile.

In addition to the Windows 10 version, the app includes a number of new features:

  • Optional TomTom GPS navigation maps and postcodes
  • Truck restrictions (height, weight)
  • More accurate speed profiles for roads
  • Advanced get in lane warnings
  • Motorway signs

Be aware that we, and other users, have experienced some issues downloading maps and dealing with some stabilty issues.

Thanks to Tomáš for the tip!

Download MapFactor GPS Navigation for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) (Free)

Download MapFactor GPS Navigation for Windows Phone (Free) (Free)


John Callaham
  • Kind of a nice app. I like the UI, very clean. Scrolling in the maps is a little jaggy.
  • I just find it so hard to search for anything. Gave up using it.
  • I like TomTom maps. They have a office here, I'm gonna try this one.  * It's a WinRT app (W8.1). Hope they bring to the Universal Windows Platform soon.
  • Here or get outta here.
  • You mean the service that doesnt even offer Windows Phone App links on their homepage?
  • You mean the app that is pre-installed in 99% of Windows Phones (Lumia) and service that 100% of Windows Phone OS native app uses?
  • Microsoft sold their maps technology and almost the entire Maps app use Here data and technology. I'm still using both though.
  • Where is here maps ? I hope this apps can substitute Here maps as well.
  • What do you mean with "where's here"? Mine is still here and working flawlessly on W10m. 
  • One reason I choose Windows (Lumia) is Here maps, and now it's lost... Why Microsoft... Why...???
  • This this app has offline maps navigation like Here? If not it's useless to me
  • Yes it does. At least it says so in the store.
  • Yes it does, try it! 
  • Wait so this isn't a universal app or what? I really don't get why a company would do anything else on W10. No more separate apps
  • It is. Download it for Windows 10 desktop. Resize it. It looks exactly the same on W10M.
  • It's 8.1 universal app. Not on W10 framework yet though.
  • I moved from Here to Waze. Traffic reporting is the best.
  • Waze battery draining it's great too.
  • I did the same thing, I haven't found a better one that routes through traffic better. Definite battery drain though, gets really hot, and of course it hasn't been updated in like 5 years because it's Google. But anything else on WP that rivals it for traffic?
  • I used to use Waze on Windows Phone but Voice Guidance no longer works and google refuses to update it so it became much less useful. I haven't found any good replacement navigation app that has the same quailty of traffic info and rerouting though :(
  • Slight, but significant correction about the Waze app for Windows Phone: Voice guidance WITH street names no longer works. However, if you switch it to voice guidance WITHOUT street names, the voices work just fine (well, make the change and quit and restart Waze before expecting it to work right). So clearly it's not as good as it used to be, but *nothing* beats Waze for getting you to your destination the fastest in cities where traffic conditions vary greatly from minute to minute (like the Washington DC Metro Area). Another tip for getting best results is to tap on the Routes button about a mile or two before major decision points to force it to recalculate before it's too late.
  • Have I missed something? Is Here officially not being supported anymore?
  • Read the article and first comments. Lotsa speculation that since HERE is suggesting us to use MS maps and that HERE just purchased by German car manufacturers that this could be it for HERE.
  • Sooo slooow.
  • Have been a CoPilot user for a while now and have been pretty happy with it.  Decided to give this a try.  Went through the process of buying a TomTom map for this and now can get no further in setting it up.  It says "Already Purchased" and then just sits there doing nothing.  Will contact the developer for support but wanted to share my experience here for other Windows Central Users.  (I'm running the current Win 10 Insider Preview)
  • Same here. Bought some maps I may never get to use.
  • I was able to get this working by uninstalling and reinstalling the app after having purchased the maps.  If you are having problems like I did, give that a try.  When I started the program after the reinstall I again selected to use the Pro maps but this time it went to a different screen allowing me to select the individual downloads I wanted from the previously purchased maps.  (Sound Files, Speed Cameras and specific State Maps)   So that's a possible workaround. I should note that the Developer has already contact me based upon my email for support so they get points at least for being responsive.  I have passed on my troubleshooting and findings in hopes it helps them fix the issue.
  • Tried it recently. Search is not good, and map scrolls badly. Best by far is Sygic. Lovely map and search is amazing. Great features. One time cost of the map, and thereafter free updates. Wish someone had told me about it. Now dumped Here and CoPilot. Try it.
  • and in my language it says in the app description on store "free for phones and tablets that use Android 2.3 or better". I like these developers, but anyway, at least they are offering something for Windows users even if it says it's for android, which was annoying to read.
  • Windows is very good application