Fresh Windows 10 video reveals new Cortana notifications, highlights OS features

This morning, Microsoft finally released all the nitty-gritty details on Windows 10 for PC, including the release date on July 29, upgrade requirements and how to reserve your copy.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore is featured in a new seven-minute video that breaks down all the new goodies in Windows 10 in a clear, understandable fashion. Although most of the main chapters, broken down below, are familiar to our readers, the video is a good summary of what users should expect in their free upgrade due late next month.

The one new thing that was spotted in the video by Neowin was notifications from Cortana. These notifications appear over the search area when active and scroll across the screen like a news ticker. So far, we have not seen this feature in any of the current Insider builds, but perhaps it is coming in the next one (10134).

The Cortana notifications can be spotted at the 1:25 mark in the video.

Cortana is certainly integral to Windows 10, playing a part in the OS for searches, reminders, and even integrating into the new Microsoft Edge browser. Adding this scrolling notification is a great higher-order notification than the current fly in one, which could be missed.

As to the rest of the video, here are the main highlights below.

  • 0:00 Intro: launch date, free upgrade, new PCs designed for Windows 10
  • 0:27 Windows 10 is "familiar" with desktop Start bar, Start Menu
  • 1:00 Cortana "the world's only personal digital assistant…built right into the Windows 10 experience", features of Cortana, knowledge, write an email for me, reminders. Cortana on mobile, built into Windows Phone, as an app for iOS and Android
  • 2:36 Windows Hello: How it works, requires new hardware
  • 3:08 Microsoft Edge: incredibly fast, take notes directly on the web page, simplified Reading view, Cortana built in
  • 4:37 Microsoft Office and More: Touch first, optimized for viewing, editing and comments. Fast, fluid and helps you work "in a more modern way".
  • 5:30 Xbox on Windows: Supports your current games, Store with new games, DirectX12, bringing Xbox Live to the PC (earn achievements, talk to friends), lets Xbox One owners stream games to any PC at home
  • 6:33 Getting Windows 10: "Built for today's modern computing" "…it's way more fun".

Overall, the video serves as a good template for users to know and learn about Windows 10 and what to expect come the end of July.

Admittedly, Microsoft has lowered the bar here for many users to adopt the new OS. Whether it is the digital upgrade for any Windows 7 or higher user, new PCs hitting the Store shelves, or the free price, Windows 10 should be on many PCs by late Fall.

However, it remains to be seen how people react to the new OS and whether Windows 10 Mobile can successfully ride in the wake of Windows 10 PCs rollout.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Cool! Looking forward to it!
  • How far can you go in disabling Cortana? So no voice, indexing, remote viewing or sharing etc?
  • Completely. What remote viewing or sharing? And why would you?
  • Pretty far... very first thing you do is accept/decline Cortana... in which case it reverts to the exact same Windows Search functionality as 7/8/8.1.
  • Disable location services.
  • Thanks all for replying. As to why, I use financial software at home and have an Enterprise set up that won't be upgraded to w10 and a couple of private machines in thinking of upgrading but I don't want my privacy impinged.
  • If you are not in US/UK and 4 other countries where its available.... consider it disabled by default....
  • Still nobody sees how the edge browser looks like a Spartan's helmet.
  • I see it spells the word edge
  • Don't be ridiculous, lots of people (myself included) have commented on this. Along with the "EDGE" letters thing.
  • Good choice using Joe. His enthusiasm for it all is infectious lol
  • He's a genius presenter.
    Windows 10 gonna be a game changer. MS is doing it right.
    Just hope the mobile division will see some success too.
  • +1 that other dude they like to use is terribad
  • Terry?
  • No not Terry. The guy who speaks slow and comes off fake and condescending.
  • I'd rather hear Cortana announce/present something than that guy.  
  • I truly, would like the other guy from hololens. He speaks like an Evil king or something.
  • Hopefully. I've tried the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phone and it looks very promising. Can't wait for it! Literally, I can't.
  • I'll be content even if it's delivered by the end of the year. I CAN wait. Just don't want to be disappointed by false hopes of early release.
    I'd rather have a stable, beautifully designed OS than a half-baked version that requires dozens of bug squashing updates later. xD
    Lets hope for the best, cheers!
  • Mobile is a lost cause.  Shoehorning desktop controls on to mobile was such a problem, they had to add new UI to deal with it.   I've never had, or needed a virtual TrackPoint on my mobile keyboard before Windows 10 for Mobile.  
  • I feel like an idiot for not selling everything I have to buy MSFT stock.  They are leaping ahead of the other operating systems with 10.
  • I like Joe... but to me, his enthusiasm seems a bit over the top sometimes, like he's over acting, especially with his constant jerky hand movements. I don't know... it just seems a little strange and unnatural to me.
  • Of course it looks unnatural because we don't happen to see a presenter everyday ;)
    To me, he looks clever, fast thinker (I dunno if there's a word), and perfect at his skills. From the way he responded at the Reddit AMA, it was clear he is also a calm person who works with ease.
  • Switching to android untill W10 becomes official and stable. I hope it would till this fall & also hopefully MS will launch the flagship devices too. #WindowsForever
  • Tried using the Samsung Edge for a month. Had fun for the first week. By the fourth I still can't stand the OS. I'd take an iPhone any day over an Android phone. Random battery life, warm device, apps crashing, bad lock screens, terrible notifications, typing is worse and even the music app I don't like. The only thing I can say about Android is "more apps" than Windows Phone. But I can say that even more about iOS and prefer an iPhone 6 easily.
  • Isn't S6 Edge only criticized for the poor battery backup and low reparability? I heard everything else is awesome on it. But you've used it yourself, you know it better :)
  • Like I said, for the first week I thought it was awesome. By the fourth, just too many annoyances. I don't think many of you appreciate how good the Notification Center and alerts are, or how good typing is on Windows Phone. Or even just having damn app/game trials in the Store. Even opening the lockscreen is more even.
  • Thanks for the reply, Dan. I get it now. Once you get used-to to the style Windows phone functions for its simplicity, it's hard to go back.
    Notification centre got better with 10. There ain't anything we miss on it.
    Of course keyboard is one of the things I love on WP! There are my android using friends who feel jealous, as they're often slow on typing replies during a chat with their SwiftKey or stock Android keyboards. And often end up asking me what keyboard I use, lol. WordFlow beats them all. I agree.
  • "I don't think many of you appreciate how good the Notification Center and alerts are..."   Always wagging that finger.
  • couldn't agree wiht this more... i have an S5 as my company phone - i HATE having to use it. My personal phone is an 830, first and foremost the typing is amazing on windows and frustrating at best on teh S5, i have tried multiple keyboards and not found any that are really any good...  and then notifications on the S5 are horrible, some of them will never go away, others keep coming back... but my biggest gripe on android, is all the bloat apps that i can't uninstall... why can't i uninstall them... why... why, tell me why
  • Everyone taking Samsung as the de facto representation of android is a bit silly. Samsung has long been criticized for their awful Android 'skins', bloat apps, and performance sucking 'features'. You do have to do extra work to tame Samsung's over the top software, but once you do the hardware is pretty capable, and with a nice launcher on there they can be very enjoyable to use. Try an HTC and see if you come to the same conclusions. I switched to the HTC One when it came out 2 years ago on Android and I thouroughly enjoyed it (though the keyboard was always a sore spot, nothing beats WP's keyboard). And when they put out the HTC One M8 running Windows Phone I was happy to return without having to sacrifice front facing speakers.
  • I owned 2-1/2 Android phones, and a Google Nexus tablet, and they all sucked horribly!  And NONE of them were made by Samsung. You will NEVER get better than Windows ME reliablility out of any Android phone.  It's an inherently flawed OS for mobile use.
  • I had zero problems with my HTC One over the course of 18 months. Don't impune the whole OS based on your limited anecdotal evidence, especially if you're going to speak in absolutes where it's so easy to prove you wrong.
  • Me too. I'd prefer the iPhone 6 over any phone any day of the week.
  • Me too. I'd prefer a Windows phone over any phone any day of the week.
  • Me to, I prefer any day over any other day of the week.
  • I just got a Galaxy S6, because my Lumia 830 got bricked by the recovery tool for Windows 10, and it's the smoothest Android I ever used, but I prefer to keep two phones, so the Lumia 940 or 940xl are my next along my S6.
  • Samsung's TouchWiz UI is not that good,I think stock android UI is way better and faster than any customized UI like HTC's Sense or LG's UI. As far as iPhone is concerned in terms of UI : "Fastest but Outdated". Why don't you try Motorola's Nexus 6 or Moto X for a week I bet you'll like it.
  • "Samsung's TouchWiz UI is not that good,I think stock android UI is way better and faster than any customized UI like HTC's Sense or LG's UI."
    I'm using stock Android launcher.
    "Why don't you try Motorola's Nexus 6 or Moto X for a week I bet you'll like it."
    Welcome to the world of Android, where the best Android experience is always another phone away, lol. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't expect much from a $814 device to be top class.
  • Oh gee.Yeah,I don't know how I am gonna survive using Android as my daily driver though I have my Windows Phone as a secondary phone. This wait is torture for me and everyone I guess. "Windows 10 Mobile and Apps" - So dreamy
  • This!!!! Tell a Fandroid that your experience is bad, it'll always be, "Yeah, that's because you're using phone X, and you should be using phone Y!"   I've heard that story for 5 years, yet it never changes. I've had good experiences on ALL of my Windows phones, even the crummy old HTC Trophy.
  • I agree. Android has annoying battery issues. I had my phone 100 percent and at 3 hours guess what? 58 percent. And the screen had been off. Then, there are indeed many crashing apps. And a lot of crap. Then Samsung stops supporting a feature and it's still on your phone as bloatware. I am using an s4 right now. This is a great phone, though. So many hardware and software features. Different keyboards, launchers, lock screens, screensavers, etc. LED light, temperature, IR blaster, micro SD, etc. But a really crappy battery. Wtf is the point of all this when it just drains your phone? Hell no. Edit: I just lost 2% typing this. -_-
    Using the DU battery saver app is like taking a drink of water. So frequent.
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can download a new keyboard, and different music player, and even a different lock screen. Also, each android device looks a bit different. I'd you don't like how notifications are in one device try checking out HTC or some other one.
  • Samsung is not the best representation of Android. I would definitely go for a nexus, Motorola, or HTC device before dropping the gavel.
  • Hey Daniel I have an important question hope you know the Answer?!! I have Windows 7 Home and Windows 8.1 Retail Product Key. is there any option after Windows 10 launch on july 29th that will let me to Download Windows 10 ISO file and then install it using my Windows 7 HP or Windows 8 pro Product key? I Mean is there any way for fresh install of Windows 10 with our product key?! please answer my Question if you know it. Thanks in Advaned.
  • You need to try a OnePlus One with Cyanogen. It is the perfection of Android, and, thanks to Microsoft, I have access to ALL of Windows Phone's features. Looking forward to W10 on my PC, though. Like that integrating us Android Phone user's phones into our computers with W10. Great stuff. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems crazy but eh to each their own. I'd take iPhone over android crap
  • Your not a real fan if you jump ship you might as well change ur handle to windowsfansometimes.
  • There is a reason I used a # on my comment.
  • Cuz you been a WP fan since 1995 well I have been a Microsoft fan since msdos days. I've use windows 3.1,3.11,95,98,me,xp,vista,7,8,8.1,wm,wp7,WP7.5,wp8,wp8.1and soon to be 10 I've also owned the original Xbox the Xbox 360 and currently own Xbox one.
    A avid Bing user
    Do you now how many android phones I've owned 0
    Google services I've used 0
    I never said you couldn't like android I just don't like it when people say they are big fans of something and then hurt it by using the competition we are supposed to stick with it and help it grow that's why WP is staying flat because it picks up user then people that clam they like it leave cuz they let a app tun there lives
  • JD 95 is his birth year...
  • Don't say 0 services from Google, you probably use YouTube. I'm almost like you but I have to use it unfortunately... :|
  • Ok you got me a couple times I have but if I could help it I wouldn't I hate google with a passion and its fine if other people like them I just find it messed up that people act like they like WP and then won't stick with it. If you like android go with android don't be fake if you like wp go with WP if you like iPhone go with iPhone but don't go I'm a WP fan but I am going to use android that's messed up.
  • Let's hope Vimeo is bought... :P
  • Btw,does windows 10 for phones support OTG pendrives??
  • Yeah
  • Without new Hardware ??
  • I would say yes if you're running a snapdragon 801 it should support otg
  • I love Joe I watch all the launching videos just to see joe live action! ^_^
  • Sweet
  • Getting very excited for the Windows 10 launch. But for now, (thanks, Cortana) I have to run... otherwise I'm going to miss Nancy's birth!
  • Lol... Isn't it Nancy's birthday?
    If Cortana was to predict births of people, we truly are living in a modern world then.
  • LOL just posted something along the same lines as this! If future notifcations get cutoff like this, one you could end up with some funny reminders.
  • It's my birthday as well!
  • It's a shame that the glue (Cortana) that sticks all of MS offerings together will only be available for but a fraction of the countries in the world at RTM. Why is this still a selling point if most of us won't get it.
  • "most of us won't get it." launch. FTFY. Microsoft wants Cortana worldwide, that is their goal. But my guess is you do not just write an app as a 'personal digital assistant' with a vast knowledge base overnight, let alone adding localization. The problem here is many of you folks think of Cortana as an app, not a vast repository of local and targeted information based on your language, location and culture. To put it another way, if this was so simple, Google or Apple would have done it ages ago. If not them, some sprite startup from the Valley. The amount of resources needed though is intense.
  • I get your point, but, is not just about Cortana availability, it is that most Microsoft services and or features are USA centric. For example, Xbox music and video aren't natively available in my country, but iTunes and some Google's content are. Also I don't have natively any kind of directions with maps, but google maps do. It is about few things that should be available everywhere, and that would make customers a little happier, and Cortana closer to that country/ region. That's only my point of view.
  • Problem here is selective reasoning. Sure, iTunes available more places. Win for Apple, who has been in the music biz much longer. How is home gaming or entertainment for Apple compared to Xbox? Google has better maps. Once again, they're doing it much longer, so yeah, win for Google. How is their office online stuff going compared to Microsoft Office? Yeah, not so well. While your points and complaints are reasonable, you are leaving out the areas where Microsoft excels. The areas where Windows/MS lags behind are simply areas where they have not been dominant in or had a long history e.g. search. So it takes time.
  • You easily understand why I did the "selective reasoning" thing, because is easier to see what's wrong, instead of highlighting what's great.
    My bad, lets wait until Microsoft enhances those areas.
  • Why Xbox services is not available in other countries? I still haven't figured it out yet,
  • Daniel Rubino said a good answer for that, in addition to that, you have legal issues to resolve, isn't that easy to sell music and movies taking care of all the laws of every individual country, so for each country Microsoft must do a new agreement with each music house ( or label I don't know how to say it in English ), so, it makes the process a little harder in each new market to reach, and all that work must payoff
  • Then for the Xbox music case, learn from your rivals, Apple Music is available in my country, it is also Spotify.  My country is Costa Rica, and I bet Xbox music and Xbox is not supported in Costa Rica just yet. Recently it was announced that Xbox 360 is supported here, but not the Xbox One...that is so strange...! In this other case learn from your rivals: Sony.
  • +929
    I'm asking for that too, but sometimes is not about learning, it is about business, and there my friend I let the professionals do their job. If there's not good business in Costa Rica or Dominican Republic, deal with it.
  • Yeah i get it when you put it like that... Patience has never been my strong suit.
  • Well explained. But I want to state some simple example about Micosoft services in most of the coutries (who are getting ignored or getting last priority from MS). For example I'm from Bangladesh. If I make a search in Bing "Cradle will Rock (1999)", it only shows search results, but if I change Bing region to USA it gathers a nice summary about the film along with search result. U can take a look to below screenshots- My question is what's the complication to show same thing for same search query worldwide? Well in case of Google I don't need to bother look at my region. Another example I can put regarding MSN weather app in Windows 8.1. The app tells me weather data is not available for say "Chuadanga" if my PC region in set to Bangladesh (en-bd) but magically it shows weather update for the same place when device is set to US region! Most of us are not asking to entirely support our language, now-a-days who doesn't know how to communicate in English, we're asking to unlock features for these regions at least in ENGLISH. Another example of Bing/Coratana music recognition service, it also doesn't work on most of the countries. But it works if you change your every detail to US. And yes these thing drives people mad sometimes.
  • +929
  • Daniel, Australia has Cortana Alpha, but no Windows 10 Cortana. This is a little disappointing, though Microsoft has neglected the Alpha, it has virtually no features compared to the USA version. I cannot explain it as the USA version worked pretty good in Australia except you couldn't buy anything from the store.
  • Microsoft keeps sticking to the USA market share numbers no matter how good they could be in others market. They take a lot of features and feedback from Android, but they don't realize that back in 2010, Android was growing everywhere else, but USA market share was slow, they didn't focused exclusively in USA, they worked everywhere equally, and now they have the correct payback for the correct work, most features in android are equally available in USA, Europe, and Latin America ( just a few examples )
  • I think you are greatly over simplifying things. Android is free and OEMs could do whatever they wanted with it. You guys hate that stuff, yet it and it alone is what drove mass adoption as any OEM could make "their own" OS. Google's search and mapping services, the core of their stuff, has been around much longer than Bing. So head start here helps, along with massive search market share.
  • Yes I could be simplifying things, but my main point is that Microsoft should be working harder outside USA ( and by outside USA I just can talk about my country, but not that I read a lot about news in Microsoft's services overseas ).
    And something that everyone agrees is that marketing campaigns should be better, we like what we have, and more people should know about it.
  • You know one thing you can search other countries albums for example India in the US Xbox Music...So if they had Indian album catalogue in their music servers why won't they offer subscription ? That's the irony !
  • Why cortana is not available in India..its already available as alpha in windows phone?
  • True.
    Would love to see it in India on launch
  • And NO word about the surface rt/surface 2 update???
  • "And NO word about the surface rt/surface 2 update???"
    Considering that audience probably represents 0.01% of all Windows users, my guess is they are focusing on their main audience. Resources, no matter how big your company is, are finite.
  • It's just a question. I'm not asking for that update on June 29th too, I just want to know what they'll add and what they're leaving, not even a date.
  • Just a tip... it's the tone you imply with how you word and capitalize words in your post that seems to be off-putting. Perhaps you could attempt to phrase your posts in a way that doesn't make people want to immediately punch you through their screen, lol. "And NO word about..." gives a very snobby impression as if you're scolding them for not bothering to address something that you likely don't even really care about in the first place. "Well clearly they couldn't be bothered to give ME information on that, so clearly they suck, because they're too focused on the USA and not the rest of the world." An alternative post could have said, "Daniel, have they posted any information about Windows RT updates? I haven't seen any updates on that yet." In which case, Daniel could have replied, "No, unfortunately not... they are likely focused on their main audience right now and will shift resources back later." ... I guess I could sum this up with, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar...
  • I use to write "NO" like that since the MSN messenger time, always a simple no I write it like that ( the capital I is because the automatically changed by the grammar corrector in the English keyboard, English is another example, I doesn't care about it to fix it, I rather be fast ).
    Yes I should have used a question mark and avoid any misunderstanding.
  • I'm hoping we get to see Windows 10 for smaller tablet devices soon. My Yoga 2 8" is ready!
  • Looking forward to windows 10 it's just amazing experience. Thanks MS
  • If you love to customise every single detail about your phone than android is for you. I mean seriously, every detail. But if you overdo it, that's when the lag comes.
  • Problem with Android is that it lags even without customizing it.
    Try installing over 200 apps (if you're ever able to) on a 6 months old Android and you'll know what I'm talking about. Compare the same with a WP too. Excluding the Nexus line, average Android lags. Sooner or later.
  • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Just bought a Lenovo A 10 tablet for $90, upgraded it to kitkat. It's only been a month and I have already started experiencing some lag, overall experience is jarring. Had to uninstall resource hogging games to get a decent experience. So much for having 2 gig of ram and quad core processor. :|
  • Yeah right, that's the fate of most of the Android devices. The OEMs are blamed while it's the fault of the software. Windows will run like butter on those highly configured devices! :P This also explains why my Asus FE171 tablet is shading dust in my drawer (My uncle gifted it to me on my birthday, in October last year). But unlike yours, mine is not even usable right now. Always throws some random error on boot. I loved the design and size but always wished it ran Windows instead...
  • I know, open source is a double edge sword. Smidgen of handsets which run properly are Nexus and one plus one devices. The windows version of my tablet wasn't on sale and was expensive by $100 so..
    I am desperately clinging on the idea of flashing it with windows 10, IF microsoft plans to release ROMs for these devices. :/
  • Yeah, sounds like a nice idea. Wish Microsoft could do something similar as they did with Xiaomi to allow flashing of Windows 10 rom. Even my nearly dead Asus tab could wake up from the sleep :P
  • I'm so looking forward to it. Windows 10 will be history in the making. All Windows devices (Windows 7- Windows 8.1 (PC) and Windows Phone 8.1. And last but not least, the Xbox One itself near the end of the year.) will be unified into ONE service. Its going to be a good future for Windows.
  • Good stuff.Dan I remember you saying lots of big things were coming in May ( and I assumed they were apps) were you referring to those big name games which released or was it a flop show of sorts?
  • There's more in the pipeline coming in June. Some things got pushed back.
  • Great
  • Does anyone else think Joe Belfiore sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirtz? "Now with my Windows Ten-inator I will take over the tri-state area!"
  • What about India @Daniel
  • Am I the only one who would like the send Cortana on a long vacation?
  • You mad bro? I bet you have an android or an Ios phone,do you have any idea how amazing cortana is ?
  • Yes
  • No mention of Continuum?
  • That's because it sucks so badly.  Even the 10130 build is HORRIBLE when you switch to Tablet Mode + full screen Start.  This is a facade, pretending to be the Start Screen I love on Windows 8.  I'm so sick of this garbage.
  • I haven't got the notification for the reserve yet.
  • This is making me drool even more... MS  Keep em coming.
  • "Cortana is certainly integral to Windows 10"... Lets hope not, since the vast majority of users haven't got access to Cortana!
  • I need to format my laptop but have already signed up for the upgrade,what am I to do now,please help me guys
  • I'm very keen to see phone version of Windows Hello. Hope they don't make us wait no longer than "later this year".
  • It looks like they showed at least 4 different builds of win 10 in this build.. I like what looks to be the final ui though... The one with the cortana notification that is...
  • For Win 8/8.1 users, the update is a no-brainer. But those with Win 7 who don't posess a Windows Phone and live outside USA, there is still not much reason to update. Not to mention it will kill off Media Center.
  • Have watched full vedio....
    and wallah, there is no "The Windows Mobile"
    They should now start focusing on WM10.
    ( dying to see a seperate event on windows mobile )
  • GREAT VIDEO! if only they can make a short AD of it!
  • Is that a NOT-FULL-SCREEN-start-menu in TABLET Mode @5:09?!
  • Thats continuum for phones
  • Well, there's ONE thing you said that I agree with.  Microsoft is lowering the bar.  That's why it's going backward with Windows 10.
  • When Windows 10 ISO available??
  • If you do reserve and upgrade to windows 10 can you still have access to all the files and stuff you've saved on your device or would it wipe out everything?
  • Cortana is so good at predicting things that she can now tell you when your baby is going to be born.  And maybe the sex and name of the baby, too! ;)
  • No more Cortana features, please. Start rolling out the language packs.
  • It's not a simple matter of language pack. There's translations, there's voice recordings, and a massive amount of localized information that have to built up into an extensive database. And if you haven't noticed, the non-US countries aren't even US-feature parity yet.
  • exactly! Therefore more resources into speeding that up and less time on thinking about features. Cortana is being marketed internationally and is one of the prime features marketed in windows 10. But its totally unusable outside the English speaking realm. In reality Cortana as your personal digital assitant in daily practice does not work or is not activated/accessible. In my region Cortana is still not available. I have still not been able to use the primary services since its launch, and the new features are not even on my rader as remotely interesting, simply because the first few translation trials I've tried for my country are disappointing and unusable on any level. The power of Cortana is that personal entails it can understand in your language, not English only (and the few other languages supported). And this is the selling point of windows 10 also. An experience misleading the customer they can use cortana out of the box, which isn't true. That's what I find misleading and mistrusting. Either microsoft rolls out full Cortana out of the box if that's one of their major icings on the cake for selling windows 10, or they put it in the freezer at R&D untill the whole package is done and promote Cortana at another time.
  • Daniel, you really need to do an article o